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50 Fascinating Landmarks in Mexico (with photos)

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There are so many fascinating landmarks in Mexico! By area, Mexico is the thirteenth-largest country in the world. Occupying a massive area and being surrounded by bodies of water; Mexico has a lot of interesting sights and landmarks to show off. If you don’t have an idea about the landmarks you should be visiting in Mexico then you’re in the right place. Today we are going to bring you 50 fascinating landmarks in Mexico which you can’t miss out on.

The Best Landmarks in Mexico 

Whether you are planning a trip to Mexico, or simply want to learn more about this amazing country, this post has you covered. Make sure that read right until the end so that you don’t miss any of the amazing landmarks and hidden gems in Mexico, because trust me- there are a lot!

Arena México

If you are a fun loving person and like an energetic atmosphere then this place should be in your to go list. Arena Mexico, famously known as Cathedral of Lucha Libre, is an indoor arena in Mexico City to watch professional wrestling matches every week and a few boxing matches occasionally.

 The atmosphere of the arena is wild and noisy. You can taste an authentic local flavour with an energetic vibe of Mexico City here.

Click here to book tickets.

Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe

Landmarks In Mexico

The Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe (Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe), is a famous religious spectacle to behold. This is one of the most fascinating landmarks in Mexico and it includes an ancient church, a gift shop for buying religious stuff, a museum and a library.

The church is built on the top of a sacred mountain of Tepejac, thus offers a specular top view of the Mexico City. It’s one of the most fascinating landmarks of Mexico City that one should never miss out on.

Click here to book your visit.

Bonampak Murals

Landmarks In Mexico

If you are an art lover then you should never miss out on Bonampak Murals in Chiapas. This is a small three room sized fascinating landmark in Mexico. The walls of the rooms are covered with painted murals.

These murals are a deep insight of the layman life, war and ceremonial attires, gestures and object of Mexican civilization. These murals are considered to be the most unique and sophisticated example of fresco painting techniques of Maya.

Book your visit here.

Museo Frida Kahlo

Landmarks In Mexico

You definitely do not want to miss out on the most popular museum of Mexico; Frida Kahlo museum. It is a bright blue house with some wonderful cobalt blue exterior also known as “Casa Azul”.

Museo Frida Kahlo was the former residence of Lady Frida Kahlo and his artist husband, Diego Rivera. This couple has an amazing collection of art, pre-Hispanic artifacts, photographs, objects and attires. Their house is well maintained and wonderfully preserved and open for people throughout the year.

Here the pro tip is to buy your entrance ticket in advance to avoid waiting in long queues. You can pre purchase your tickets here.

Castillo Chapultepec

Landmarks In Mexico

This castle is one of the most famous and fascinating landmarks in Mexico. It is worldwide reputed for its dense and astonishing gardens.

The Castillo Chapultepec roots back to the 18th century. It was also the residence of the President of Mexico until 1939. But in 1940, it was converted into the National museum of history for the public. This museum is a perfect definition of the rich Mexican history. It is considered one of the most important landmarks in Mexico.

There is so much to see at Castillo Chapulepec that a it is definitely worth having a guide with you so that you don’t miss anything. You can book a guided tour here.

Catedral Metropolitana

Landmarks In Mexico

This church is one of the must-see landmarks in Mexico city. It roots back to 1813. It is one of the largest churches of Latin America.

The attention grabbing feature of this church is the gilded ancient Altar de los Reyes (Altar of the kings), besides the main altar. The church itself is an architectural miracle with fourteen richly decorated chapels on two sides of the building.

Chichen Itza

Landmarks In Mexico

Chichen Itza really is one of the amazing landmarks in Mexico! This archeological site was selected as one of the New 7 wonders of the world in 2007. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Mexico with 2,500,000 visitors every year. It is located in Eastern Mexico, in the Yucatan state.

Here you can find the magnificent and historic ruins of Mayan. Chichen Itza is divided into two parts; Old Chichen and Chichen Itza. There are 6 Mayan ruins in Old Chichen and 20 Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza.

You can have a deep insight of Maya history through this landmark. You can also check the temple of warriors, and the Mayan ball game court, present in the vicinity of Chichen Itza.

If you are planning a trip to Chichen Itza, be warned that it can get very busy and queues can be long. I recommend that you buy a ‘skip the queue’ pass in advance- you can purchase this here.

Cineteca Nacional

Landmarks In Mexico

Cineteca Nacional is an extremely popular cinema in Mexico City. It was built in 1974 and is famous for representing and highlighting Mexican art and folk films.

It became worldwide popular after the housing of a film; A Clockwork Orange. This film was watched by 153,000 people over the span of 153 days. It was a 3 room venue at that time. Unfortunately, in 1982, a massive fire destroyed the venue badly, resulting in a large number of deaths.

In 1984, New cinema was opened, located in the Colonia Xoco of Mexico City. After its reopening, it went through lots of expanding and renovations. Besides its historic cinematography, this place is also popular for its astonishing architecture. It is located in an area which is known for its sunset views.

Ciudad Universitaria

Landmarks In Mexico

The Ciudad Universitaria was designed by Venezuelan architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva with a group of some distinguished artists from Caracas. It is a superb illustration of how the urban, architectural, and aesthetic goals of the early 20th century were incorporated in harmony.

It is a clever adaptation of colonial traditions, ideas and spaces as well as an example of an airy, open solution that is suitable for a tropical setting.

The most popular feature of this university is its library. The walls of the library are covered with artistic mosaic-tiled mural design by Diego Rivera. Despite being an educational site, it is one of the most important landmarks of Mexico for tourists till date.

Copper Canyon

Landmarks In Mexico

Copper Canyon  is one of the most fascinating landmarks in Mexico. It is located amidst the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains. The mighty Copper Canyon is four times larger than the Grand Canyon in the United states.

It has a very tough landscape and the best way to enjoy this canyon is through a train. The train covers the whole canyon in four hours passing through 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. You can enjoy some stunning views from the train.

If you are a thrill lover then you can’t miss out on the Copper Canyon zip line. It is one of the longest zip lines in the world. Copper Canyon is a heaven for hiking.

Book your tickets for Copper Canyon here.

Dos Ojos Cenote

Landmarks In Mexico

There are many cenotes in Mexico and this is certainly one of the best!

Dos Ojos cenote is the merging point of two semi-cenotes into a large cavern zone. This beautiful lush blue body of water is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. If you have any plan of swimming, diving or snorkelling, then this place is a must visit.

It is not only known for its crystal clear water but is also the very first natural cenote which is publicly open for tourists. It is a perfect point for tourists who like to spend time in peaceful and less busy places.

Cascada El Chiflón

Landmarks In Mexico

Flat trails, beautiful countryside and the crystal clear waters of Cascada El Chiflon are everything a tourist can ask for. It is located in the highlands of Chiapas, close to the town of Comitán.

Cascada El Chiflón contains 5 waterfalls, each is more beautiful than the last. However, the most popular waterfall is  Cascada Velo de Novia at the top of this area with 230 ft height.

You can hike in lush green trails, swim in the crystal clear water and then go for zip-lining and camping at this picture perfect place.

Estadio Azteca

Landmarks In Mexico

If you are a sports person, then this place is meant for you. It is club America’s high altitude home stadium, worldwide famous for soccer games and other entertainment events.

Estadio Azteca has had the privilege of hosting many world cup historic moments and it has hosted two FIFA world cup championships.

You may not get to see any FIFA world cup matches, but you can watch the Mexico City professional football team, Club de fútbol América (Eagles) or the Mexican national team- watch the calendar while planning your trip!

Torre Latinoamericana

Landmarks In Mexico

The Torre Latino is Mexico City’s most well-liked overlook and a popular spot for tourists in the city centre. The skyscraper, which has 44 stories and a height of 188 m, was the highest structure in the city from the time of its construction in 1956 until 1972.

In addition to offices, the Bicentenary Museum, the Miralto restaurant, both exhibitions, a cafe, and the city’s most well-known viewpoint are now housed there. Even though there are no kid-friendly activities here, it is still worthwhile to visit for the breathtaking city views.

If you want to ensure you get some of the best photographs of Mexico City, be sure to pre-book your visit.


Uxmal Landmarks In Mexico

If you ask me, Uxmal is one of the most amazing landmarks in Mexico.

Uxmal ruins were a significant place of the rain God, Chaac. There are sculptures of the rain deity all throughout the main pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of the Magician. The location is lovely too. Since the great Pyramid of the Magician rises high above the forest line, you can see for kilometres in every direction.The ancient ruins seems as if they appear out of nowhere.

Only 80 km separate Merida from the spectacular Uxmal Ruins, and the well-maintained roads make for a nice one-day journey. There are plenty of tours available to save you the hassle of organising everything yourself. I recommend this Viator tour.


Landmarks In Mexico

Zipolite is the largest of the three beach communities dotting the coast west of Puerto Angel. It’s famous for its surfing, clothing-optional beach, and open-minded “do nothing” attitude.

Being at the end of the bay, the beach is nice and quite private. It features a classic southern Pacific coast of Mexico beach with golden sand. They have a permissive bathing suit requirement. The major beach, Playa del Amor, is only a 3-minute stroll away from the hotel beach.

El Ángel De La Independencia  

Landmarks In Mexico

Whenever tourists ask Mexico City residents which thing best represents Mexico City, nine people among ten will name El Ángel. El Ángel has developed into a popular meeting spot for sporting events and political demonstrations in recent years.

On a typical day, tours to the Angel simply involve a stroll through the statue’s base and its little museum remembering the freedom fighters. Every day, hundreds of visitors set up camp next to the Angel to take pictures with the hawk-like guardian of Mexico City.

El Tajin

Landmarks In Mexico

El Tajin is one of the lesser known landmarks in Mexico, but it shouldn’t be! El Tajin is a magnificent archaeological site in the Mexican state of Veracruz formerly served as the Totonac state’s capital. In actuality, “Tajin” refers to the Totonac god of lightning, thunder, and rain. 

Even though a significant portion of it has still to be excavated, it is currently a UNESCO World Heritage site and available to the public. Except for “regular” pyramids at the site’s entrance, El Tajin’s distinctive constructions make it stand out from other such landmarks in Mexico.

El Tajin is a large site that is best explored as part of a guided tour. You can book your tour here.


Landmarks In Mexico

If you’re hoping for an exciting getaway or just a once-in-a-lifetime cultural encounter, you should include a visit to Palenque, which is surely one of the best landmarks in Mexico.

Palenque is a ruined ancient Mayan city of the Late Classic Period (c. 600–900 CE) in what is now Chiapas state in Mexico. It is about 80 miles (130 km) south of Ciudad del Carmen. Palenque is becoming more and more popular as a tourism destination because of its archaeological monuments and waterfalls. Here you can see the ruins of Museo de Sitio, Misol-Ha, Agua Azul waterfall and Yaxchilan and Bonampak ruins.

The best way to explore this area and really learn about the fascinating history that is associated with it is through a guided tour, like this one.

Hierve El Agua

Landmarks In Mexico

Hierve  el Agua is located 65m southeast of Oaxaca. It is a beautiful frozen waterfall with mineral formation. It is one of the two ossified waterfalls in the world. The other one is Pamukkale in Turkey.

Hierve el Agua is considered as a perfect place for photography, and is a popular tourist hotspot throughout the year.

Book your tickets here.

Monte Albán

Landmarks In Mexico

Monte Alban is located in the Oaxaca valley. It is a famous archeological site which contains the ruins of the ancient centre of Zapotec and Mixtec culture. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987. It was also included in 2008 world monuments.

Book your tour here.

Monumento a la Revolución

Landmarks In Mexico

The monument of revolution is another one of the most historic landmarks in Mexico. It is located on the Plaza de la República in downtown Mexico City.

It is the tallest triumphal arch in the world with a 220 ft height. The tour guide here will give you a deep insight into the revolutionary history of Mexico.

Museo Nacional De Antropología

Landmarks In Mexico

One of the most significant landmarks in Mexico is the National museum of Mexico. It is one of the most comprehensive and most visited museums in Mexico. It has 23 rooms of exhibition of amazing artefacts which gives a perfect insight to Maya history.

Try not to get overwhelmed by its large area, but thoroughly enjoy each and every room of exhibition. Buy your tickets here.

San Ignacio Lagoon

Landmarks In Mexico

This lagoon is famous for inhibition of grey whales. These whales migrate to San Ignacio Lagoon every year.

It is one of the largest wildlife refuges in Latin America. Tourists visit this place to meet whales and have memorable photographs with them. However, the management is  very strict about the size of boats going into San Ignacio Lagoon. It is to avoid any harm to the whales.

Puerto Vallarta

Landmarks In Mexico

If you are seeking an adventurous trip, Puerto Vallarta has a variety of activities and experiences.

It is home to a natural sandy beach embraced by the green Sierra Madre Mountains and some real Mexican spirit thrown in too! This magical destination has an open-air sculptures gallery created by international as well as local artists. It also has plenty of space on the beach to relax as well as lots of activities for adventure seekers, such as quad biking and night time cruises.

Museo Subacuático de Arte

Landmarks In Mexico

The Museo Subacuatico is one of the most unique landmarks in Mexico and is certainly worthy of a place on the list of top landmarks in Mexico!

Museo Subacuatico de Arte located off the coast of Isla Mujeres in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, is among one of the most attractive underwater museums in the world. It is an innovative project with an idea of preventing climate effects on oceans.

The underwater museum is open all year long for the public but you have to select a tour guide as the diving sites are conserved.


Landmarks In Mexico

For surfer lovers, Troncones is one of the most magical landmarks in Mexico. This is a relatively undeveloped and uncrowded beach village which is located about 20 miles (32 km) north west of Zihuatanejo on the coast of the state of Guerrero. Here you will find a perfect sense of isolation, tasty local restaurants and a wide range of activities to keep you entertained.

Barra de Potosí

Landmarks In Mexico

Barra de Potosí, Troncones and Zihuatanejo are the sister destinations located on the Mexican Riviera, in the state of Guerrero.

Barra de Potosi is a small beach village at the mouth of the lagoon. It is home to over 200 species of birds, endangered turtles and butterflies, rare reptiles and mammals. Barra de Potosi is a tiny fishing village where local fishermen catch huachinango, sardines and lots more fresh fish.

Baja Peninsula – Cabo San Lucas

Landmarks In Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a place where the party never stops! A world-class resort area, on the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. This trendy landmark in Mexico never disappoints. There are plenty of exciting places for couples and families.

You can enjoy water-based activities like snorkelling and surfing in Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve. Medano Beach is a core of tourist activities with multiple dining options. Mount Solmar is one of the famous spots to view sunrise and sunset. You can also book a whale-watching cruise before dancing the night away! Click here to see available tours and prices.

Agua Azul

Landmarks In Mexico

If you want to see the clear blue colour of the waterfall, then visit Agua Azul. It is situated in the state of Chiapas, the Magical Town of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Instead of high-rise waterfalls, there are small sets of waterfalls that seem like natural pools. There are also plenty of activities and entertainment around, such as kayaking. You can hike and explore the surrounding area too.

Puerto Escondido

Landmarks In Mexico

Puerto Escondido is a pristine beach that is rapidly growing in popularity for vacationers. It offers tons of activities such as parties, night clubs, boat tours, surfing and incredibly delicious food.

It is situated on Mexico’s southern pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. If you go there, don’t forget to watch Dolphins. Its pristine water is perfect for snorkeling.

If you want a bit of excitement and adrenaline then have an ATV ride through the jungle.


Landmarks In Mexico

Multicultural and borderline Tijuana is located on the world’s busiest border with the United States. You can meet a variety of cultures on the streets of Tijuana, an attractive Landmark in Mexico.

Best things to explore in Tijuana are CECUT,  Museo de las Californias, Nightlife, Bullfighting, Ensenada and local food. Tijuana is treansetter in cooking for vibrant and colorful food.

You can see the border fence between the United States and Mexico from the beach in Playas de Tijuana. There you can see a fence that is present 50 yards into the water.


Landmarks In Mexico

If you are a business traveler and want to transform your business tour into a pleasant visit then, Saltillo is an ideal destination for this purpose. Its streets are full of culture and history.

The Cathedral of Santiago, the Museum of the Desert and in El Sarape de Saltillo are some famous tourist places. It is a perfect place for Archaeologists and Paleontologists since Coahuila was the place of Dinosaurs and traces of human activities with cave painting were found there.


Landmarks In Mexico

Monterey is a developed city in the state of Nuevo Leon. If you ever happen to be in monterrey, there are a number of places to visit.

Marco Plaza, The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Fundidora Park & The Santa Lucia Riverwalk, Alfa Planetarium, Garcia Caves, Mexican History Museum and many more.

The mountains, pools and majestic waterfalls make it a wonderful place to visit. You can experience vibrant art, culture and cuisine here.

Copper Canyon

Landmarks In Mexico

Are you ready for the most panoramic train ride in the world? Then plan a trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon now.

Beautiful Copper Canyon is situated in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is a famous place for its breathtaking landscape. The El Chepe train is the most prevalent way to get around the Copper Canyon. You can hop off the train at various stops namely El Fuerte, Bahuichivo, Divisadero, Creel, Batopilas. The best time to visit this place is when waterfalls are at their full swing and plants are green.

Isla Mujeres

Landmarks In Mexico

If you’re seeking natural beauty, island serenity and dream vacations then, this is a place for you!! Isla Mujeres is a small island present a few miles off Cancun’s pristine coasts, in the state of Quintana Roo. It is considered as one of the top favorite destinations for beach-lovers.

This white sand beach has exceptional water visibility that makes it a perfect spot for scrubs diving and snorkeling. Golf Carts are a trendy way to get around the island and can be rented.


Landmarks In Mexico

There is a wide range of amazing destinations in Landmark of  Mexico to choose from. Tulum is another perfect place for visitors with tons of fun things to do and see.

Tulum is situated on the east of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. You can explore Mayan Ruins, discover Tulum Pueblo, visit adventurous parks, and go for jungle rides or a food tour. One of the closest beaches to Tulum is Paradise Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the mexico.

Montezuma’s Palace

Landmarks In Mexico

Montezuma Castle National Monument is a must-visit destination if you’re traveling in Arizona. It is a unique park with two splitted areas: the Montezuma Castle area and the Montezuma Well area. 

Montezuma Palace is believed to have five interconnected buildings with 20 rooms sheltered high in a limestone cliff. You will be inspired by the Sinagua culture here.

Montezuma Well supports a booming ecosystem which includes a couple of unique species. It’s famous for the population of Sonoran mud turtles which are thought to be native to the well.


Landmarks In Mexico

Centro Historico commonly known as Zócalo is the heart of Mexico city with most attractive places. It is a cultural and historical place with the largest open-air square plaza in the world. Capitative architecture and secret spots give this landmark in Mexico a unique feel.

Secretaría de Educación Pública is a ministry of education, a two story government building where you can see beautiful preserved murals. Next you can visit El Cardenal, a traditional Mexican breakfast spot.


Landmarks In Mexico

Another captivating landmark in Mexico to visit is Teotihuacan, due to its wide settlement of stepped pyramids and temples. It is the region’s most visited destination.

Teotihuacan links the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun. These two pyramids have scenic views from their summits. Going to Teotihuacán from Mexico City using public transport is quite inexpensive and easy.

La Sierra Gorda

Landmarks In Mexico


A landmark in Mexico with several treasures that needs many visits to explore hence reputed as “hard to reach”. La Sierra Gorda is located in the North of the Mexican state of Querétaro.

This highly diverse region covers a wide range of mountains filled with ecological richness. 

Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve has several towns in which Jalpan is the largest one. It is a great place to try traditional foods. This tour will close you to nature while hiking through the jungle and swimming through crystal clear water.

House of Luis Barragan

Landmarks In Mexico


Architect Luis Barragan built the house and studio in Mexico city in 1948, now converted to a museum. It sets an example of an outstanding architect’s creative work. The building consists of a ground floor and 2 upper stories along with a small garden. His work merged modern and traditional elements in a new way. 

Visitors find this Landmark in Mexico capacitive. This place is highly recommended for architecture students.

Pueblos Magicos

Landmarks In Mexico

Pueblos Magicos or the magic towns are the smaller towns that have been recognized by Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism for special qualities. The name Magic Towns intends to promote tourism here.

These towns have preserved their original traditions, culture and architecture. These places are historically significant for the MExico city. It is truly a magical way to explore Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

Landmarks In Mexico

If you are a nature lover and party people, then Playa del Carmen is the perfect place for you. It is located along Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline.

It is a coastal resort town well-known for its palm-lined beaches and coral reefs. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling.

Playa offers a variety of eateries, from simple local fare to sophisticated fine dining establishments.


Landmarks In Mexico

If you want to discover Guerrero State and love to visit a fish market then you must visit Zihuatanejo. It is a perfect place to have fun in the ocean. Its white sand beach is lined by seafood restaurants, shops and bars. If you go further from the Centro area you will find a busy fish market, beach and narrow streets.

Further adventures include an open boat to cross the bay, walk on the Pier, snorkeling and day trip to Ixtapa. 

San Miguel de Allende

Landmarks In Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is situated in the center of Mexico in the state of Guanajuato. This Landmark in Mexico is increasing in popularity day by day because of its great atmosphere, excellent restaurants, and vibrant culture.

You can explore Fábrica La Aurora which is a place of art galleries and Mercado de Artesanías where you will find an arts and crafts market to pick up handmade goods.


Landmarks In Mexico

Zacatecas is a right choice for you if you are not a crowd-lover. A place with less crowd and authentic Mexico vibe. The architect here is tremendously attractive. The buildings are made up of pink limestone that gives the city the nickname Ciudad Rosada( the Pink City).

All you can witness here is a colonial city, presenting its old charm along with modern Mexican culture. The landmark in Mexico is worth visiting.


Landmarks In Mexico

Guanajuato is a bewitching mountain colonial town. It is famous for its Cervantino Festival of art that attracts tourists all over the world. Besides silver mines, there are many art colleges and universities which are highly populated. 

El Callejón del Beso (The Alley of the Kiss) is a network of narrow streets where the balconies are close enough to reach and kiss. It is the gastronomic heart of landmarks in  Mexico, that offers a variety of flavors and culinary tours.


Landmarks In Mexico

Humantla is situated near Mexico city, ia an interesting landmark due to its unique culture and history. Attractive spots include Muse De Templo Mayor, Chapultepec Castle, Zocalo.

You need only 1 to 2 days to fully explore the city. You can enjoy hot air balloon flights in some of the haciendas. Have an enjoyable and exciting time at Humantla.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Landmarks In Mexico

San Cristóbal de Las Casas has been a popular travelers’ destination for decades. It is the fourth largest municipality in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

You can explore many churches and temples. This landmark of Mexico comes to life at night when locals and tourists are walking and roaming around.

The Best Landmarks In Mexico- Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many amazing landmarks in Mexico. Whether you are in search of a secluded beach, a cultural experience or a party atmosphere, there are landmarks in Mexico to suit everyone! If you enjoyed reading this article about the landmarks in Mexico, I am sure that you will love these too-

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