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18 Unique Long Island Things To Do

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Are you in search of Long Island things to do? Then you have come to the right place! Long Island is a year-round destination located in New York, USA. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting, here are the best Long Island things to do to suit lots of different types of tourists and budgets!

Tourism in Long Island

Long Island is a very popular island located in the state of New York. It is comprised of four counties which are Kings, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

In order to visit Long Island, the main airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) – which serves around 2 million airline passengers every year. There are also many bus routes to and from Long Island, as well as trains. The Long Island Rail Road is the busiest commuter railroad system in North America – so as you can guess, it’s very reliable.

Tourism in Long Island is a $5.9 billion dollar industry and is mainly visited by tourists on day trips. 64% of tourists are domestic and travel from New York State and other nearby Northeast states. These tourists spend most of their money on dining and shopping on Long Island. However, one type of tourist that doesn’t really visit Long Island is business travellers. This is because Long Island lacks nationwide conferences, events and associations, though there are plans for this to change in the future.

Every year, around 9 million people visit Long Island, which helps support about 100,000 jobs directly – which is amazing!

Is Long Island worth visiting?

Is Long Island worth visiting? Long Island is definitely worth visiting. It is a particularly great place to visit if you are looking for a vacation or day trip with amazing beaches and plenty of family fun to have because of the plethora of attractions there are.

Long Island has lots of history as it was first settled by Europeans in the 17th century. In the 19th century, it was also largely influenced by the construction of railroads which helped increase tourism and opened up Long Island to develop some towns and villages into more modern suburbs. Therefore, if you’re interested in history – Long Island is worth a visit to learn all about.

The weather in Long Island does also make it a good place to visit! In the summer months, Long Island can reach temperatures of up to 27°C (80.6°F) – which makes it the ideal temperature to go to the beach. However, in winter, it does get quite cold on Long Island. The coldest month is January, where the temperatures are around -5°C (23°F).

The best Long Island things to do
Source: Weatherspark
The best Long Island things to do

What is Long Island popular for? Long Island is very popular for many reasons, but mainly, it’s popular for its fabulous beaches. In fact, in 2018, the state parks on the island had over 26 million visitors. Jones Beach State Park received 8.5 million visitors, which was a large increase of 43% compared to 2017 – meaning that many people want to see and experience it!

Long Island is also very popular for its wineries. There are around 60 wine producers on Long Island, and they attract around 1.3 million tourists in total every year. It is estimated that wine tourism on Long Island generates around $39.7 million annually, so have had a huge impact on the tourism industry of Long Island due to being so good.

If you drink cocktails, you may have also heard of the drink ‘Long Island iced tea‘, which is said to have been created on Long Island, New York, by Robert Butt. However, some people also claim that it was invented in Long Island, Tennessee – but one thing is for sure, that it’s a delicious drink!

The best places to stay on Long Island

Before you decide what are the best Long Island things to do, you first need to find a great place to stay! Here are my recommendations.


  • Holiday Inn Plainview Long Island – This hotel is perfect for budget travellers. There is an on-site restaurant serving tasty food to suit lots of tastes, as well as an outdoor pool and gym. In each room is a free daily newspaper, an in-room coffee maker, a work desk and an HD TV for guests to enjoy.
  • Extended Stay America Suites – These suites offer cable TV and free WiFi, as well as a fully equipped kitchenette and seating area for all guests to use. Every morning, a free grab-and-go breakfast is available for guests, with a wide range of food to choose from. Weekly housekeeping is free, and daily housekeeping is charged a small fee.
  • Days Inn – Every room at Days Inn is great to stay at, as it’s air-conditioned, has an outdoor pool, gym and a free 24-hour coffee and tea service. It is located in close proximity to lots of scenic parks and shopping centres, and there is also on-site parking if you’re driving. Every morning, free grab-and-go breakfast is served to help start the day right.


  • The Menhaden Hotel – Only a 20-minute walk from the beach, this hotel has amazing services on offer for guests. There is a 24-hour reception, free WiFi, a concierge service and lots of spacious family rooms. Every room comes with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with a bath and is modernly decorated.
  • Seven – a boutique B&B – A stay in this beautifully designed B&B will leave you feeling right at home. A free American breakfast is served each morning, and there is a lovely outside swimming pool to cool down in. All rooms come with a private bathroom and free sustainable amenities from Pre de Provence.
  • Hero Beach Club – This hotel is perfectly situated right next to the beach! It is just a 10-minute drive to the lighthouse and less than 1 mile away from the town centre. There is an outdoor swimming pool and a massage service that can be arranged. Some rooms also have a gorgeous balcony or deck that gives great views of the magnificent ocean.


  • Montauk Manor – You’ll receive only the finest treatment at Montauk Manor that will leave you feeling like a celebrity. There are on-site spa services, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and other activities such as horse riding and fishing. Every room is uniquely decorated and comes with a full kitchen and a private bathroom with luxury amenities.
  • The Quogue Club – Every room at this stunning hotel comes with a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with amazing amenities, bathrobes and slippers, and free WiFi. There is free secure, on-site parking for guests, and there is also a bar in the hotel that serves a great selection of drinks. Tennis and golf can also be arranged for guests to enjoy.
  • Topping Rose House – This accommodation offers a unique experience for all guests. They feature a farm-to-table approach in their restaurant, so you can be assured that all of the food is fresh and of the finest quality, as well as providing guests with complimentary vehicles from Lexus to use. Every room comes with an HD TV, iPad, minibar and an en-suite bathroom with elegant amenities.

Long Island- essential packing list

What should I pack for my trip to Long Island? Here is my essential packing list for Long Island:

  • Greater Than a Tourist – Long Island New York USA Book – This book about Long Island will give you all the best tips from the locals, meaning you will have a vacation like no other! It is very well written and a must-have for any Long Island trip – you will even get to find some hidden gems around Long Island if you want to go off the beaten track.
  • Portable Handheld Fan – The heat in Long Island can be bothersome sometimes, but that’s where this handy little portable fan comes in! It’s great to pack and take around with you, whether you are on the beach or in the hotel if the worst happens with the AC. You definitely won’t regret this purchase.
  • LifeJacket Sun Protection Gel – Stay protected in the Long Island sun with this amazing sun protection gel. It’s made out of first-class ingredients to help give your skin maximum protection. It’s also water resistant, cruelty-free and anti-ageing, so do your skin a favour and get yourself this amazing product.
  • Unicorn Pool Float – This unicorn pool float is fun for everyone! It’s great for lounging in the many pools on Long Island and will look great in your Instagram pics!
  • Women Knitted Hat and Scarf – Although Long Island is a great summer destination, it’s also a good place to visit in winter, so don’t forget to take this beautiful knitted hat and scarf set with you. It’s guaranteed to keep you feeling cosy, even in snowy days!

The best Long Island things to do

So lets get to the important bit- what are the best Long Island things to do?

Long Island things to do for families

What are the best Long Island things to do for families? It can be hard to decide as there are so many great things, so here are just a few of the best Long Island things to do for families to enjoy:

Tiki Action Park

The best Long Island things to do

There is so much fun to be had at Tiki Action Park for the whole family to enjoy! Here, there are many attractions on offer, such as mini golf, go-karting, an arcade with over 45 games and a VR game experience. What’s more is that the atmosphere is really great here as it’s all tropical-themed, so you can expect a very beachy atmosphere.


The best Long Island things to do

Adventureland is the famous amusement park that inspired the movie, and whether you’ve seen the movie or not – everyone will enjoy a visit here! There are lots of outdoor fair games, as well as different rides to spark adrenaline in you. It’s got something for everyone of all ages to have fun with, so no one will end up getting left out.

Long Island Game Farm

The best Long Island things to do

Long Island Game Farm is the biggest children’s zoo and wildlife park on Long Island, so you will have hours of fun and learning here. It’s a great day out for people who love animals as there are lots of different animals on the farm, such as zebras, llamas and kangaroo. Visitors can also pet and feed some of the adorable animals.

Long Island things to do for couples

What are the best Long Island things to do for couples? Luckily, Long Island has plenty of amazing things to do for couples to enjoy. Here are some of the best:

Private Long Island Sailing Experience

Types of Water Transport

This Private Long Island Sailing Experience is a great choice for lovers of the ocean and if you would like to splash out on something more unique when visiting Long Island. It’s very romantic as the whole experience is private, and free drinks and lunch are also available. If you’re feeling up for it, the boat can also anchor for you to enjoy a swimming session.

Long Island Winery Tour

what is wine tourism. enotourism. vinitourism

If you and your significant other love wine, then this Long Island Winery Tour is an ideal way to spend a few hours. You don’t need to worry about transport, as you will be driven by a professional driver in a luxury private vehicle, which takes the stress off things! It’s a very romantic thing to do and is a great way to try all the different wines and learn more about them.

Old Westbury Gardens

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

Old Westbury Gardens are some of the most stunning gardens in the whole of Long Island. There are over 200 acres of beautiful gardens to relax in or go for a romantic stroll in. Additionally, the gardens also offer various activities such as yoga and tai chi if you and your partner would prefer to do something a bit more active.

Long Island things to do at night

What are the best Long Island things to do at night?? Long Island has some of the best nightlife! Here are just a few of the best Long Island things to do at night:

Muse Paintbar

The best Long Island things to do

Muse Paintbar is something very different but also very fun to do on Long Island at night. It combines a bar experience with a painting class – so as you can expect, there will be some very funny results. No art experience is required, as you’ll be guided along every step of the way. It’s perfect for everyone who wants a different type of night out.

Governor’s Comedy Club

The best Long Island things to do

Governors Comedy Club is one of the best venues to visit on Long Island if you want to witness fantastic live comedy! It’s open from Thursday to Sunday and serves dinner at the same time as the comedy show, so you can relax and have lots of laughs. It’s a guaranteed great night out for everyone.

The Beast Next Door

The Beast Next Door is a great bar that serves amazing drinks to suit lots of tastes! Additionally, they also serve very tasty food, made with the finest quality ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians also. The prices are also very reasonable, and there is a great atmosphere, with amazing music to enjoy your drinks and food with.

Cool Long Island things to do

What are some cool Long Island things to do? Here are some of the best cool Long Island to do:

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

The best Long Island things to do

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site is a must for all history lovers. It is the former home of the 26th president of the United States, Teddy Rosevelt. There are over 83 acres of land and history to be explored here. It’s something different to do on Long Island, especially if you love history, as you can’t often take tours of former president’s homes.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

The best Long Island things to do

If you want some amazing views of Long Island, then Montauk Point Lighthouse is ideal for that! It is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States and provides amazing 360° views. There are 137 steps to the top, so it’s unfortunately not ideal if you have difficulty walking up steps.

Long Island Ducks

The best Long Island things to do

The Long Island Ducks are the main baseball team of Long Island. Tickets to go and support them are very affordable, making it great fun for everyone to enjoy. Watching the Long Island Ducks is a must-do if you’re visiting Long Island, as you won’t regret this memorable experience!

Long Island things to do during winter

What are some Long Island things to do during winter? During winter, Long Island is still a good destination to visit, so if you are in Long Island during the winter, check out these fun things to do:

City Ice Pavillion

The best Long Island things to do

City Ice Pavillion is one of the best Long Island things to do during winter! It is a world-class skating facility and is perfect for even beginners to try out, as there are also lessons on offer by fantastic instructors to help make sure you feel confident with your skating abilities. You can bring your own skates or use the ones they provide.


Tourism in Japan

Winterfest is a 7-week-long celebration every winter on Long Island. It celebrates arts, culture and family life on Long Island, and there are plenty of delicious food stalls, live music, and local businesses to buy from. Winterfest is a great thing to do during winter as it will definitely make you feel very seasonal.

Science Museum of Long Island

The Science Museum of Long Island is a great place to visit in the winter months if you don’t want to be outside in the cold. There are lots of interesting things to learn about in this museum, such as dinosaurs, the solar system, and the environment. All of the activities must be pre-registered, but this is easy to do on their website.

Free Long Island things to do

Is there anything to do on Long Island for free? Yes! There are plenty of free Long Island things to do; here are some good ones:

Jones Beach State Park

elegant woman walking on sandy beach near sea

Jones Beach State Park is full of beautiful golden sands to relax on. There is calm water that is ideal for swimming in, especially if you have children who you are introducing to swimming in the sea. Furthermore, there are also lots of things to do if you don’t want to swim or lounge on the beach – there are options for kayaking, sailboarding, cycling and mini golf.

Rock Hall Museum

The best Long Island things to do

Rock Hall Museum is an educational museum covering the history of slavery and the history of what went on in the Rock Hall house. It is very educational for everyone and is free admission. Sometimes during the year, there are craft workshops and storytellings for people to participate in.

American Guitar Museum

The best Long Island things to do

If you’re looking for something a bit quirky to visit on Long Island, then the American Guitar Museum is for you! Here, there is an extensive collection of guitars and other stringed instruments – it is also a guitar repair workshop. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are a guitar enthusiast and you want to learn more about these fascinating instruments.

The best Long Island things to do – further reading

After reading this post on the best Long Island things to do, you’ve hopefully you’ve been inspired by the best Long Island things to do! Have you ever been to Long Island? Do you think I’ve missed something that deserves to be on this post? Let me know! If you liked this post, then I’d also recommend reading:

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