How to get a job as Scoot Airways Cabin Crew

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(Last updated on: 21/06/2019)

If you are looking to become Cabin Crew in Singapore, you may want to think about Scoot Airways! In this post, I will explain what you can do to get a job at Scoot Airways.

Why work for Scoot Airways

Scoot Airways is a low-cost airline owned by Singapore Airlines. Scoot Airways has been operating since 2012 and now flies to 65 destinations, but mainly to China and India. Singapore Airlines established Scoot Airways as a low-cost alternative for medium and long-haul flights. Therefore, working for Scoot Airways can be a great alternative to working for a more reputable airline. Scoot Airways gain valuable experience working for a subsidiary airline to Singapore Airlines and will also receive the same benefits as Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew.

Requirements to work for Scoot Airways as Cabin Crew

Like every airline, Scoot Airways have a list of requirements for their Cabin Crew. Female Cabin Crew must be at least 158cm tall and male Cabin Crew must be at least 165m. You should also have at least 4 GCE N level qualifications, including English (Other languages can also make you stand out from the crowd!). You must also be in good health, including hearing, eyesight, and mental well-being. To offically become Scoot Airways Cabin Crew, you will need to complete the mandatory Cabin Crew training course which lasts 6-8 weeks.

Benefits of working for Scoot Airways as Cabin Crew

Working for Scoot Airways comes with a number of different benefits – including working for the Singapore Airlines Group. You will also receive concession staff travel and a competitive salary. Scoot Airways also offer flexi-benefit which allows you to choose what benefits you would like! For example, you can claim thm for medical or dental treatment.

Watch ‘20 Questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Flight Attendant‘ for an insight into what it’s like to work for Scoot Airways.

Scoot Airways Cabin Crew application process

The first stage in the Scoot Airways Cabin Crew application process is to make an online application. This involves sending a copy of your CV, academic certificates, and a full body photo. If you are shortlisted you will then be asked to complete their online assessment, involving a number of short tests and questions. Before the assessment day, you may be asked to complete a video interview, but this doesn’t happen all the time.

The assessment day involves a number of different stages. Firstly, an assessor will check your documents that you would have been asked to bring with you. After this, they will conduct height and scar checks to ensure you meet their criteria. After these checks, you will then be asked to complete a timed English test. This is followed by individual presentations. You will be split into groups of approximately 10 people and will be asked to pick a random word from an envelope. You will then be given 2 minutes to talk about that topic, presenting it to your group. After this, you will be assigned to another group for a group discussion.

The final stage of the assessment day is a 1 to 1 interview. This involves the interview role-playing different scenarios to see how you would react and deal with them. The interviewer will also ask you a number of questions based on your CV and experience.

Assessment days can be very intense and difficult. Take a look at my post ‘Top reasons most people fail in the Cabin Crew assessment day‘ for advice on how you can successful pass yours!

Tips for getting a job as Scoot Airways as Cabin Crew

Getting a job as Scoot Airways Cabin Crew is very competitive, so it’s essential you try your best to maximise your chances. My post ‘20 essential Cabin Crew skills and qualitites you will need to get a job’ explains what skills you need to be a successful Cabin Crew member and what skills airlines will be looking for. It is essential that you demonstrate you have these skills, in both your application and assessment day. The post  ‘How to write the perfect Cabin Crew CV‘ explains how you can ensure you make yourself shine through your CV!

We also offer an Online Diploma in Becoming Cabin Crew, which offers an extensive range of information and resources to help you maximise your chances in becoming Cabin Crew.

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