How Can I Get A Job With British Airways as Cabin Crew?

Jul 8, 2018 | Cabin Crew

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Congratulations to Chelsey for passing her final exams of her BA Mixed Fleet training course and good luck on your first flight to Pisa! I have been overwhelmed with how many messages I’ve had recently informing me that people have been offered jobs with BA since reading the blog-well done to you all and congratulations! It’s always great to hear about your experiences and many hopeful Cabin Crew find the information that you give invaluable. If you would like to contribute about your experiences applying to become/working as Cabin Crew I would love to hear from you… 

In the meantime, here’s what Chelsey had to say…

1)How long have you wanted to be Cabin Crew for and what made you apply?

When I was trying to decide what career path I wanted to take, becoming Cabin Crew was always on my list for years, but my heart was finally set on securing the job while I was in secondary school between the years of 2002-2007. I knew I loved travelling and I had and still have now such a fascination and love with planes, so I thought why not work on one?! I did a cabin crew preparation course after finishing college and that was it- I never wanted to do anything else!

2) You have just secured a job with BA- well done! Is this the only airline you applied for or did you apply for others as well? How did any other applications go?

No BA is not the only airline I have applied to. I have applied to many airlines; BA, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, Monarch, Flybe, Thomson & Thomas Cook. I have been to an assessment day with Flybe, Thomson, Thomas Cook & BA and invited to an assessment day with Monarch. I am currently working for a UK chartered airline.

3) What was the application process like?

My application to BA roughly took me 3 hours. I put a lot of thought and effort in to it. This was my second time applying after waiting a year after my last application. I was pretty disheartened after my first rejection so bought a book (this one) which were really helpful. Next thing I knew I had the job with BA! 🙂 

4) How did you feel in the run up to your assessent day? What did you do to prepare yourself?

For a change I wasn’t too nervous until about the day before. I had over a month to prepare from my invite via email to my assessment day. I made sure I did my research and as I was staying over the night before down in London, I decided on my outfit and how I’d wear my hair and makeup.

5) What was the assessment day like? What did it include?

It was similar to other Cabin Crew assessment days I have been to, however with BA you do not get sent home half way through the day if you do not meet their requirements, therefore everyone had the opportunity to have an interview. The only time you would get sent home is if you didn’t meet their basic requirements right at the start of the day, which is when they measure your height, ask you to strap yourself into their ‘aircraft seat’ and ask if you have any tattoos/piercings.

I know not all assessment days are in the same order, but this is how mine went.. The basic requirements were checked first thing, then we were all taken into a room to sit a 10 minute multiple choice exam (nothing to worry about, it’s basically just common sense), then as there was 12 of us we were split into 3 groups of 4. Throughout the day we all did our tasks at different times. I had to do a role play which just included me and one of the interviewers. You then go and wait in the waiting area to be called for your next task. I then was called in for my 2:1 interview. At the beginning of the interview I had to read a PA out loud to the interviewers, I did have a minute beforehand on my own to read through it. I then answered all the questions and went back to the waiting area. Then me and my group of 4 went and completed our group task. At the end of the day we watched a presentation on BA which gave us a little insight into the airline.

How Can I Get A Job With British Airways As Cabin Crew?

6) What happened after the assessement day? Did you have to wait a long time to find out the outcome? How did they inform you?

I waited 2 weeks and 2 days for the result of my interview. I knew by looking on the website on the BA forum roughly how long people were waiting for their outcome, so I had a feeling I’d be waiting around 2 weeks. So I tried to put it to the back of my mind but it was very difficult, as I was constantly on the cabin crew forum checking to see if anyone from my assessment day had heard anything, especially around the 2 week mark. They informed me by a phone call.

7) What research did you do in the lead up to your assessement day? Were there any particular books/websites you referred to?

I did all of my research online and used as it was very helpful and I messaged a couple of people who already worked for BA asking for advice. I also referred to BA’s website and I was looking through their career page. I took notes and took my notepad with me to the hotel the night before my assessment day to refresh my memory.

8) That must have felt fantastic when you were offered the job! How did you feel? Did you go out and celebrate?

I couldn’t honestly believe my luck. I actually watched your video on YouTube of your experience with BA and noticed it was only a 4% chance of getting the job, so I thought I had no chance! It still feels unreal now, it feels fantastic to have finally secured a permanent job with an airline, and such a big airline too. I did have a celebratory drink with my family.

9) What was the process between being offered the job and starting? This you have pre-start date coursework, visa applications etc?

It’s a long process between being offered the job and starting. I have had to do my 5 year employment history referencing, also I am having to complete some pre coursework which is medical work then an insight in to the company.

10) You start your training VERY soon! How do you feel about this? Are you all prepared?

I’m feeling very nervous but also very excited. Everything is only just falling in to place now so I am nearly all prepared.

11) What advice would you give to people like you that are keen to become Cabin Crew?

DO NOT give up! I started applying as soon as I could, when I was 18 years old. I didn’t get my dream job until I was 20 and I am now 22 and due to start an even bigger dream. I suffered a lot of knock backs with airlines. Loads of applications and a few assessment days later I’m here. You can’t win them all and after the ‘unfortunately..’ emails the feeling is awful, you don’t feel like you’re good enough and think you will never get it. But remember competition in the airline industry is high, make your application stand out, take a cabin crew course, show them at the assessment days your true self, keep pushing and keep trying, never give up on your dream!

Thanks so much to Chelsey and we wish you the best of luck with your flying career at BA! 

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  1. Lourdes

    Hello! Thank you for your post, it’s very helpful!!!
    I have my assessment day for BA in two weeks and I have the inconvenience that I am sometimes half of the centimetre under the limit, and I say sometimes because if you check your height it is not the same all the time, normally we are taller in the mornings…for this reason I don’t know if I should take the risk or not, do you know any cabin crew for BA that passed the minimum requirements being just under the limit?
    Thank you very much, i will appreciate your opinion a lot ☺️

    • Hayley Stainton

      Hi Lourdes, they are very strict as it is a health and safety requirement I’m afraid! Some airlines do have shorter requirements though if they use smaller aircraft- maybe try them instead if you are not tall enough?



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