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Tourism Academic and Travel Writer
My name is Dr Hayley Stainton and I am the owner of Tourism Teacher.

Travel is my life. It always has been. From the exotic pictures that I used to draw as a child, to the three languages that I studied at GCSE, to travelling the world whilst working as Cabin Crew, my life has always been focussed around travel and tourism.

Just like many travel bloggers, I have travelled extensively throughout the world. I have travelled to all corners of the globe. I have travelled on a budget and in luxury. I have travelled solo and with my family. I have tried and tested many different types of tourism.

However, unlike most ordinary travel bloggers, I have also studied the tourism industry at length. I have been teaching travel and tourism management since 2005 to college and university students and in 2017 I completed my PhD in TEFL tourism. Having studied and taught a broad range of tourism related material, I have become an expert in tourism management.

Through Tourism Teacher, I share my knowledge on the principles and practice of travel and tourism management from both an academic and practical perspective.

Countries visited

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blog posts written

papers presented/published

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Work experience



I have spent my entire adult life working in the tourism industry in some way or another. From casual hospitality roles whilst I was studying, to working for Britain’s national airline as Cabin Crew to supervising PhD students, I have a broad range of experience related to the tourism industry.


Here is a list of the jobs that I have had over the past fifteen years (roughly in chronological order):

  • Various hospitality roles e.g. bar staff, waitress, hotel receptionist
  • Retail-customer service
  • Holiday Representative
  • Cabin Crew
  • Travel Writer
  • TEFL Teacher
  • Teacher/Lecturer/Professor
  • Academic manager
  • Researcher
  • PhD supervisor
  • Tourism consultant
  • Mother (the most important job of all!)



Research output and public speaking

If I’m not out exploring, I am generally researching or writing. You can often find me at various conferences and events or in the back of the university library.

Here is a summary of some of the research that I have been involved in:

Please contact me if you would like to discuss Visiting Professorships, external moderation and validation, research collaborations, consultancy work, keynote speeches or any other opportunities.

Conference and webinar presentations

  • Stainton, H. (2020) Life after COVID: Lessons from Asia and Europe. SMART Talk: Smart Tourism and Research Consultancy. Panama. 21st May. Stainton, H. (2020) The Economic Impacts of Coronavirus. The World Economy After The COVID-19 Pandemic. MUBS. 11th May. 
  • Stainton, H. (2018) TEFL Tourism. Paper presented at the Conference of Sustainable Tourism. 16-18 May. 
  • Stainton, H. (2017) TEFL Tourism in Thailand: Teacher Characteristics, Motivations and Experiences. Paper presented at the ICOT conference. Place and the Tourist Experience: Heritage, Sustainability and Economy. 28thJune- 1st July. 
  • Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism: A Typological Examination of Those Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Paper presented at ATLAS Annual Conference. Tourism, Lifestyles and Locations. 14-16 September. 
  • Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism. Paper presented at Bucks New University Research Colloquium. 29th June. 
  • Stainton, H. and Iordanova, E. (2016) An Ethical Perspective for Tourism Researchers Using Blog Analysis as a Research Method. Paper presented at The 6th ICOT Conference-New Challenges and Boundaries in Tourism: Policies, Innovations and Strategies. 29 June-2nd July.
  • Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism: Three Minute Thesis (winner). Paper Presented at Staffordshire Post Graduate Research Conference. 19th May. 
  • Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism: An Introduction. Paper presented at the Tourism Research Network PhD/ECR Symposium. 19th April. 
  • Stainton, H. (2015) TEFL Tourism: Moving Volunteer Tourism Research from the Broad to the Specific. Paper presented at The 24th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research. 29th September-3rd October. 
  • Wright, H. (2015) ‘The Blogosphere: An Ethical Debate.’ Paper presented at The International Conference of Qualitative Research. Beyond the Fractured Future. 15th-17th July. 

Journal publications

Consultancy and collaborations

  • Edexcel
  • The Open University
  • OTHM qualifications
  • Smart Tourism and Research Consultancy
  • Centre Smart Tourism

Academic reviewer experience

  • Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research
  • Current Issues in Tourism
  • Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
  • Tourism Geographies 
  • Tourism Management Perspectives

Other publications

Travel experience

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Travel is my true love. I have seen lots of the world, but there are still many places to explore and many places that I would like to return to.

My style of traveling has changed throughout the years. From my being a package holiday tourist to a backpacker to a family traveller and a luxury tourist, I have tried and tested most types of tourism at some time or another.

I have been to more than 50 countries to date and I am now travelling the world with my family. 


I have only written about a fraction of my travels on this website. Not everything is ‘Google worthy’ and I’m not one for reinventing the wheel- if there are already two dozen websites detailing things to do in Mexico, then I’m not going write about this again!

So just to give you an idea of the types of experiences that I have encountered on my travels, I have listed some of my highlights below.

  • Backpacking solo around South East Asia
  • Klimbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Swimming with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Islands
  • Seeing in the new year in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Teaching in Thailand
  • Cruising the Nile in Egypt
  • Penguin watching in South Africa
  • Ziplining in Costa Rica
  • Travelling through the Canadian Rockies
  • Travelling with my baby in Nepal
  • Living in China
  • Skydiving in Australia
  • Seeing a lion kill its prey on safari in Tanzania
  • Visiting the stunning rocks formations in Meteora, Greece
  • Dressing up as Cabin Crew for my hen party in Riga, Latvia
  • Climbing the rock of Gibraltar
  • Sleeping in the Sahara desert
  • Exploring Petra, Jordan
  • Learning about the effects of war in Israel
  • Sailing in Malta
  • Watching families get together outside the Blue Mosque for Iftar during Ramadan
  • Celebrating Sonkran in Thailand
  • Going to the space museum in Moscow, Russia
  • Eating pizza in Italy
  • Drinking sangria in Spain
  • Partying in Ibiza
  • Learning to drive in France
  • Getting to know the locals in The Gambia
  • Going on a desert safari in Dubai
  • Seeing the temples of Anchor Wat in Cambodia
  • Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Relaxing on the Gilli Islands off the coast of Bali
  • Tubing in Laos
  • Shopping in New York
  • Taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  • Tasting authentic curry in India
  • Quad biking in Argentina
  • Drinking Caipirinha in Brazil

And the list goes on…..

Kilimanjaro summit
Galapagos tortoise
Baby Nepal

Thank you for visiting Tourism Teacher- If you would like to get in contact you can reach me via email at drhayleystainton@tourismteacher.com.