How to take professional Cabin Crew photos when applying for a job

Sep 13, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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(Last updated on: 12/10/2020)

When applying to become Cabin Crew you will need to submit professional Cabin Crew photos with your application. It is important that you take these photos seriously, as they are the first image the airline will get of you. In this post, I will explain my top tips on how to take your professional Cabin Crew photos!

1. Look at your airlines requirements

When applying each airline will specify how many photos they want, the size the photos should be, and what each photo should look like. In most cases, airlines ask for one passport style head shot and one full body picture. So, before taking your photos make sure you check what the requirements are as they may vary from airline to airline! For example, on the Emirates website they specify that to set a great first impression you should refer to their grooming guidelines when taking your photos. You also need to upload one full length formal photo, one identical passport sized photo and two smart/sophisticated photos all taken within the past month.

2. Position yourself properly

Just like your passport photos, you need to make sure you position yourself correctly. In these photos you are allowed, and should, smile! Make sure your smile is authentic and friendly, and doesn’t seem fake or forced. You should make sure your facing and looking towards the camera and that you don’t raise your eyebrows. You should also make sure your hands and legs fit in the picture and that you don’t cross your legs.

3. Dress appropriately

These photos are the first impression that the airline will get of you! It is important that you portray yourself in a professional way! You should wear similar clothing to what you would wear to an interview/your assessment day. Some airlines ask you to follow their grooming guidelines, so it can be useful to look at these as a guideline. This means you should be in formal dress, with neat hair (tied back if you’re a woman), and you should have no tattoos visible.

4. Make the photos look professional

Not only do you need to look professional, but your photos also need to look professional. The background should be all one colour, preferably white. The photos should be clear and at a high resolution with good lighting. You should take the pictures from your height level and your full-length picture should include your whole body, including your shoes.

5. Invest in a photographer

If you can’t make your pictures look professional or have no one around to help take them for you, it could be worth paying someone to take them. You can go to a photographer and explain what pictures you need taking and they will make sure they fit all of the requirements. This way you know the pictures will look professional, because they are!

To sum up, your Cabin Crew photos play a vital part in the first impression the airline gets of you. It’s important that you follow the airlines guidelines and that you and the photo look professional.

If you’re hoping to become Cabin Crew, you need to make sure your application is perfect as competition is tough! Read the post ‘How to write the perfect Cabin Crew CV‘ for advice on writing your CV. We also offer an Online Diploma in Becoming Cabin Crew which provides you with an abundance of information, advice and help with your application!


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