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The Iraq Flag- 13 Fascinating Facts

The Iraq flag, a symbol of national pride and history, is steeped in fascinating facts. Let’s explore these intriguing details that make the Iraq flag unique. Fact No. 1: The Current Design is Relatively New Did you know the current Iraq flag was adopted in 2008? It’s quite recent, especially compared to many other national…

Tourism in Iraq

Tourism in Iraq is growing. But why is this industry so important and how should it best be managed? Read on to find out… Geography of Iraq Iraq is a country located in Western Asia, with a population of approximately 40 million people. It is bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east,…

25 Surprising Facts About Iraq!

Given that most people are relatively unfamiliar with the country, there are many surprising facts about Iraq. What what is it that makes this country so fascinating? Read on to find out! Surprising Facts About Iraq  It is mind-blowing how our Earth is filled with captivating and diverse countries. Iraq is one of the countries…

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