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So, you’re going to Jordan. It really is a country so rich in culture, history, beautiful scenery, tasty food and so much more. You’re probably now in the midst of planning your trip – writing packing lists and booking transfers, scouring Instagram for Petra photo inspiration and deciding which shoes will be most comfortable for walking around castle ruins. And one thing you might not have thought about is the Jordan Pass. So here’s what it is, why you need one and more…

Jordan pass

What is the Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass is an absolute necessity if you are heading to Jordan. It is a package that gives you pre-paid entry into over 40 tourist attractions around the country. For a set paid-in-advance fee, you won’t have to pay upon arrival and everything will be taken care of. The Jordan Pass also gives you access to digital downloads which are jam-packed with information about the tourist hotspots across Jordan.

GOOD TO KNOW: The Jordan Pass also waives the visa fee for tourist entry to the country, as long as you purchase the pass in advance and plan to stay at least three nights in Jordan.

Valid for two weeks from the first use, the Jordan Pass is an incredible way to make sure your trip to Jordan goes smoothly. You can buy the pass up to a year in advance, too!

How much is the Jordan Pass?

There are three different tiers when it comes to the Jordan Pass. The price difference is nothing major, but each one allows you to spend a different amount of time in Petra. Here are the different Jordan Passes…

Jordan Wanderer

This grants you a one day visit to Petra, your free entry to over 40 other tourist attractions, the free downloads and your visa. The Jordan Wanderer pass costs 70 JD, which is 99 USD or approximately 77 GBP.

Jordan Explorer

This tier of the Jordan Pass gets you all of what’s included in the Jordan Wanderer, but with two days in Petra. It will cost you 75 JD. This is 106 USD, or around 83 GBP.

Jordan Expert

Finally, the Jordan Expert includes everything from the other two tiers with three days in Petra. This level of pass will set you back 80 JD, 113 USD or 88 GBP.

Learn more about beautiful Petra in this video.

What tourist attractions are included?

There are over 40 attractions included in the Jordan Pass. Here is the entire list! Those with a * next to them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, too.

  • Petra*
  • Jerash
  • Wadi Rum*
  • Amman Citadel
  • Aljoun Castle
  • Umm Qays
  • Qasr Al-Azraq
  • Quseir Amra*
  • Karak Castle
  • Pella
  • AlHallabat
  • Umm Ar-Rasas*
  • Umm Qays Museum
  • Al-Hamimah
  • Shobak Castle
  • Umm al-Jimmal
  • Museum of Popular Traditions (Amman)
  • Jordan Archaeological Museum
  • Aqaba Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Museum
  • As-Salt Museum
  • St. Elijah’s Hill (Tal Mar Elias)
  • Dar Al-Saraya Museum (Irbid)
  • Karak Museum
  • Iraq Al-Amir
  • Qasr Al-Kharranah
  • Roman Theatre Amman
  • Qasr Al-Mushatta
  • Qasr Hammam Al-Sarh
  • As-Salt Historical Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Park
  • Church of the Apostles
  • Burnt Palace (Madaba)
  • Lowest Place on Earth Museum
  • Aqaba Castle
  • Rehab/Al-Mafraq

Is the Jordan Pass worth it?

If you are heading to Jordan and want to get on with some sightseeing, then the pass is absolutely worth it. Not only does it save you money in the long run, especially if you’re travelling for a couple of weeks (or doing a road trip), it also takes the hassle out of making sure you allocate cash for each place you want to see.

The Jordan Pass also means you don’t have to pay the visa fee if you’re staying longer than three nights. You’re saving even more money on what could otherwise be quite a pricey trip. Simply display your Jordan Pass at the airport on arrival, and you won’t have to pay the visa fee. The pass in itself is NOT your visa, but it does help you save on the cost.

TOP TIP: when you buy your Jordan Pass you will get an e-ticket with a QR code, but do print it out too. This is because at some attractions, they are unable to read or scan movie devices.

Remember, children under 12 get free entry into these tourist attractions anyway. So don’t bother buying one for your kids, as that will be a waste of money! 

Make sure you bring your passport or ID out with you to each tourist attraction. Alongside the Jordan Pass, you need to show valid ID or pay the full entry price. So it won’t be worth it if you forget your ID…

You can save up to 150 USD or 117 GBP by purchasing the pass before heading out there. So, when all is said and done, the Jordan Pass is definitely worth it.

The best things to see in Jordan

The full list above is really full – there is so much to see in Jordan, and the pass lets you explore it all. Some of the highlights Karak Castle (a crusader castle), the Church of the Apostles, and Petra. Unfortunately the pass does not include access to the Petra by Night display. However, it’s well worth getting tickets to it regardless because it is absolutely spectacular!

There is just so much to see in this incredible country. For those who love history, archaeology and culture, Jordan is amazing. Around every corner there is something interesting, something old and something breathtakingly beautiful.

That’s everything you need to know about the Jordan Pass. You should definitely look into it when planning your trip to Jordan – save time and money when it comes to visiting some of the coolest tourist attractions in the east.

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