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Hemsby- 15 fascinating facts

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Hemsby is a popular UK seaside resort that many Brits choose to visit. But what makes this place so interesting? Read on to learn about the the 15 fascinating facts about Hemsby…

Fascinating facts about Hemsby

Do you know, Hemsby is divided into two main parts; the beach and the village, each serving a different purpose. The town is mainly a residential area, including restaurants, bus stations, shops, essential buildings, and other local services. 

On the contrary, Hemsby Beach’s wide bay is a popular tourist attraction with its soft golden sand and serene atmosphere. Furthermore, it also holds anti-tank blocks, which indicates World War II sea defences and attracts many history lovers.

In this article, we noted some fascinating facts about Hemsby to make your destination preferences easier. So keep reading till the end to witness colourful amusements and sandy shores.

1. Hemsby Beach has Large Grassy Dunes

Hemsby- 15 fascinating facts

The extensive dunes sheltering Hemsby create a natural barrier and protects against eroding waves that have previously affected other villages. 

Moreover, the beach has a long stretch of glittery sand, which creates enough space to lessen the effects of erosion that continuously destroy cliffs.

In terms of tourism, the vibrant beach is surrounded by beach chalets, holiday parks, shops, and various seaside-style cafes, making it a fun spot for a family holiday.

So, from sunbathing on the soft sand to sipping fizzy slushes, Hemsby Beach is an all-rounder vacation point full of amenities. 

2. Lost World Adventure Golf- A 9-Hole Golf Course

The dinosaur-themed 9-hole golf course is situated at the seaside village of Hemsby and is suitable for both young and old generations. Illuminated with bright lights at dusk with the sight of tropical trees, the place becomes perfect for a fun evening, especially for golf lovers.

At every hole, you have to navigate around water hazards, fossils, dinosaurs, and also an ancient Aztec temple to steer your ball towards the ending point.

In addition, the golf also provides a gold panning activity where visitors are provided with a gold pan and bucket to search for souvenir medallions in the sand.

3. Hirsty’s Family Fun Park- Famous for Hemsby Mega Maze

You can enjoy an action-packed day at Hirsty’s Family Fun Park and get lost in the giant maze, wandering around for hours. The mega maze was constructed out of a maize field and is filled with clues and quiz boards, where you can challenge yourself to search for an escape.

Apart from that, they have different events according to every season so that you can visit the place all year round. Some main activities include bouncy castles, go-karting, climbing frames, barrel play, trampoline, and more.

Don’t forget to visit the Hirst farm shop and cafe, where you can meet farm animals like lambs or newly hatched chicks while enjoying a fun ride in a tractor.

4. St Mary’s Church- A Medieval Church from the 14th Century

The tall parish church was built by the monks of Norwich Cathedral Monastery, which is open to pilgrims, strangers, and local tourists searching for a prayer space. 

The tall south porch has a vault filled with bosses that depict god the Father, the resurrection,  the ascension of Christ, and the assumption of the virgin.

The beautiful church is full of local history, and you will also be provided with an informative guidebook to learn facts and figures. Moreover, visitors can also witness 13th-century coffin lids and a cross base from the 14th century. 

So if you are willing to refresh your soul, don’t forget to visit the church and pray at the small chapel in the south porch parvise for a spiritual encounter.

5. Horsey Gap- A Beach Full of Seals

Hemsby- 15 fascinating facts

The unspoilt and quiet, incredible stretch of sand at Hemsby is renowned for grey breeding seals that visit the shoreline between November to February. 

Hence, you might find the seal pups basking in the sun or bouncing in the sea as you walk along the coast. However, make sure to give seals a space of more than 10 meters as they are wild and might bite you to protect their young ones. 

Furthermore, never try to stroke or feed because a territorial seal has the capability to run faster than a human over a short distance. 

For these reasons, seal wardens are continuously present at the beach to guide you about the best seal viewing points where you can capture beautiful wildlife shots.

6. Sea Life Great Yarmouth- An Aquarium to Discover Sea Animals

At the Sea Life Great Yarmouth, you can step beneath the waves to discover fascinating creatures from every part of the world. From mighty sharks to gigantic sea turtles, the 250,000-litre tropical ocean makes a great place to meet sea friends with your loved ones.

This indoor aquarium has carefully recreated the natural marine habitat where an explorer gets a chance to touch starfish through their interactive rockpool experience or interact with Humboldt Penguins as they swim around. 

Lastly, the aquarium also conducts feeding sessions during the day, and information boards educate tourists about the marine life that resides in that specific area.

7. Hemsby Holds a Variety of Great Pubs

The famous seaside town is full of pubs, cafes, and restaurants, making it an ideal destination for visitors and locals. These pubs offer the finest food and warm hospitality so that you can enjoy a weekend away from the hustles and bustles of daily life. 

Spend your quality time at Lacon Arms, a well-known pub offering a range of wines and ice-cold lagers, whereas the free wifi facility is like a cherry on top. 

Besides, try visiting Bell, which owns a large lounge bar with a pool table and delicious food items like roasted meat, their speciality. Some other pubs include Eels Foot Inn, Jolly Farmers, and Kings Head, which are surrounded by beautiful views to cherish upon.

8. Hembsy Karting Center- Offers Electric Go-Karts

Hemsby- 15 fascinating facts

The high-adrenaline karting track at Hemsby Karting Center provides electric go-karts on an outdoor circuit for youngsters and adults. The track setup provides different levels of challenges suitable for professionals and novices.

Enjoy the ultimate motor experience as the lap speed reaches up to 70 mph to excite the karting enthusiasts. In addition, you also get time slips at the end of your race to check your fastest lap.

A wide selection area also provides customisable parts like go-karts engine kits with expert staff onsite to make your two wheels experience fun.

9. Horsey Windpump- A Historical Landmark

The iconic Horsey Windpump is a drainage windmill declared a grade II listed building due to its fascinating past. This structure was built in 1912 and was working fine until it was struck by lightning. Therefore the mill’s damaged sails were removed and replaced after that.

The devastation didn’t end here as the Great Storm of 1987 caused complete deterioration of the windpump. Thus, a restoration project was held in 2016 to fully recover the building, which now boasts proudly in the broad landscape.

Tourists can visit the Poppyland tearooms here, which offer light refreshments, drinks, and icecreams while experiencing picturesque views and wildlife.

10. Thrigby Hall Wildlife Garden- Hub Of Endangered Animals

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Garden is recognised as a progressive zoo where endangered species are protected from man’s greed. The scenic lake bridges and walkways are full of trees, letting visitors observe animals from a safe distance.

Appreciate the majesty of nature’s work as you witness wildfowls from the lime tree lookout or explore the swamp house to discover geckos and mangrove snakes. 

The other attractions include Sumatran Tigers, red pandas climbing on a branch, snow leopards, otters, meerkats, alligators, and crocodiles. 

Moreover, you can learn about your favourite animal by indulging in animal talk or observing feeding time while you enjoy snacks at the Cockatoo cafe.

11. Visitors Can Embark on Birdwatching Boat Trips

Hemsby- 15 fascinating facts

Hemsby provides friendly and informal boat trips where you enjoy peaceful adventures on the rivers of Norfolk Broads National Park. Various sightseeing cruiser companies provide a bird-watching experience or sights of marshes and wetlands.

Following that, with Ross’s Wildlife Boat Trips, you can slowly cruise down in the blue waters on the Lady Ann- a wooden pleasure boat that explores Horsey Mere. 

The coastal birdlife on this fantastic landscape includes cranes, reedlings, marsh harriers, swans, ducks, and geese. Rejoice in the leisurely activity on the calm Norfolk waters while enjoying your evening tea and cake.

12. Upton Dyke Offers Lovely Scenic Trails

At the Upton Dyke, you can enjoy meditative walks or grab a fishing rod to explore long rivers. Located on the River Bure in Norfolk, the spot lets visitors encounter hidden pathways through the countryside.

Historically, the area was utilised for coal mining before industrialisation took place and is still respected by the locals as “the most beautiful parts”.

The charming little place is home to Norfolk’s rarest wildlife, like swallowtail butterflies, dragonflies, swans, and otters. Remember to visit The White Horse, a friendly pub with a large beer garden which also serves delicious home-cooked meals.

13. Hemsby Holds an Incredible History

Hemsby was initially founded as a Norse settlement which then flourished into one of the largest fishing ports in Norfolk during Roman Times with a booming population until 1836.

Later, the local residents came together to form The Sailing Club, which remained active for 86 years until severe flooding along the coastline, making tourism unachievable.

During 2014-2017, the rebuilding phase started to restore nature and attract visitors once again, but it was unable to reach its total capacity. Currently, the place enjoys visitors during summer who come to witness sandy beaches and funfair festivals. 

14. Caister Castle Exhibits Amazing Car Collection 

Hemsby- 15 fascinating facts

The motor museum at Caister contains the most extensive collection of motor vehicles from 1893 to the present, including Panhard et Lavassor- the world’s first real motor car.

Furthermore, various steam cars, electric vehicles, and baby carriages are also displayed to the public in the UK. 

Caister Castle is a prime example of late medieval architecture with its large open courtyard area, walls, and turrets. This historic monument features various decorations and gatehouses where the ruins are preserved and serve as an important tourist attraction. 

Following that, visitors can also climb up the tower’s 114 steps to enjoy scenic views or walk around lush lawns for picnicking. 

15. Las Vegas Amusement- Hemsby’s Entertainment Capital

The popular destination has a variety of entertainment choices, including arcade games and gambling machines for anyone trying their luck. A variety of bars, restaurants, and attractions will definitely give you a memorable night experience on your holiday

The site has become the most visited spot due to 50 attractions like roller coasters, spinning rides, and classical carnival games.

Besides, bingo lovers can play exciting slots at the modern machines in the arcade, which gives excellent prizes to be won. Apart from that, there are lots of other machine games to keep children occupied and a little cafe as well.

Wrapping Up

It is said that the Vikings might have seen a different coastline as coastal erosion destroyed most of the headland. In a nutshell, the coast-side town offers an unforgettable experience, whether you visit solo or with your family, to create lifetime memories.

Hemsby has something for everyone with its wealth of activities, including beach walks, arcade fun, exciting nightlife, and boating which makes it a unique vacation spot. 

Not only that, the small cafes and pubs serve delicious meals coupled with stunning views to relish upon.

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