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50 famous and awe-inspiring landmarks of Brazil

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There are so many incredible landmarks in Brazil. From pristine beaches, to the depths of the jungle, to the built infrastructure in some of the world’s biggest cities, Brazil has a lot to offer. In this post I will tell you all about the most famous landmarks of Brazil… ready to learn more? Keep reading…

50 Famous Landmarks of Brazil

What comes to your mind when you hear about Brazil? Perhaps it’s the exciting nightlife and ravishing food that makes one feel overjoyed? Or is it the age-old museums, beaches, and sculptures that inhabit the country? Or maybe it could be the charming landscape of national parks and stargazing views of numerous monuments of Brazil?

Whatever it is, Brazil is undoubtedly a traveller’s paradise. Once you enter this magnificent country, you’re surrounded by impressive skyscrapers, street art, and incredible views of landmarks. In fact, there are plenty of landmarks of Brazil that should top every adventurist’s list.

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation globally. The exciting cities of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and well as smaller destinations such as the picturesque Parity and the beautiful Ilha Grande, attract up to six million tourists annually. But why? See, the 4500-mile coastline, the lively atmosphere, and the intriguing landmarks of Brazil are a treat for tourists

If you’re curious to learn about the magnificent landmarks of Brazil, you’re at the right place. I’ve compiled a list of 50 blissful landmarks of Brazil – noteworthy sites capable of giving goosebumps to tourists.

Without any further ado, let’s get down with learning about the famous landmarks of Brazil. 

Let’s begin. 

1- Maracana Stadium

Landmarks of Brazil

I’ll start off the list with one of the historically significant landmarks of Brazil: the Maracana Stadium. It’s the same stage where Brazil embraced defeat from Uruguay, leaving 200,000 spectators devastated. Furthermore, it’s the same stadium where Pele scored his 1000th career goal in 1969. 

This 70-year-old stadium was built for the 1950 World Cup and was renovated years later for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 summer Olympics. Currently, the stadium is the largest in Brazil, with an accommodation capacity of up to 78000 spectators.

Usually, the stadium is used by the local football clubs of Rio, namely Vasco, Botafogo, Flamengo, and Flaminese. If no matches are scheduled in the stadium, one can witness the ever-glorifying music events. 

Indeed, it’s a treat to blend in the crowd and watch football matches at this massive stadium. 

2- Sambadrome festival

Landmarks of Brazil

I know it isn’t strictly one of the landmarks of Brazil, but the sambadrome is well worth a mention! Brazil is known for the Samba style – an Afro-Brazilian style of music and dance. Plus, you can find numerous Samba schools spread across Brazil.

So, in this annual event, the samba schools get together for a competition in Sambadrome – an extraordinary building created for this festival. The best part is thousands of people gather to witness the Samba performances and cheer for the competitors. 

3- Jalapao State Park

Landmarks of Brazil

Jalapao is a remote and isolated region in Brazil spread over a massive 159,000 hectares, featuring an array of ecosystems, rich fauna and flora, and wildlife species. 

It’s one of the newly discovered landmarks of Brazil offering tourists a chance to interact with the local culture, explore the beautiful place, and engage in sports such as sand boarding, rafting, trails, and cycling. 

4- Amazon River

Landmarks of Brazil

This is certainly the most famous of the landmarks of Brazil! The 6400 km long famous Amazon river is responsible for carrying one-fifth of the world’s water. It’s the world’s most extensive drainage, both by volume and size. 

Cruising on the Amazon river is fun. After all, the river is home to two million species, and you can witness exotic amphibians, fishes, pink river dolphins, and wildlife animals, including anaconda, macaws, and sloths. 

Cruising after the wet season is an excellent idea since the water level rises by 15 m, and boats can get closer to the treetops. 

5- Etnias Mural

Landmarks of Brazil

Etnias mural is one of the remarkable landmarks of Brazil that takes the art of spray paint to the next level. Eduardo Kobra painted this 2500 m long mural right before the 2016 Olympics and exhibited the five continents (inspired by the Olympic rings).

In 2016, the painting even made it to the list of Guinness World records for being the largest spray paint. Surprisingly, the original creator, Kobra, beat his record two years later by creating a much larger mural in Sao Paulo. 

6- Iguazu Falls

Landmarks of Brazil

Iguazu falls is a nature lover’s dream come true. Located between the border of Argentina and Brazil, this place features a series of whopping 272 falls. 

Each fall is 2.7 km wide, which makes the series the longest globally. In fact, it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1984 and a site of exceptional value in 2013. To date, the glamorous scenic beauty continues to stun people worldwide. 

If you’re planning to visit Brazil, the Iguazu rivers should be on your priority list as it is one of my favourite landmarks of Brazil!

7- The valley of vineyards

Landmarks of Brazil

Vale dos Vinhedos or the valley of vineyards, is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The valley showcases vibrant vineyards with a scenic Italian look-alike backdrop enough to make anyone adore the place. 

The popular sparkling wines are also produced here. Imagine tasting the exceptional wines while gazing at the mind-blowing scenery. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?

Plus, there are plenty of good restaurants in the vineyard area. 

8- Curitiba Botanical Gardens

Landmarks of Brazil

In Curitiba, Parana, you can find manicured parks and gardens that expand on a massive 18 hectares area. 

The domed greenhouse, lush lawns, and small botanical museum make these gardens a great place to unwind, relax, and admire nature. Stay a little late in the park, and you’ll see the greenhouse lit up with coloured lights. To make your experience perfect, grab a snack from the nearby bistro and enjoy the evening. 

9- The Diverse Pantanal

Landmarks of Brazil

The Pantanal is a wetland area and one of the remarkable landmarks of Brazil. Covering an area of 187818 square km, the Pantanal is home to diverse wildlife species, including birds, reptiles, and aqua. Some notable species include the famous caimans (10 million live in Pantanal), capybaras, macaws, jaguars, and maned wolves.

Oh, and Pantanal has also been a Natural world heritage site since 2000. 

10- The Awe-gazing Bonito

Landmarks of Brazil

If you want to visit a stunning yet vacation-alike destination in Brazil, Bonito is an excellent option. The gorgeous emerald lakes, dark-pitched caves, pristine nature, and diverse wildlife make Bonito a tourist’s favorite spot.

If you love snorkelling and swimming, Bonito has some beautiful spots for you to enjoy your time. Some attractions to check out in Bonito include the Gruta do Lago Azul, Rio Sucuri, and Parque Ecologico Rio Formoso. 

11- Independence Park

Landmarks of Brazil


Near the area of Ipiranga in Sao Paulo, you can visit the monumental Independence park, which exhibits a historical structure dedicated initially to Brazil’s Independence. But that’s not all.

Besides this regal monument, you can find unique french-style gardens, ponds, and fountains. Simply put, you get a laid-back environment where you can chill and hang out with your pals. 

In addition, there’s a street fair every Sunday in the park where you can purchase extraordinary handicrafts and try mouthwatering foods. 

12- Paulista Museum

Landmarks of Brazil

While hanging out in Independence park, don’t forget to check out Museu Paulista – a museum with exhibits on Brazil and Sao Paulo’s history. 

The museum’s location is significant since it’s the same place where Emperor Dom Pedro I declared Brazil’s Independence. The museum’s building was modelled after the Versailles Palace, and I bet you can’t deny the beautiful architecture.

13- The cable-style Bridge

Landmarks of Brazil

Another spectacular landmark of Brazil is this 453-long cable-style bridge stretching over the River Pinheiros. 

This modern structure is 130 meters tall, with two curved tracks stretching over 900 meters and forming an X shape. Surrounded by rivers and tall skyscrapers, the bridge offers breathtaking views, especially at night when it’s glistening with bright coloured lights.

14- Ibirapuera Park

Landmarks of Brazil

Ibirapuera park is the largest urban park in the centre of the bustling city of Sao Paulo. The park was first enacted in 1954 to celebrate the city’s 400th birthday. Now, the park is home to diverse wildlife species, rich flora and fauna, a few restaurants, and several museums. 

Plus, a noteworthy fashion week takes place in the park, where designers showcase their collections during January and July.

Oh, and you can’t miss the Bandeiras monument – a large-scale graphite sculpture – situated at the park’s entrance. 

15- Breathtaking Copacabana Beach

Landmarks of Brazil

You are probably aware that this is one of the most famous landmarks of Brazil and if you’re in Rio for a vacation, your trip won’t be complete without visiting the famous Copacabana beach. In fact, it’s a popular destination among the locals and tourists, and it’s the most synonymous place with Brazil. 

It’s an ideal spot to sunbathe and relax while simultaneously drinking a caipirinha and watching the splashing surfs on the beach. Plus, if you’re a soccer geek, you can always participate and play volleyball/soccer on the beach.

16- Escadaria Selaron: The Dreamy Staircase

Landmarks of Brazil

It’s one of the most beautiful staircases in the world that features 213 steps with yellow, green, and blue tiles – the same colour combination as the Brazil Flag. 

That’s not it. You’ll find images of soccer, religions, nations, and red-tiled walls surrounding this 125-meter-long staircase. 

Jorge Selaron designed this staircase in 1990 and completed it in 2013 – the year when Selaron was found dead on the steps. 

17- Lapa Arches

Landmarks of Brazil

Lapa Arches was built in the 18th century as part of an aqueduct that brought fresh water to Rio city. This colonial-styled structure is known for its 42 white Roman-style arches that attract numerous tourists worldwide. 

Here’s an interesting fact: the structure was initially built using wood, but it wasn’t stable enough. Hence, it was later shifted and renovated using steel.

To date, Lapa arches are one of the prominent landmarks of Brazil that also act as a bridge for trams connecting Rio’s downtown area to the St. Teresa neighbourhood. If you’re a party lover, you should visit Lapa arches on Fridays and Saturdays when the place is lit up with lights and bustles with loud music and savoury food stalls, ultimately creating a thrilling atmosphere.

18- Sugarloaf Mountain

Landmarks of Brazil

Rio is a city with exciting places and views to offer. One of the beautiful sightseeing places is sugarloaf mountain on Guanabara bay that looks like a pile of sugar from afar, hence the name. 

The mountain stands at 396 feet tall or 1299 feet above sea level. You can hop on a cable car from Urca, reach the top, and gaze upon the wonders Rio city offers. 

19- Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

Landmarks of Brazil

Niteroi, a city right across Rio, is home to the famous contemporary art museum that showcases the most extensive collection of contemporary art in Brazil, i.e., over 1217. 

Oscar Niemeyer created this spaceship-styled building that houses paintings and sculptures of renowned Brazilian and international artists.

20- Christ The Redeemer

Landmarks of Brazil

It goes without saying that the Redeemer Christ is one of the most sought-after landmarks of Brazil. In fact, the redeemer is one of the top seven wonders of the world.

Found in Rio, this art-deco statue was built during 1921-1931, with renovations taking place in the 1990s. 

The Jesus statue is 30 meters tall, with the arms alone spanning over 28 meters. Plus, there’s an 8-meter base beneath the statue, which has become a chapel and a popular spot for weddings. 

You can access the redeemer from the Tijuca National Park and experience the remarkable sights of the surrounding landmarks, such as Sugarloaf mountain. 

21- Carnaval

Landmarks of Brazil

OK, so not technically one of the landmarks of Brazil as carnival is a festival, but it’s nothing less than a landmark event. It’s held each year in February, and the best event takes place in Rio, where the Samba schools deliver exciting performances and floats. 

22- Ilha Grande

Landmarks of Brazil

It’s another tourist spot to enjoy a getaway trip in Rio. From enjoying the emerald water and sandy beaches to performing fun-filled activities like snorkelling and surfing, Ilha grande should be on your priority list. 

The island has plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants. Hence, explore these places, purchase handicrafts, and enjoy Brazilian food in this heavenly destination. 

Don’t forget to visit the Cachaca shop to drool in Brazilian rums while sunbathing on the beach. 

23- Ouro Preto: The Noteworthy Mining Town

Landmarks of Brazil

Although it was originally a mining town, Ouro Preto became popularly known as a gold mining town in the 18th century. 

Due to the town’s historical significance, the Brazilian town was named the first UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

If you’re a history lover, Ouro Preto has a lot to offer you, ranging from the ancient architecture and attractions, including museums and mines. 

24- Cathedral of Brasilia

Landmarks of Brazil

Designed by Oscar Neiyemer, this Cathedral is found in the capital city of Brazil, Brasilia. The Cathedral features 16 arch pillars, each weighing 90 tonnes, that converge into a central circle. Between each pillar, there are stained glass windows that are 2000 meters long. 

The highlights of this modern church are the three bronze angel statues above the pew and a pond accessible only through an underground passage.

Whether religious or not, you must visit this majestic Cathedral if you’re in the capital city.

25- Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

Landmarks of Brazil

It’s another remarkable park in Brazil listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park features awe-gazing scenery and has billion-year-old geological rock formations. 

Moreover, the park is a haven for several wildlife species, including jaguars, anteaters, toucans, armadillos, and pampas deer. Along with the beautiful scenery, the park has rock pools and tropical waterfalls, forming a stunning landscape. 

26- Pelourinho 

Landmarks of Brazil

Let’s talk about one of the historical landmarks of Brazil: Pelourinho. It’s a city filled with colourful places and a friendly atmosphere, but it wasn’t always like that.

Rewind to 1558, and Pelourinho was the hub of the slave market, and many buildings in the city today are built by labour. 

However, that’s all in the past. Today, the city is a cultural melting pot. Tourists can visit the area’s baroque houses, shops, bars, and restaurants. Moreover, you can always spot and enjoy artistic performances now and then in Pelourinho.

27- Fernando de Mourinho

Landmarks of Brazil

Two hundred twenty miles off Brazil’s coast, there is a volcanic archipelago – a group of extensive islands – known as Fernando de Mourinho. 

The archipelago comprises 21 islets and islands with lush green forests, diverse wildlife species and marine life, beaches, and fun-filled activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. You can spot exotic aquatic animals, including dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles. 

Indeed, it’s the paradise of Brazil that awaits enthusiastic tourists. 

28- The Dunes of Jalapao

Landmarks of Brazil

If you visit Jalapao park, you should never miss the vast dunes in the park. The dunes of Jalapao are known for their breathtaking sunsets. Sit around in the sandy dunes and gaze upon the majestic sunrise or sunset from the orange hills. 

Indeed, it’s a million-dollar sight!

29- Lencois National Park

Landmarks of Brazil


Here’s one of the curious and unusual yet fascinating landmarks of Brazil: the Lencois national park. This protected national park is known for its white dunes and turquoise lagoons. 

Surprisingly, it’s the only desert in the world with ponds along with sandy dunes. Moreover, the park stretches to over 1,550 km, so you might need a few days to discover it completely. But you know what?

The striking landscape and the emerald ponds alongside the sandy desert are a treat to watch. Hence, the extra days and exploration time is worth it.

30- The Notable Amazon Theatre

Landmarks of Brazil

Amazon theatre is a charming opera house found in Manaus, Amazonas. The soft pink exterior and mosaic dome comprising 36,000 coloured ceramic pieces resembling the Brazilian flag make the theatre a masterpiece. Hence, it’s no wonder this place is featured in many noteworthy movies, especially in the 1982 film Fitzcarraldo. 

Oh, and you cannot forget about the concave ceiling that features four exuberant paintings from Paris. The theater can accommodate up to 700 people, and it’s one place where opera festivals take place throughout April and May. 

So, if you’re an opera lover, make sure to plan your trip between the festival date. 

31- The Miraculous Meeting of the Water

Landmarks of Brazil

Let’s talk about one of the unique landmarks of Brazil that you can’t afford to miss. So, you can spot two different colored rivers that don’t mix near the city of Manaus. The dark water of River Negro and the sandy-colored water of Rio Solimoes run alongside each other for about six km. 

But ever wondered why this happens?

It’s due to the different temperatures of rivers that cause water to run along each other rather than mix. If you want to view this amazing place, take a boat tour from Macaus and prepare yourself to witness a miracle sight. 

32- Amazon Rainforests

Landmarks of Brazil

The Amazon Rainforests cover 40% of South America, and the 60% portion is found in Brazil. This globally substantial rainforest is environmentally significant and features diverse fauna and flora. Plus, this colossal rainforest is home to over 10 million different plant, animal, and insect species.

You can easily access Amazon from Manaus and plan an excursion to spot some of the exotic and exclusive species of the world.

33- Ipanema Beach

Landmarks of Brazil

You might be aware now that Rio is a place to visit. After all, it’s the hub of beaches, exotic festivals, and numerous museums. Ipanema is another one of the popular landmarks of Brazil situated in Rio. 

The beach is the city’s crown jewel, offering a remarkable sunset and plenty of sporting activities, including surfing and sunbathing. 

Plus, you can find several fashion stores and exquisite restaurants to dine in and enjoy a meal while gazing at the fantastic sunset at the Ipanema beach.

34- National Congress Building

Landmarks of Brazil

Parliamentary buildings of every country are landmarks. Well, it’s safe to say that nothing comes close to the National congress building in Brazil. 

What makes it unique are the two half-spheres of the building. In reality, each sphere is for different purposes; one is for the Senate, and the other for the chamber of deputies. 

35- Elevador Lacerda

Landmarks of Brazil

Lacerda elevator is the first public lift in the world located in Salvador. The lift can go up to 72 meters, allowing you to get an excellent view of the city and click some Pinterest-alike snaps.

The construction was completed in 1873. You might think it’s pretty old and vulnerable to damage, but don’t worry. The elevator has been renovated and modernized from time to time, so it’s not going anywhere.  

36- The Brazilian Obelisk

Landmarks of Brazil

The obelisk is one of the tallest monuments in Sao Paulo, standing at over 72 meters high. It was constructed around the time of the constitutional revolution, and the construction was completed in the year 1932. 

Till today, it’s a fascinating site in Sao Paulo.

37- The Church of Ouro Preto

Landmarks of Brazil

The mining town has a renowned church, the Church of the Saint Francis of the Assisi. I have put this church on this list because it’s one of the beautiful structures to witness in the mining town. If you visit this place on a Friday or Saturday, you might find an organist playing. This is one of the most quaint landmarks of Brazil.

38- Museum of Tomorrow

Landmarks of Brazil

Let’s talk about one of the modernist landmarks of Brazil: the applied science museum of Rio. It’s a futuristic museum focusing on an ever-changing climate and the future of humankind. 

The museum is situated near Rio’s old port and focuses on imaginative experiments to create a sustainable city

The museum focuses on five broad topics: Anthropocene, Cosmos, Earth, Tomorrow, and Us. Visitors can dive into any subject and learn about the new revolutions regarding sustainability.

39- Sao Paulo Museum of Art

Landmarks of Brazil

São Paulo is a culturally rich city in Brazil. The museum of art in Sao Paulo exhibits artworks from European, Brazilian, and other renowned artists worldwide. 

But you know what’s interesting? Despite housing an extensive collection of western art, the museum is itself a masterpiece – an actual work of art. The modernist box design, the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the red columns that appear floating from afar make this museum a remarkable piece of architecture. 

40- Itaimbezinho Canyon

Landmarks of Brazil

You can find numerous canyons in the Aparados da Serra National Park, but Itaimbezino is the popular tourist attraction in the area. The trails can allow visitors to discover marvelous waterfalls and cliffs. However, the trek can be deadly since the canyon is 6 miles long and a mile deep. So, if you plan to trek, make sure you have the proper gear. 

41- Tiradentes

Landmarks of Brazil

If you want to go back in time, you must visit Tiradentes town. This small colonial-style town has been untouched by passing centuries, and it still has the old homage and feel. 

You can spot colorful doors, whitewashed buildings, and cobbled streets that make you feel like you have stepped back in history. 

42- Paraty

Landmarks of Brazil

Let’s talk about another colonial-style landmark of Brazil: Paraty. You can witness historical buildings and churches, but Paraty is more than that. The small town has beaches and lush forests that can make a perfect adventure trip for tourists. 

Plus, the town hosts a festival known as Cacacha in August. Wondering what’s so special about it? Well, you can taste the unique sugarcane liquor at this festival.

44- The Curitiba Museum

Landmarks of Brazil

Also otherwise known as “the Eye,” it’s the best modern museum you can visit in South America. The museum is the art of Oscar Neimeyer – the man who wholly redefined and recreated the city of Brasilia. 

The museum has a collection of numerous sculptures, paintings, and visual arts. Moreover, there are three separate rooms specifically for photography. 

44- Chapada Diamantina Park

Landmarks of Brazil

Chapada Diamantina park is an adventurer’s lover’s paradise. Situated 300 km from the city of Salvador, this island national park has swimming holes, waterfalls, scenic hikes, and crystal clear water. 

You have to visit this park from Lancois town. Usually, people stay a few nights in the town and visit this park during the day. You may use a bus or travel by plane for a quick commute.

Poco Azul is a noteworthy attraction of the park. So, it’s a cave filled with the most transparent water, where you can swim freely and see everything to the cave’s bottom.

45- The God’s Finger Peak

Landmarks of Brazil

If you love mountain peaks, here’s another one of the famous landmarks of Brazil: Dedo de Deus, or the God’s finger peak, located in the Serra dos Orgaos Park in Rio.

The peak is 1692 meters high, drawing nature lovers and hikers worldwide. The hike can be challenging due to slip risks, but if you’re passionate, you can make it through your hike. 

46- Lake of Ducks

Landmarks of Brazil


Lake of ducks is one of the largest lakes in Brazil and the second-largest in South America. The lake stretches 290 km long and 64 km wide. However, it’s separated from the Atlantic due to a sandbar at the lake’s northernmost point. 

Over the years, the current and the climate have formed sandy beaches across the river banks. 

47- Altino Arantes Building

Landmarks of Brazil

Altino Arantes is another art-deco building situated in Sao Paulo. This 36-story empire state building is over 161 meters tall. The best part is its observation deck on the 34th floor, where you can observe various other landmarks in the Sao Paulo region, including the Cathedral and Italia skyscraper. 

Furthermore, the building houses an art gallery and an exhibition center where plenty of Brazilian performances occur. 

48- The Itamaraty Palace

Landmarks of Brazil


Let’s talk about another Brasilia architectural masterpiece designed by Oscar Niemeyer: The Itamaraty Palace. It’s a political building and the HQ of the ministry of foreign affairs in Brazil, which welcomes dignitaries from around the world.  

The building is a treat to visit, and it’s known for its iconic spiral staircase and material.

49- The Mount of Roraima

Landmarks of Brazil

Roraima mountain is a part of the larger Pacairma mountain which crosses the borders of three countries, including Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. It’s another one of the famous landmarks of Brazil located deep in the northern part. The best part?

The mountain peak is 2810 meters high, and if you look at it from a distance, it feels like the mountain is touching the sky. Fascinating, isn’t it?

50- São Paulo Metropolitan Cathedral

Landmarks of Brazil

Let’s end the list with one of the famous landmarks of Brazil situated in Sao Paulo – the Metropolitan Cathedral – the main building for Roman Catholics of the state. 

It’s one of the world’s most massive neo-gothic monuments, and the building continues to draw tourists’ attention. The church is home to over 12,000 pipes and consists of clear stained glass windows displaying various biblical events. Plus, there’s an additional tomb in the Cathedral where famous residents of Sao Paula are buried, including Chief Tibirica – the first indigenous person in Brazil.  

Summing Up the Fifty Famous Landmarks of Brazil!

From offering endless exciting beaches and national parks to being the hub of thrilling landmarks of Brazil, Brazil is undoubtedly a place to discover. So, planning to visit Brazil and discover the energising towns, including the party State of Rio and the delightful State of Sao Paulo?

Did I miss out any landmarks of Brazil? If so, let me know in the comments below.

If yes, don’t forget to visit and witness the unparalleled beautiful landmarks of Brazil mentioned above. Together, let’s make your trip a memorable one!

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