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15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

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The islands in the Bahamas are not only beautiful, but they are also extremely interesting! Whether you are planning a trip to the islands in the Bahamas or you just want to know more about the area, you will find the 15 facts outlined in this post incredible for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Read on…

Facts About the Islands in the Bahamas

Are you planning a getaway to a sun-soaked destination surrounded by tranquil waters and natural wonders? Then, islands in the Bahamas are calling you out with 15 incredible facts waiting to be uncovered.

From being declared the Pirate’s Republic to boasting Pablo Escobar’s shipwreck as a diving site, there is a lot of history associated with them. Moreover, the display of nature’s magical creations is also at its best on islands in the Bahamas.

Let’s dig deeper into what these islands in the Bahamas have in store, making them one of the ideal destinations for vacations.

15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

1. Grand Bahama – Once Known as the Pirate’s Republic

Grand Bahama and its surrounding water bodies were a favorite spot for pirates long ago. Its strategic location was the key that helped them keep an eye on merchant ships traveling along the Golden Road.

Considering this, a famous pirate, Benjamin Hornigold declared Grand Bahama the Pirate’s Republic. This was done when he passed through Bahamas’ capital Nassau which was inhabited by only 1,100 people, of which almost 1,000 were pirates.

Although it had a controversial past, Grand Bahama is currently one of the most popular islands in the Bahamas. This place will welcome you wholeheartedly with gorgeous natural wonders and world-class architecture.

Besides enjoying strolls by its turquoise beaches, you can also explore several spots to satisfy your inner adventurer. The Garden of the Groves, Lucayan National Park, and Cooper’s Castle are to name a few.

2. Island of Bimini – Boasts an Ideal Location Next-Door to Florida

15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

One of the most incredible facts about islands in the Bahamas is their ideal location right below Florida. Of all, the pocket-sized Bimini Island is the closest, located just 80 km away from the city’s eastern coast.

Besides this geographical edge, Bimini Island boasts multiple activities and places for tourist attractions. For instance, you can go fishing in its waters with higher chances of capturing bonefish, amberjack, blue marlin, and tuna.

You can even swim up to sharks while visiting here in winter. Moreover, by diving along the Victory Reef or Continental Shelf, it’s possible to witness bull sharks and great hammerheads as they travel close to the Gulf Stream.

Other than indulging in sea life adventures, there is a lot more to explore, like the stretch of three white sand beaches in North Bimini.

3. Long Island – Features the World’s Second Deepest Blue Hole

Islands in the Bahamas hold several natural feats, and the world’s second-deepest blue hole is one of them. Nestled right next to the Long Island shore, the Dean’s Hole is a massive marine cavern that is almost 660 feet deep.

Many free divers come here to attempt to break water-related world records. You can also give it a try if you are feeling too adventurous. Otherwise, knee-deep swimming on the shore is also a good idea to just relax.

How can we miss the chain of breathtaking beaches along Long Island? From Turtle Cove to Salt Pond and Bonacorde Beach, there is a huge list to visit if you want to have fun by the coastline.

Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of sunset and sunrise with the soft music by spectacular waves. Moreover, nothing could beat savoring delicious local cuisine at the shore-side eateries to end your beach day trip.

4. Harbour Island – A Pink Sands Beach Hub

15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

If you want to see how beautiful nature’s artwork can get, Harbour Island is one of the places that should be on your bucket list. While this place offers the usual fishing, diving, and sunbathing opportunities, its pink sand beaches are what sets it unique amongst other islands in the Bahamas.

This beautiful, eye-pleasing color comes from coral insects having pink and red shells. Unfortunately, you can’t see them with the naked eye as these organisms are microscopic. But the color that sand gets due to their presence is a worthy sight to witness.

Furthermore, Harbour Island is not all about pink beaches, as its Dunmore Town also steals the limelight. You can take a golf cart ride around the region to explore its old-fashioned architecture, including the pastel-colored cottages.

5. New Providence Island – Houses 70% of the Country’s Population

New Providence tops the islands in the Bahamas, both in terms of population and tourist accommodation. Almost 70% of the country’s citizens reside here, and it also shelters more than 2 million 60 thousand visitors annually.

Visitors do come here to enjoy the beaches, but its forts take the credit for being a major source of tourist attraction. Fort Charlotte, named after King George III’s wife, offers picturesque views with several cannons, underground channels, and a drawbridge.

Moreover, you can also explore a unique fort built with local limestone known as Fort Montague. It has an interesting history as the British used it to defend themselves against invaders from Spain.

6. Big Major Cay – The Swimming Pigs Island

15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

Big Major Cay is one of the iconic islands in the Bahamas, having a colony of friendly pigs swimming around in the shallow waters. Nobody knows the origin of these creatures, but tourists visiting this island love interacting and capturing pictures with them.

After a wholesome swimming pigs tour, you can visit the Staniel Cay Yacht Club to sip on your favorite drink while enjoying gorgeous views of the marina. Located close to this island is the Thunderball Grotto, where you can experience a plethora of water adventures.

In addition, tourists love reaching this tiny rock island via underwater caves and snorkel to explore its hidden charm and unique marine life.

7. Paradise Island – A Favorite Hollywood Filming Destination

15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

Besides being a favorite tourist spot, Paradise Island also enjoys the love of Hollywood movie producers. In fact, you will be surprised to know that many of the movies you watched have underwater scenes shot at this tropical destination. And if you are a James Bond fan, you will relate to this the most.

The backdrops of his many movies, including The Spy Who Loved Me, Never Say Never Again, and Casino Royale were set in Oceans Club on this island. The club enjoys an ideal location between calm waters and lush greenery.

What is worth exploring here is the beautiful landscape of Versailles Gardens, filled with different statues. Meanwhile, you can also discover the light pink bushes of blooming bougainvillea, one of the most pleasing sights for the eyes.

8. Egg Island – Boasts a Crescent-Shaped Beach

The next fact on our list is related to one of the islands in the Bahamas that has a simple yet pretty, unique name. Egg Island is uninhabited but attracts tourists from all over the world for several reasons.

Firstly, it has a crescent-shaped beach, the highlight of this island. Then, a protective reef covers the water body, and behind it is a perfect swimming spot with waters only a few meters deep. If not swimming, then you can also sightsee the marine life here.

It’s common for tourists to wonder about the origin of this island’s name. There are two theories for this, one being people traveling from nearby regions to collect chicken eggs. But since no hens are on this island, it’s probably a myth. The other theory, which is more believable, claims that it was once a hub of local seabird eggs and got its name from there.

9. Norman’s Cay – Home to Pablo Escobar’s Plane Wreck

Norman’s Cay interests the tourists visiting the islands in the Bahamas for multiple reasons. But its history associated with narcotics king Pablo Escobar is a major attraction. During the second world, his aircraft, supposedly carrying cocaine, crashed on Norman Cay’s southern end. Now known as Staniel Cay, this plane wreck serves as a popular divers’ hub.

Once you have had enough of the diving adventure, the white powdery beach of Sandals Emerald Bay awaits you. You can simply stroll by the coastline or take a dip in its turquoise waters; whatever you do will take you away from your daily life’s tiring hustles.

10. Stocking Island – Contains an Underwater Mystery Cave

Exuma, a chain of 365 islands in the Bahamas, houses Stocking Island, famous for its underwater cave. This mysterious natural wonder is located near the Kavalli house. The waters surrounding the cave teem with beautiful fishes, but you can only enjoy their views as fishing is prohibited in the area.

The calm and crystal clear waters serve as a perfect spot for swimming. But it’s only for the brave ones, as some sharks are reportedly roaming around.

Other than this cave, Stocking Island is also known for being one of the two Stromatolite centers in the world. These million-year-old fossilized bacterias live here in their natural habitat, and you’ll have the perfect chance to interact with them up close.

11. Shroud Cay – Contains a Natural Washing Machine

One of the most secluded islands in the Bahamas, Shroud Cay, boasts the finest display of nature, the Washing Machine. It is basically a slow-moving river that is shallow enough to float you down without the need for paddling or exertion.

The term washing machine originates from the fact that waters in the Shroud Cay gently swirl, spinning around the swimmers from one part of the beach to another. You can visit here by boat via a passage of mangrove canals.

Moreover, this uninhabited island is also a common stopover for sailboats. As a tourist, you can explore the diverse beaches in the region or even climb up the hills for picturesque seabed views.

12. Plana Cays – Home to Extinct Bahamian Animal Species

The Bahamian Hutia, a rabbit-sized rodent, was long considered extinct until 1966. It was when a Zoologist discovered this animal species at Plana Cays, a group of two islands in the Bahamas. So, if you visit here, don’t forget to look through the bushes, as it’s where these little creatures reside.

Another incredible fact about Plana Cays is that many historians consider it the spot of Columbus’s first landfall. But there is no solid evidence to support this claim. Entry to this island is free, but it’s only accessible via water. To reach here, you must book a charter or a boat from Acklins’ mainland.

13. Abacos Island – Boasts the Country’s Most Visited Lighthouse

15 incredible facts about the islands in the Bahamas

You can find several lighthouses on the islands in the Bahamas, each with a rich history, but the Hope Town Lighthouse in Elbow Cay attracts the highest number of tourists. This 89-foot landmark has almost 101 steps to climb to reach the top. Your efforts will be worth it when you discover how amazing things appear from the lighthouse’s peak.

Originally it was known as the Elbow Reef Lighthouse but got the other name for being a part of the charming Hope Town on Abacos Island. When in the town, you will have several options to tour around, including the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum, Byrie Patterson Memorial Garden, etc.

14. Castaway Cay – Disney’s Private Island

Embarking on a Caribbean cruise with Disney, you will get to visit Castaway Cay. Although this region is nothing fancy like a Disney theme park, it will meet your expectations for a peaceful getaway.

As soon as you get off the cruise, beautiful beaches with colorful umbrellas await you. Beneath each umbrella are two lounges and two beach chairs for tourists to comfortably sit by the coastline on sunny evenings.

This might seem like a casual beach day but wait till you spot Disney characters on the island. Their presence will give your trip a magical touch, and you can capture pictures with them to store this memorable experience in the eyes of your camera.

15. Andros Island – Has World’s Third Largest Barrier Reef

Out of all the islands in the Bahamas, Andros Island is surely a heaven for marine life lovers. There is a 124 to 190 miles long barrier reef on the island’s eastern side, which is one of its major sources of tourist attractions.

Divers and snorkelers from all around the world visit here to witness sharks, manta rays, bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, and hawksbill turtles. Another reason behind the uniqueness of this natural wonder is its rare depth of 6,000 feet. Despite being this deep, much of the reef is still visible above the surface.

Wrapping Up

The beauty of the islands in the Bahamas is not limited to tranquil waters, sandy beaches, and lush vegetation. Instead, several incredible facts are associated with them, some of which might have even surprised you.

From diving into the world’s second deepest blue hole to exploring marine life in the third largest barrier reef, there is a long list of activities to explore here.

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