The Best Apps For Students | FREE Student Apps, Student Productivity Apps, Drinking Game Apps + More
26 views · Dec 21, 2021
This video outlines the best apps for students, covering all corners of the student life- from student productivity apps and time management apps to drinking game apps and cooking apps. Student life is more than studying, and that is taken into account in this list of best apps for students! 

Time stamps- 

00:00 The best apps for students 
00:46 Best organisation app for students 
01:39 Best management app for students 
02:23 Best drinking game app for students 
03:04 Best referencing app for students 
03:36 Best productivity app for students 
04:35 Best PDF app for students 
05:05 Best banking app for students 
05:52 Best cooking app for students 
06:23 Best transcription app for students
06:59 Best time management app for students

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