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50 best jobs that allow you to travel the world

There are many jobs that allow you to travel around the world which are perfect for travel enthusiasts! Jobs that allow you to travel come in a variety of shapes and sizes- some involve moving to another country, some involve getting specific qualifications and some require an adventurous spirit! In this article I will introduce you to the 50 best jobs that allow you to travel the world…. are you ready? Keep scrolling….

Which jobs that allow you to travel the world are right for you?

virtual tourism

As I mentioned already, there are many, many jobs that allow you to travel the world. But that doesn’t mean that all of these jobs are suitable for everyone who wants to travel! In fact, assessing which jobs that allow you to travel the world are best for you can be a daunting endeavour! But don’t fret- that is what I have written this article for- to help guide you about which jobs that allow you to travel the world might be best for you and which might not.

The first thing that you should do is to think about what type of job you want. Do you want a job that involves travelling regularly, like working as Cabin Crew? Or do you want a job that allows you to live in another destination, like working as a Teacher at an international school overseas? Or perhaps you like the idea of staying at home but travelling regularly during your time off? Or maybe you want the freedom to go where you want where you want, meaning that some type of digital nomad position would work best for you.

To make it easier I have separated this article into four sections-

  • Jobs that allow you to travel frequently (but you might not control where)
  • Jobs that allow you to live in another destination
  • Jobs that you can undertake while travelling (where ever you want to go)
  • Jobs that give you lots of holidays to travel in

If already know what type of job that allows you to travel you are looking for then skip ahead to the relevant section. If not, then keep scrolling and see what takes your fancy!

Jobs that allow you to travel frequently (but you might not control where)

There are many jobs that allow you to travel frequently as part of the deal. However, it is important to note that whilst these jobs allow you to travel the world, you will not usually be able to choose where or when you go! Lets take a look at some of the most common jobs that allow you to travel frequently-


Being a Pilot is a great job that allows you to travel!

A Pilot is responsible for the safe operation of an aircraft. He/she will plan the route and communicate with Flight Traffic Control to safely navigate the aircraft from one destination to another. There are different ranks for pilots, most will begin as a First Officer and some will then work towards becoming a Captain.

Training to be a pilot is a barrier for many people as the costs to do so are very expensive (£100,000+). There are no student loans available for such training, which means that many young people will rely on their parents to help fund their training. In some instances there are airlines that will help fund your training, but these opportunities are few and far between sadly.

Requirements- Be a fully qualified pilot with current license to fly

Salary range- £40,000-£80,000 per annum

Useful resource- Aviation Job Search

Cabin Crew

Working as Cabin Crew is a great way to see the world! I worked as Cabin Crew and loved it and I know that it is a dream job for many. Working as Cabin Crew is a work hard, play hard, kind of job- the night flights, jet lag and demanding passengers can be challenging at times, but this is all forgotten about when you get to lay by the pool or explore an exciting new destination once your shift is over.

Cabin Crew, also referred to as Flight Attendants, are responsible for the safety of passengers onboard an aircraft. Cabin Crew will undertake intense training on how to deal with accidents and emergencies and will be tested on their knowledge regularly. They are also responsible for providing customer service to passengers and will assist with boarding and disembarkation, serving food and drinks and selling duty-free items.

Some Cabin Crew jobs allow more travel than others. For example, a low cost airline may involve lots of ‘there and back’ flights, meaning that you return home most evenings, whereas other airlines may involve long layovers in Singapore, Sydney or South Africa, to name just a few examples.

Requirements- Customer service skills and experience

Salary range- £15,000-£35,000

Useful resource- All Flying Jobs

Jobs in travel and tourism. jobs that allow you to travel

Worker at an event/ festival that moves around

Have you ever heard the saying ‘run away with the circus’? Well, you literally can if that’s what you want!

There are many jobs at events and festivals and if you are in search of jobs that allow you to travel the world then you should opt for one that moves around, such as a circus, a music tour or a sporting event such as Formula One. There are many options for employment such as entertainers, hospitality workers (e.g. bar staff or waiters), administration staff and customer service staff (e.g. ticket sales).

Requirements- Depends on the exact job

Useful resource- Circus Talk


Being a performer for an organisation that goes on tour frequently is a great job that allows you to travel too. You could be a singer, a musician, a dancer or an acrobat, for example. So, if you have a specific skill and you are interested in jobs that allow you to travel, this could be the career for you!

Requirements- Specific skills demonstrated to a high level

Useful resource- Entertainers Worldwide

Cruise ship worker

If you want your pick of jobs that allow you to travel then cruise just might be the industry for you! There are a wealth of jobs on cruise ships, from engineers to entertainers to customer service and lots more.

Did you know that some cruise ships are the size of small cities? Yep- that means there are a LOT of jobs! For a comprehensive list check out my article outlining 99 exciting jobs in travel and tourism.

Requirements- Depends on the specific role

Useful resource- Tourism Teacher

Travel Writer

Travel writing is an important job in travel and tourism. Whether you are writing a travel-based novel, an informative blog post, an article for a magasine or a guidebook, there is a big demand for travel writing.

Travel writing isn’t quite what it used to be though- it is pretty competitive and permanent writing jobs are not always that easy to come by. Instead, many travel writers work on a freelance basis, meaning that they are self-employed and they contract their work to various parties such as magasines or websites.

Requirements- Excellent writing skills, experience and qualifications in journalism

Salary range- £15,000- £50,000 per annum

Useful resource- Smart Blogger


If you like being at sea then you might want to consider becoming a sailor!

A sailor is any person who assists in the operation of a boat or watercraft. Traditionally sailors would work on a boat with sails, however modern sailors often pilot machine-operated ships, or simply assist in their operation.

Requirements- Mechanical skills, knowledge and experience of sailing

Useful resource- Sea Career

jobs that allow you to travel the world


A Consultant is a person who will provide expert guidance and advice. Consultants are very knowledgeable in their field and can command high salaries as a result. Tourism Consultants may work for Governments or for specific organisations and will often travel from place to place as part of their work.

Requirements- Expert knowledge in the relevant field

Salary range- £40,000- £100,000 per annum

Useful resource- Acorn Tourism

Lorry Driver

I bet you didn’t think of a Lorry Driver when you you were considering what are the best jobs that allow you to travel did you? Well, in actual fact Lorry Driver do get to travel, a lot! You probably won’t be driving from one side of the world to another, and it is certainly a form is slow tourism, but you will get to see many different places as a Lorry Driver.

Requirements- Relevant drivers license

Useful resource- Indeed

Military worker

Becoming part of the military often provides you with travel opportunities. Travel could be to any number of destinations, but often includes travel to places that may not be safe to visit otherwise, such as countries which are at war.

There are a range of positions in the military and you don’t have to be a soldier! You could join the military as a Nurse, HR Assistant, a musician or as technical support, for example.

Requirements- Meet the military requirements in your particular country

Useful resource- Army.Mod

Deckhand on a cargo ship

When people think of jobs that allow you to travel they often think about cruise ships, but many people forget about cargo ships! Cargo is HUGE business around the world and whilst cargo ships might not be as luxurious as some of the major cruise liners, they do offer fabulous opportunities to travel the world as part of your job.

A Deckhand on a cargo ship will steer the ship, look out for other ships and make sure the ship is on course. They will also help dock the ship when it lands. They may help load or unload cargo and may keep track of cargo during the ship’s journey.

Requirements- Sailing skills

Useful resource- Maritime Union


Auditors come in all shapes and sizes and will often travel to various locations to undertake their work.

An auditor is essentially a person who is authorised to review and verify the accuracy of business records and ensure compliance. Auditors could work for the Government or for a private business.

Requirements- Strong knowledge of what they are auditing

Useful resource- Careers in Audit


Working as a Geologist is one of the most unusual jobs that allow you to travel, but also one of the most obvious, if you think about it! Of course, a Geologist has to travel to sites that are of geological interest, and these could be anywhere around the world!

Not sure exactly what a Geologist does? They study the composition, structure and other physical attributes of the earth, locate and advise on the extraction of minerals, petroleum and ground water, and detect, monitor and forecast seismic, magnetic, electrical, thermal and oceanographic activity.

Requirements- Qualifications in geology

Useful resource- Earthworks

Event Planner

An event planner is someone who plans events! They will coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events, such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, conferences etc. They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate many other details.

Requirements- Experience in event planning

Salary range- £22,000-£40,000 per annum

Useful resource- Caterer

Jobs in travel and tourism

Jobs that allow you to live in another destination

Some of the most common jobs that allow you to travel require you to live temporarily in another country. This can be a really cool way to travel and see the world. It allows you to fully immerse yourself into life in the new destination as well as giving you a platform to explore areas close-by.

Au Pair

One of the most popular jobs that allows you to travel for younger people is working an Au Pair. This is when you travel to a foreign country and live with a host family. You are offered pocket money and free boarding in exchange for doing light chores around the home and taking care of any young children.

Whilst working as an Au Pair most people will learn the local language and they may attend language classes. They will also learn about the local culture and way of life. Their work commitments will not usually be more than around 20 hours each week.

Requirements- Flexible attitude, ability to adapt to different living circumstances

Useful resource-


Working overseas as a Nanny is another great job that will allow you to travel. A Nanny is a childcare professional, so unlike working as an Au Pair, you will need some childcare qualifications. However, this also means that working as a Nanny pays more!

When you work as a Nanny you will either live with your host family or travel to their home each day. You will take care of the children and complete household chores.

Requirements- Childcare qualifications

Useful resource- Adventure Nannies

English Teacher abroad

There are many jobs that allow you to travel the world that involve teaching English. To teach English overseas you will usually need a TEFL, CELTA or DELTA qualification and many jobs will require you to have a degree too (this usually depends on the visa requirements of the country that you plan to work in).

It can be relatively easy to get a job as an English Teacher abroad because there are so many positions around the world. Some destinations, like Thailand, are popular because of the tourist attractions, attractive culture and laidback lifestyle- but they don’t offer the attractive salaries that destinations like China and Saudi Arabia do.

Requirements- English teaching qualification

Useful resource-

International School Teacher

Another one of the best jobs that allow you to travel is working as an International School Teacher. International schools often work to the same teaching curriculum that you are familiar with in your home country but with much more attractive packages that typically includes free accommodation, free medical care, travel allowances and often a competitive tax free salary!

By the way- did you know that I work as an International Teacher? If you want to see what life is like for me follow me on Instagram!

Requirements- Teaching qualification e.g. PGCE

Useful resource- TES

Foreign Service Worker

There are plenty of jobs that allow you to travel in the Foreign Service sector. These jobs typically involve you representing or performing a service for your country overseas. You could work for the consulate, as a Political Officer, a Diplomatic Officer, Economic Officer or Management Officer, just to name a few examples.

Requirements- Relevant training as per your specific role

Useful resource- FCO

Aid worker

There are also many opportunities to live and work overseas as an aid worker. Aid workers will usually be sent to destinations that require some kind of aid, whether this be the result of poor living conditions, natural disasters, war or some other issue that has negatively impacted the population. There are a range of positions from nursing to relief work to project managers.

Requirements- Experience in the charity or development sector

Useful resource- Charity Job


If you can speak more than one language then working as a Translator might just be the best of the jobs that allow you to travel! The task is generally pretty simple- you translate verbal or written content from one language into another… and you can get a pretty decent salary for doing this too!

Requirements- Excellent language skills in multiple languages

Useful resource- Gengo

Hospitality- Bar Worker, Chef, Waiter/Waitress etc

There are many jobs that allow you to travel in the hospitality sector. Whether you work behind the bar in a nightclub in Ibiza or as a chef in a top restaurant in Barcelona, there are plenty of jobs to choose from.

Requirements- Customer service experience

Useful resource- Caterer

jobs that allow you to travel the world

Tour Guide

Another one of the best jobs that allow you to travel is working as a Tour Guide. Tour Guides may be employed by a large company or they may work for themselves. Their main job is to take tourists on tours of particular areas or tourist attractions.

Recently I have seen a number of Travel Bloggers and Influencers who have branched out into tour guiding too- they simply recommended the tour to their followers and invite them to join along for a fee!

Requirements- Knowledge of the local area

Useful resource- Indeed

Yoga Instructor

There are jobs as Yoga Instructors all over the world. I will never forget the time I did a week course of candle-lit yoga on Gili Air– it was such an amazing experience. And do you know what would be even more amazing? Living and working there!

Requirements- Experienced yogi

Useful resource- Yoga Travel Jobs


You might not think of working overseas as a Nurse, but actually it is very common! There are plenty of Nurse jobs that allow you to travel, from Dubai to Australia to the Maldives! The opportunities are endless…

Requirements- Nursing training and qualifications

Useful resource- Continental Nurse


WWOOFING (worldwide working on organic farms) is a popular way to prolong your travels when you are on a budget. Essentially, you work on a farm and provide labour in exchange for free board. This is especially popular in destinations like Australia and the USA where long term travel can be expensive. If you want to learn more about WWOOFING click here.

Requirements- Motivation and ability to work on a farm, join the WWOOFING network

Useful resource- Tourism Teacher


Volunteer tourism is also a very big industry. If you are willing to be a volunteer there are many jobs that allow you to travel from teaching English in Mongolia to sports coaching in Uganda to turtle conservation in Costa Rica. It’s great for your CV too!

Requirements- Method of funding your travels (because the position will be unpaid)

Useful resource- Tourism Teacher

Camp worker

Holiday camps are popular in the USA and many people will travel to work for the camps each summer (and during other major holidays to some extent). There are many different jobs at these camps ranging from sports coaching to entertainment to cleaners and cooks.

Requirements- Depends on the specific role

Useful resource- Camp America

Sports Instructor

If you have a specific sport that you are skilled at and you want to travel the world why not teach people your sport overseas? There are plenty of jobs around the world that offer the opportunity to live and work abroad such as a Ski Instructor, a diving Instructor or a Surf Instructor.

Requirements- Be skilled at your sport with an Instructor qualification

Useful resource- One World 365

jobs that allow you to travel the world

Jobs that you can undertake while travelling (where ever you want to go)

If you are the kind of person who wants to be on then move regularly then you won’t want a job that will tie you down in one place for too long. So for you, the best jobs that allow you to travel are the ones that you can take with you! Here are some of the best jobs that you can undertake while you are travelling-

Online English Teacher

There are many jobs as Online English Teachers offered. Usually this will involve teaching kids who are in China as this is by far the biggest market so be aware of the time difference for this.

However, do note that China has had a recent crackdown on the amount of tuition companies that can legally operate and so some online tuition businesses have recently ceased trading. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of opportunities in this industry and these can be great jobs that allow you to travel because you can generally pick your own hours and location- perfect!

Requirements- English teaching qualification

Useful resource- VIP Kid

Virtual Assistant

There are more jobs as Virtual Assistants nowadays than there have ever been before and this can is a great example of a digital nomad job. A Virtual Assistant will undertake basic administrative duties for their employer… from the comfort of their laptop.

Requirements- Motivation to work independently

Useful resource- Upwork


Working as a Blogger is another one of the best jobs that allow you to travel because you can blog from any place any time! However, don’t think that Bloggers have a luxury life all day every day- building and maintaining a website takes a lot of work and you will spend far more hours on your laptop then you will by the hotel pool!

Requirements- Motivation, writing skills

Useful resource- The Minimalists


Working as a Vlogger is another one of the best jobs that allows you to travel the world because this also can be done from any place any time! However, as with blogging, don’t expect this to be an easy job- you need top notch videography skills and the confidence to share your knowledge and experiences publicly with the world.

Requirements- Videography skills

Useful resource- Shift


An Influencer is anyone who has ‘influence’. This could be someone with a large following on social media, a Blogger or a Vlogger or even a celebrity. Influencers will often make money through marketing- they promote a product or service to their followers in exchange for a fee.

By the way- I completed an academic research project a couple of years ago where I researched salaries, duties etc of Influencers- you can read the results of the study here.

Requirements- Ability to ‘influence’, usually through social media

Useful resource-

Where to find a job in travel and tourism. jobs that allow you to travel the world

Airbnb Host

As I explained in my post about the biggest jobs in travel and tourism, being an Airbnb host is becoming extremely popular. All you need is enough capital to purchase your first property and then you can reinvest your earnings into buying more properties until you are enough income to live on.

You can learn more about the Airbnb business model here.

Requirements- Start up fund

Useful resource- Nerd Wallet

Website and Graphic Design

If you work in the website or graphic design business then you are laughing when it comes to jobs that allow you to travel! These careers, where you design websites or graphics, are done predominantly from your computer, meaning that you can work from anywhere in the world!

Requirements- Skills in website or graphic design

Useful resource- Techno Jobs

Online Gambler

Yes, you did read that correctly- there IS such a thing as being a professional Online Gambler! There are people who do this from all corners of the globe and if you know what you are doing you can make a decent profit too!

Requirements- Highly skilled in gambling

Useful resource- Sam Priestley


Dropshipping is another career that has become more popular in recent years. The idea is simple- you buy products for a low price (usually using a company like Ali Express) and you sell them on your online store for a profit.

Requirements- Businesses-minded, marketing skills

Useful resource- Shopify


Another one of the best jobs that allows you to travel is working as a Photographer. You could work as a travel photographer or you could photograph something else, but as long as the job involves travelling, you’re on to a winner here!

Requirements- Photography skills

Useful resource- Arts Jobs

Online Travel Agent

Online Travel Agents have also boomed in recent years. Gone are the days of walking into a high street store and browsing through holiday brochures, now all we need to do is Google our chosen destination and click book! Nowadays there are many Online Travel Agents who operate from home or from anywhere in the world they choose!

Requirements- Knowledge of GDS systems

Useful resource- Travel Counsellors


Do you own a property? If yes then it is simple- just rent it out and live off of the income! This can be especially lucrative if your property is based in an expensive area such as London or if you own multiple properties.

Requirements- Property ownership

Useful resource- Which

Remote Marketing Assistant

A lot of marketing has moved online and thus there are many remote positions in marketing. Whether you are a Social Media Manager or a Marketing Assistant, some roles are 100% online these days, meaning that they are perfect jobs that allow you to travel!

Requirements- Marketing qualifications

Useful resource- We Work Remotely

Digital Content Creator

There is a lot of digital content in the world these days- whether you are a Blogger, you write e-books or you develop teaching content online for schools, there is a wealth of opportunities in digital content creation.

Requirements- Digital skills

Useful resource- Digital Marketing Institute

Web/Software Developer

There are so many apps, websites, software etc and someone needs to develop them! These roles are almost entirely online, which make them the perfect jobs that allow you to travel the world!

Requirements- IT skills

Useful resource- Target Jobs

jobs that allow you to travel the world


I couldn’t write an article outlining all of the jobs that allow you to travel the world without including a reference to stocks and crypto! There are people who make trading their jobs- they get to know the market well and strategically trade at times that will make the maximum profit.

Requirements- Expert knowledge of stocks and/or crypto currency

Useful resource- Block Chain Council

Jobs that give you lots of holidays to travel

And last but not least we have the jobs that give you lots of holidays to travel in. This list is a bit smaller than the others, but worth considering nonetheless. So here are the best jobs that allow you to travel in the holidays-

jobs that allow you to travel the world


Working as a Teacher rewards you with generous holidays. Whilst the reality is that you will probably be working through some of these holidays, you do have the luxury of choosing where you do this! Lesson planning by the pool? Don’t mind if I do…

Requirements- Teaching qualifications and license

Useful resource- TES

University Lecturer

Working as a University Lecturer also gives you ample time off to travel. Whilst the holidays probably won’t be as generous as a school teacher, you will probably have around a few weeks a year to travel. Plus, you may travel abroad for conferences, research and international collaboration too.

Requirements- PhD or higher level degree

Useful resource-

Resort Representative

A Resort Representative, also often referred to as a Holiday Rep is a fantastic job that allows you to travel, this is because not only do you usually get to live in a foreign country but you also get part of the year off if you are based in a seasonal destination. Work the ski season and save up to travel all summer or work the summer season and travel all winter- this is the perfect job that allows you to travel for some!

Requirements- Customer service skills

Useful resource- TUI

The best jobs that allow you to travel- further reading

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