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13 Fascinating Facts About the Islands in Micronesia

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The islands in Micronesia are absolutely fascinating. But why? In this article I explain just that, keep reading to learn all about the fascinating islands in Micronesia…

The Fascinating Islands in Micronesia

islands in Micronesia

Seeking a unique vacation experience? Then look no further than the islands in Micronesia. Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Micronesia is a tropical paradise featuring more than 600 islands with infinite adventures.

These islands offer a wealth of fascinating facts, ranging from their rich history and culture to their picturesque landscapes. Read through this article as we take you on a beautiful journey of exploring 13 fascinating facts about the islands in Micronesia. We are sure these facts will leave you in awe and make you want to fly there right now!

1. Adventurous Terrains to Explore

Have you been on a trip and witnessed all kinds of terrains there all at once? Never right? But guess what? Micronesian islands have covered you all. The availability of almost all kinds of terrains is one of the fascinating facts about the islands in Micronesia.

These beautiful yet adventurous terrains can range from high mountains to coral atolls and volcanic outcroppings. No matter what kind of landscape you want to explore, the islands of Micronesia have them all.

Micronesian islands are located in the western pacific ocean, and because of this reason, it enjoys a number of geographical advantages. Not only are these islands loved by hikers, but voyage sports lovers equally adorn them.

If you are someone who has a deep love for lush greenery, you can head toward Pohnpei Island. Here you can come across some of the most diverse native plants. However, if you are searching for some rare mangroves, Yap island can be your safe haven.

2. Peaceful Getaway with Zero Hustle Bustle

One lesser-known fact about the islands of Micronesia that attracts tourists there is how secluded it is. You might have come across islands that are full of life. Indeed the hustle and bustle can be good, but if you want to enjoy some peaceful time, the Micronesian islands will surely serve you right.

Their secluded location gives them a distinct advantage in terms of peace over other islands. You could relax on the sandy beaches without disturbance or hike around the islands where nature is your only companion.

But you will still be experiencing hospitality while staying on the island of Micronesia. Besides being peaceful, these islands are among the most friendly islands in the world. And it also makes these islands a perfect destination for a family vacation because why not have some quality time with your loved one away from worldly happenings?

3. The Island of Pohnpei – a Tiny Village on the Micronesian Islands

Ever heard of a tiny village on an island that unfolds amazing stories with a number of adventures? Yes, indeed, that is possible, and for that, you have to head towards the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia. This tiny village is so tiny that every inhabitant knows each other. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have much to do here.

This island plus village has plenty of points to discover. First, the Kepirohi Waterfall is a must-visit location if you visit Pohnpei island. The path leading towards this beautiful waterfall is entirely made of stones. When you reach this hidden gem, you will be able to cool off by having a plunge into the pool below the waterfall.

If you aren’t fond of getting close to water, you can also head towards Kolonia to explore some medieval Spanish vibes. Here you can also explore many restaurants, bars, hotels, and churches belonging to various religions.

4. Islands of Micronesia Has Eight Different Languages

Another interesting fact about the islands of Micronesia is that it has a lot of languages. Guess many would have expected that because there are almost more than 600 islands, so obviously, there would be versatility in terms of language.

However, if we talk about the most spoken languages, they are eight in number. These can vary from Chhuukese, Kosraean, Pohpeian, Nukuoran, Kapingamarangi, Woleaian, Ulithian, and Yapese. Additionally, all these indigenous languages are associated with each island in Micronesia.

Even though there are a lot of common languages there, English still remains the most common one there. Also, English is used in the government and commerce sectors, so it is considered their official language.

Here’s a friendly gesture when you visit the islands in Micronesia for the first time; just say Kaselehlie Mang to anyone you meet for the first time. This means hello to one person. Hope it will help you to avoid awkward silences!

5. Chuuk Lagoon Aka Wreck Diving Capital

Chuuk lagoon is among those islands in Micronesia that are perfect for those who love snorkeling or scuba diving. This island has a very interesting history that actually dates way back to World War 2. Being influenced by varying cultures, including Spanish, German, and finally, Japanese, this island in Micronesia has a lot of mysteries to discover.

Because of such diverse history and cultural influence, Chuuk often remained a battlefield due to its remote location. And this is the reason here you will be able to come across over 40 drivable wrecks. Sounds spooky as well as fascinating at the same time.

Most scuba divers call Chuuk the world’s wreck diving capital. And the most amazing thing is that visitors can actually dive into the water to explore them. Moreover, you can also see the wrecks of jeeps, periscopes, cargo crates, and even huge WWII airplanes.

One another shocking fact about these wrecks is that they still contain bombs and live ammunition. The government has restricted the removal of any of the artifacts from the wrecks, declaring them as underwater museums.

6. Kosrae Island – Safest Spot on the Planet

Kosrae island is among the islands in Micronesia that have volcanic terrain. But that isn’t the fascinating fact about this island. Its exclusivity and protected environment make it the safest place among other Micronesian islands.

One lesser-known fact about Kosrae island is that crime doesn’t exist there. We can guarantee you that you don’t have to worry about anything here. No incidents of robbery or theft make it a popular spot for vacationing.

In addition, the island also has a versatile range of greenery, including rainforests, waterfalls, and mangrove swamps. Therefore, it is a perfect location for those fond of exploring lush green landscapes without worrying about anything.

Apart from exciting sceneries, Kosrae is one of the islands in Micronesia that is rich in producing some of the healthiest fruits like oranges, bananas, and Toro. So, if you visit there, make sure to taste these wonders of nature.

7. Yap Island – Hub for Indigenous Art

You might have rarely heard about art on islands,  but the islands in Micronesia offer such rare sites. One island in Micronesia, Yap island, offers some incredible artistic visuals.

Known as a hub for indigenous art, Yap island has ensured the preservation of its culture and ethnicity. And this preservation can be spotted at the Ethnic Art village on Yap Island.

Artists can flock here to learn how villagers performed their craftsmanship in the past. Not only this but elders from the village here are also seen teaching their skills to younger artists.

Additionally, a research community also resides on this Micronesian island. They work on studying how ancients uncovered natural pigments before the West invention. Hence, it is a must-visit site to discover for an aesthete.

8. Nan Madol – City Exclusively Built on Coral Reef

Nan Modal is one incredible city on the islands in Micronesia that is exclusively built on the coral reef. If you ever visit this city, you will be shocked about how these heavy, beautiful stones and columns were placed on building this wonder of the world.

The city’s small islets are connected by canals, earning it the name Venice of the Pacific. It is known that these islets were built using large rocks and atop submerged coral reefs. And because of this unique construction, this island appears to be floating on water.

Moreover, Nan Madol is the least visited site among the islands in Micronesia. This means you can explore the whole location to your heart without any burst of activity. If you are fond of exploring history, don’t forget to explore the awe-inspiring ruins here.

9. Nobody Visits Yap Island Empty Handed

Yes, you read that right! Before visiting Yap island, you must consider getting something in your hands. You can never walk around the island empty-handed as it is considered offensive and threatening by the locals.

Visitors without holding anything indicate that they have no purpose and are more likely to cause trouble for the locals. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to carry many bags or luggage while traveling across Yap island. A small green leaf will do it for you.

Also, remember to carry a torch before walking out on the island at night. Because if you don’t carry one, it would appear as if you are planning to cause trouble to the locals.

10. Caroline Island – Perfect Spot for Water Sport Enthusiasts

Caroline island is one of the most exciting islands in Micronesia as it offers a number of recreational activities that are hard to find on other Micronesian islands. Its stunning beaches and rare marine life animals are definitely worth a visit.

Whether it’s fishing the rare species, diving along the waves, or kite surfing along the wind, Caroline island has every fun activity you could ever think of. You can also try diving into the Black Coral to witness wonderful groupers.

Suppose you are looking for a unique snorkeling or deep-sea fishing experience, head towards the Ant and Pakin atolls. In short, no day will end without a wave on Caroline island.  

11. Stone Currencies Were A Thing At The Yap Island

We have always heard that people used to carry stones as currency in medieval times. What if we tell you there are still some locations in the world that use stones as a currency form? We are talking about none other than Yap island!

Yap island is one of the islands in Micronesia that still uses disc sort of stones with holes as a trading currency. These are known as “Rai” and often measure up to 4 meters.

You can find these stones scattered all around the island. Some of them are so heavy that they are just impossible to move from one place to another. Ultimately if you are exhausted by the long travel, you will surely be amazed by this island in Micronesia.

Now you must be thinking whether you must carry stones there or not. No, you don’t have to because, fortunately, the island uses US dollars as the common currency. However, the locals still accept the stone currency as a mode of payment for purchasing land or dowry.

12. The Sleeping Lady Island in Micronesia

Kosrae is known as the sleeping lady island of Micronesia. This name is basically due to the presence of high mountains with lush green forests. Folklore stories explain that this island is known as the sleeping lady because of the huge mountains covered with tropical forests.

It is believed that the powerful God wanted to create a man mountain. However, later he realized that a man mountain wouldn’t produce seeds. Because of this reason, he created a mountain known as the sleeping lady so it could give seeds or human beings in simpler terms.

If you ever get to witness this island, you will realize how the mountains are in the shape of a lady that is lying on her back. Kosrae has several wonderful landscapes to explore. Especially the rainforest and waterfalls are just to die for. Here you will also find the Green Banana Paper company, where you can get souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

13. Protein Rich Staple Is Common Here

One amazing fact about the islands in Micronesia is that everybody gets a protein-rich staple here. No, we are not talking about the restaurants only, but the locals here also get to eat a diet rich in protein.

Fishing and farming are the sole economic activities on islands in Micronesia. Because of this reason, people there can benefit from a fresh and nutrient-enriched diet. The main staple here might range from fish to poultry. On the other hand, crops might often include taro, yam, sweet potato, cassava, breadfruit, banana, and of course, coconut.

The Islands of Micronesia: To Conclude

So, here we come towards the list of 13 fascinating facts about the islands of Micronesia. Hopefully, you have already prepared your bucket and are ready to hop on an expedition to explore these wonderfulislands in Micronesia.

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