What Is Educational Tourism And Why Is It So Important? | Travel Is The Best Education!
7K views · Apr 19, 2022
Educational tourism is one of the best types of tourism! And travel is the best education! Whether you are going on a school trip, backpacking around South East Asia or going on a round the world cruise, there are always lots of things to learn while travelling. Whilst people used to be content with laying on a beach and reading a book, consumer preferences are changing- people want to experience something different- they want adventure, excitement and education!

What many people don’t realise, is that educational tourism is actually all around us. Whether in a formal or informal context, most types of travel involve an element of education. But how does this work and what does it mean for the travel industry? In this video I will explain exactly what is meant by the term educational tourism, how this occurs and where it is most commonly found. I will also discuss the many advantages of educational tourism, to both the tourist and the tourism industry. Travel is the best education- watch until the end to find out why!

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00:00 Introduction to educational tourism
01:08 What is educational tourism? 
01:56 Types of educational tourism
08:40 Benefits of educational tourism 

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