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Key Haven- 13 fascinating facts

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Key Haven is a fascinating place to visit! But what makes this place so interesting and what do you need to know? Read on to find out…

Interesting things to know about Key haven

Imagine cycling across the coastal path to enjoy incredible views of Key Haven marshes, a vital bird reserve that boasts the Isle of Wight and Hurst Spit. Key Haven, a hamlet on the South coast of England, is a base for boat owners and open farmland.

You can find a wide variety of species, like Barn Owls, settled into an amazing unique habitat, including mudflats and salt marshes. Therefore, this small village with a pretty harbor draws tourists through its outstanding beauty and scenic views.

In this article, we have compiled important facts about Key Haven to make your holiday exceptional. So, keep reading till the end and get ready to catch breathtaking sites and popular tourist attractions here.

1. Milford-on-sea Beach – A Pebbly Beach with  Colourful Huts

The Milford-on-sea beach has an extensive seafront and holds two different locations for tourists called Hordle Cliff Beach and Hust Road, termed Key Haven Beach, locally.

From camping sites to hotels, Milford Beach has a lively and vibrant seaside atmosphere ideal for a perfect holiday, so cherish a fun day with a great selection of cafes.

This pebbly beach holds pretty and colorful beach houses with knockout views of golden shimmery sand and dazzling blue water where you can click amazing photos with a bright backdrop of huts.

Escape the worldly stress with a great swim or take your little friend to stretch its paws since the place is dog friendly. However, make sure to remain careful as the beach has no lifeguard facility due to low tides.

2. Key Haven Offers Various Activities for Tourists

Explore the stunning views of Key Haven while you experience the joy of canoeing or kayaking with your loved ones. This famous tourist spot offers extensive watersports options like dinghy sailing, powerboat trips, windsurfing, and windfoiling.

The instructors here are extraordinarily qualified and experienced, guiding you at every paddle stroke at a time. Apart from that, connect with nature by learning bushcraft or relish archery, low/high ropes, and infra-red shooting game back on dry land.

So get started with your new high adrenalin activity to make the most of your trip, all while indulging in fun activities offered by various companies at Key Haven.

3. Lymington Sea Water Baths – Has a Giant Seawater Pool

The lifeguarded, open-air, and family-friendly lido in Lymington, Hampshire, will take your vacation fun to the next level. Enjoy a number of activities in the chlorinated and filtered giant pool, or relax in a hot tub in case of cold.

The main activities at the pool include inflatable sessions with swings, slides, and ladders where you can challenge yourself to overcome inflatable obstacles, sandpit and splash area, zorbing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

As the name implies, tourists can absorb the benefits of a saltwater bath to soothe their sore muscles after a hectic day.

Consequently, these saltwater baths have gained national interest due to their health-giving and mineral-rich waters, so don’t miss the opportunity to nourish your body while you enjoy a good swim.

Source: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

4. Key Haven is a Mecca for Wildlife

The Key Haven Marshes Local Nature Reserve and Lymington covers an area of 738 hectares and incorporates a unique blend of several habitats. These include salt marshes, mudflats, saline lagoons, and coastal grazing marshes supporting rare birds and plants.

Following that, redshanks, curlews, merlins, black-headed gulls, wigeon, teal, shelduck, and terns can be found swooping through the sky. These birds feed on fish in the marshes rich in marine plants like sea aster, sea campions, and yellow-horned poppy, a summer flowering plant.

Hence, you can walk or cycle along the sea wall that runs between Kay Haven and Lymington to enjoy birdwatching during summer, autumn, and spring and capture fantastic wildlife photos. However, remember to stay off the marshes while walking so that sea birds remain undisturbed in their habitat.

5. Offers a Steady Ferry Ride to Hurst Castle

The leisurely ferry ride from Key Haven to Hurst Castle will be the highlight of your whole trip as it offers a fascinating glimpse of nature. Typically, the ride takes around 20 minutes, and tickets are purchased onboard on the day of your visit.

There is a whole fleet of ferry boats of different sizes, leaving every minute with friendly skippers. Apart from sightseeing, you can enjoy fishing too, as the staff on board helps tourists to make the most of the ferry ride on a pocket-friendly budget.

From experiencing the sight of seagulls flying in the air to witnessing gorgeous natural flora, the tranquil journey provides an unforgettable experience to visitors as they meander down the river.

6. A Guided Walk Session Is Provided at Key Haven

Get ready to dive into an adventurous walking fun that starts at the Key Haven green bus stop and offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the natural beauty of that region. The route provides stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the Needles, with rare birds flying around.

Furthermore, the knowledgeable and experienced guides accompany you throughout the walk on footpaths and trails.

As the walk proceeds, these guides will continuously educate you about the local flora and fauna, historical significance, and interesting landmarks along the way, like ancient trees or natural rock formations.

Hence, the activity suits people of all ages and interests and provides an informative experience you will surely remember. Don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes, especially for a longer route, to prevent sore legs.

7. The Wash House – A Friendly Spot with an Odd Decor

The Wash House, a traditional British pub, is a perfect spot to relax after a long day with your friends or family. Provided with cozy seating options both indoors and outdoors, you can have plenty of room to sit back and enjoy your favorite meal.

The atmosphere inside the popular eatery is always pleasant, with friendly staff suggesting their specialties from a diverse menu, including ciders and ales. Moreover, taste the light or hearty delicious snacks and bring out your inner foodie.

In addition, The Wash House also features live music and events throughout the year, so you can enjoy tasty food while humming along with local singers.

8. Key Haven Has E-Bike Service to Explore New Forest

13 fascinating facts about Key Haven

By exploring the coastline in Lymington and Milford-on-sea on an electronic bike by Jaunt e-bikes, you can engage your sense of adventure for next-level fun. These retro-styled electric bikes with chunky fat tires and power-assisted electric motors let you overcome the fear of pesky hills.

Enjoy easy and sweatless access to miles of off-road tracks, stunning beaches, quiet villages, and hundreds of miles of New Forest tracks. Additionally, the guides will show you the best routes so you can experience the beautiful scenic views without the stress of getting lost.

To add more fun to your biking experience, remember to stop by Daisy Tea Garden, which serves fresh coffee, lunch, and mouth-watering cakes before you head back to your destination.

9. Isle of Wight Reptilarium – A Small Licensed Zoo

Explore 30 different species arranged in four separate themed rooms, i.e., desert room, rain forest room, turtle temple, and nocturnal room at the Isle of Wight Reptilarium and Terrapin Sanctuary.

Hence, a collection of live reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates is exhibited at the mini zoo. From snails, cockroaches, and frogs to snakes and lizards, the site offers information about every animal alongside other activities like fossil dig and dressing up a box to keep them.

The small licensed zoo has an all-day entry, so you can visit it anytime while exploring the country park and other attractions. Additionally, the zoo has a small gift shop which is fully stocked with reptile-themed gifts, gemstones, and fossils so you can take back some memories.

10. Solent Way- A 60-mile Long Distance Footpath

The Solent Way runs from Milford-on-sea to Emsworth harbor, connected by a 60-mile long footpath divided into eight sections that include:

  • Milford on the sea to Lymington – 9 miles
  • Lymington to Beaulieu – 10 miles
  • Hythe to Beaulieu – 6 miles
  • Southampton to Hamble-Ie-Rice – 7 miles
  • Earsah to Lee-on-Solent – 7 miles
  • Lee-on-Solent to Portsmouth – 6 miles
  • Portsmouth to Hilsea – 7 miles
  • Hilsea to Emsworth – 8 miles

During your walk, you will witness quaint fishing villages, yacht marina, seafronts, saltings, and coastal marshes with picturesque views. Experience sunset in summer in Solent or watch the wild and lively seas in winter, as the Solent Way can be walked on all year long.

However, there are plenty of quick bites along the way, so you can stop to munch upon delicious cuisines and relax.

11. Key Haven Yacht Club- Offers an Exciting Sailing Experience

Located on one of the beautiful harbors of Solent, the Yacht Club is a perfect haven for tourists as they sail in small yachts and dinghies: the club features and warm and friendly atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

Moreover, activities like sailing excursions, powerboat charters, watersports lessons, and fishing trips are offered here. The venue also has various facilities like barbeque grills, shower/restroom facilities, and boat rental options so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Ideally, the sailing experience is perfect for experienced sailors and novices with multiple marinas or comfortable boat anchorages with helpful staff to assist you at every step.

Hence, the club appeals to anyone who enjoys being on the open sea and loves adventurous encounters.

12. A Wide Variety of Seafood is Served at Key Haven

With Key Haven’s famous eateries like Verveine Fishmarket Restaurant, The Haven Bar and Restaurant, and The Gun Inn, you can relish a variety of local fishermen’s catches.

An array of crustaceans like scallops, prawns, and lobsters are cooked with high-quality ingredients. Moreover, crabs like Dungeness or Atlantic Surf Clams are freshly cooked and served with vibrant seafood flavors while you enjoy great views of the surrounding landscape.

In addition, visitors can also experience traditional fishing fare while experiencing a fun trip around the city’s coastline to make the day more cheerful. So if you are going to Key Haven, don’t miss out on their fancy seafood restaurants for a lifetime experience.

13. Key Haven Was Previously a Fishing Village

As early as 1206, Key Haven used to be a port and a popular spot for fishermen since Roman times and was referred to as the “Jewel of Hampshire” by locals because of its beautiful scenery and breathtaking views.

The local economy evolved around this activity and still attracts a number of visitors from nearby areas all year long. Additionally, oyster farming was also done, which led the cottage industries to conduct salt production along with breeding programs.

However, as time passed, the waterfront adjusted to changing tides and boating technology, i.e., from oars and canvas-powered sailboats to steam trawlers. As a result, the trade has declined for many years, with tourism being the main attraction.

Summing Up

Key Haven draws tourists through its fantastic beauty and unlimited attractions, including wildlife, beaches, restaurants, and watersports, for an adrenaline rush. The boaty area also offers significant bird reserves and fabulous sunsets to be cherished by visitors.

You can walk or cycle along the coastal path that runs along sea defenses or enjoy a small picnic on the beautiful shores of Milford. Also, nature-loving tourists can have fun as the hamlet is full of rare animals and plants.

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