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13 Most Famous People From Kenya

Kenya has breathtaking landscapes, from sweeping savannahs to vibrant cities. Similar to these landscapes, the famous people from Kenya have breathtaking achievements. This article features the 13 most famous people from Kenya, who have become symbols of the nation’s diverse achievements. They are celebrated for their contributions to athletics, literature, science, and passionate social activism.…

16 Fascinating Facts About Lake Victoria 

There are so many fascinating facts about Lake Victoria. but what exactly makes this African lake so interesting? Read on to find out… Fascinating Facts About Lake Victoria  Located in East Africa, Lake Victoria is known as the largest lake in Africa, and the largest tropical lake in the world.  Victoria Lake stretches beyond 68,800…

10 interesting facts about the Maasai Tribe

The Maasai Tribe are tribal peoples located in Eastern Africa. They are famous the world over for their unique culture and are a popular ‘tourist attraction’ for travellers visiting the area. Personally, I find the tribe fascinating! So today I share with you 10 interesting facts about the Maasai Tribe! #1 The Maasai Tribe inhabit…

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