What Is Netnography? The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Netnographic Research
830 views · Mar 23, 2022
Netnography is a contemporary and extremely useful research method. As more and more of us are turning to the Internet to share our experiences, views and opinions, researchers are provided with an easily accessible way of collecting data. Whether you are investigating consumer holiday preferences, teenage fashion or depression in postpartum women, there is a wealth of data available to us online. From online forums to social media to blogs, netnography provides us with many exciting opportunities for research. But what exactly is netnography? And how do you undertake netnography as a research method? In this video, I will explain all….

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00:00 Introduction to netnographic research 
01:20 What is netnography?
05:27 From ethnography to netnography 
06:10 How to conduct netnography 
07:42 Advantages of netnography 
08:50 Disadvantages of netnography 

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