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55 Fun Facts About Connecticut

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The home of the first hamburger and the birthplace of President George W. Bush – these are just a few fun facts about Connecticut. Let’s talk about some more in detail!


Fun Facts About Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the first states to join the US, so the state has both colonial and modern sides to it. It also has a rich culture, which makes this New England state worth talking about! 

1. Connecticut Is the 5th To Join the US

Let’s start with historical fun facts about Connecticut. 

Connecticut was one of the original 13 states to join the Union. It became the fifth state to sign the US Constitution on January 9, 1788.

2. Bridgeport Is the Biggest City in Connecticut

Here are some basic fun facts about Connecticut. 

Bridgeport, situated in the southeastern part of Connecticut, is the largest city with a population of more than 148,457 residents. It is also the fifth-most populous city in the entire New England.

Unfortunately, according to a report published in 2019, it is on the list of the 50 worst cities to live in the US. 

3. Hartford Is the Capital of Connecticut

Bridgeport has the largest population in Connecticut, but Hartford is the main capital. 

From 1701 to 1875, both Hartford and New Haven served as the capitals of Connecticut. However, in 1875, Hartford became the sole capital of the state. 

As of 2023, the population of Hartford is around 119,817. It has an annual population decline rate of -0.32%. 

4. Connecticut Has Its Own State Song

The official song of Connecticut is “Yankee Doodle,” which was declared as the state song in 1978. The reason behind choosing it as the state song is its role in the American Revolutionary War. 

The irony is that “Yankee Doodle” was written as an insult to the Americans. The lyrics were meant to be an insult to the American soldiers. Yet, the Americans turned it into a patriotic victor anthem. 

5. The Constitution State Is the Nickname of Connecticut

Here is one of the most famous fun facts about Connecticut and its official nickname. 

The state is often referred to as the “Constitution State.” It is because it had written down the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This document, adopted in 1639, is considered one of the earliest written constitutions for governance. 

6. 60 Percent of Connecticut Is Covered in Woodland

Let’s discuss these geography-related fun facts about Connecticut. 

Connecticut is covered in 60% woodland and forests and is the 16th most-forested state. There are 32 state forests, such as the Pachaug State Forest (largest), Nipmuck State Forest, Meshomasic State Forest, and many more. 

Most forests in Connecticut have oak and hickory trees, which cover more than 1.3 million acres. Elm, ash, and cottonwood forests cover 137,000 acres, whereas hardwood forests (beech, birch, maple) cover 94,000 acres. 

7. Connecticut Is the 3rd Smallest State in the US

With a surface area of 12996.56 square kilometres, Connecticut is the third smallest state in the entire US, after Rhode Island (smallest state) and Delaware (second smallest state).

8. “Connecticut” Is a Native American Word

Let’s talk about some fun facts about Connecticut and the meaning behind its name. 

The name “Connecticut” has Native American origins, as it comes from the Eastern Algonquian or the Mahican word “Quonoktacut,” which means “at the long tidal river”. 

The Native American tribes used this name to describe the region around the Connecticut River. 

9. President George W. Bush Was Born in Connecticut

Connecticut is the birth state of President George W. Bush, the 41st President of the US.

President George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut. Later, he spent his school life in Texas and Massachusetts. In 1964, he returned to Connecticut to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Yale University. 

10. Red Maple Is the Most Common Tree in Connecticut

There are around 58 tree species in Connecticut based on the 2015 data from the Forests of Connecticut.

Red Maple is the most commonly found tree in Connecticut as it constitutes approximately 27% of the total tree population in the state. 

Apart from Red Maple, the other tree species that you will find in abundance in Connecticut are Black Birch (10%), Eastern Hemlock (6%), Sugar Maple (6%), Northern Red Oak (6%), Beech (5%), and Eastern White Pine (4%)

11. Connecticut Is Bordered by Three US States

Connecticut shares its borders with three other US states. 

It is bordered by Massachusetts to the north, Rhode Island to the east, and New York to the west. Also, Connecticut’s southern border is along Long Island Sound, which separates it from New York’s Long Island!

12. Connecticut Voted Against the 18th Amendment 

This is one of the unique fun facts about Connecticut. 

According to the 18th Amendment, the production, transportation, and sale of any alcoholic beverage was illegal. The amendment was formed to reduce alcohol-related societal problems, such as poverty and family violence. 

There were only two states, Connecticut and Rhode Island, that voted against the 18th Amendment. However, eventually, they had to accept it when it became federal law on January 16, 1919.

13. Mount Frissell Is the Highest Point in Connecticut

Let’s talk about the fun facts related to Connecticut and its highest point. 

Connecticut has a mixed terrain. Some parts of it are flat and coastal, whereas some, especially in the northwest corner, consist of hills. 

Mount Frissell, situated near the border of southwest Massachusetts and northwest Connecticut, is the highest point in the state. It has an elevation of 2,454 feet above sea level

Funnily enough, Mount Frissell’s peak is in Massachusetts, but the highest point in Connecticut is the south slope of the mountain!

14. Connecticut Has a Huge Problem of Income Inequality 

This is one of the unfortunate fun facts about Connecticut. 

In 2018, there were only 20% of households that contributed to more than 50% of the state’s average income. Moreover, Connecticut had the highest Gini Index between 2014 and 2018. It was around .496, which is more than that of the whole US (.482). 

The Gini Index is a number used to measure income inequality. It stands anywhere between 0 and 1. 0 indicates a uniform distribution of wealth, whereas 1 indicates that a single household is receiving the whole population’s income. 

15. The Connecticut Is the Longest River in the State

The rivers and streams in Connecticut cover about 9,379 kilometres. 

The Connecticut River is not just the longest river of Connecticut, but also the entire New England region in the US. 

55 Fun Facts About Connecticut

The river has a length of 653 kilometres and starts from the Fourth Connecticut Lake in the town of Pittsburg, New Hampshire. 

It travels through four states – New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Finally, it drains into the Long Island Sound estuary.

16. The Sperm Whale Is the State Animal of Connecticut

Here is one of the most surprising fun facts about Connecticut. 

Connecticut declared the Sperm Whale as the official state animal in 1975. The state has a significant history with Sperm Whales due to its whaling industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

In the 1800s, Connecticut ranked second after Massachusetts in the American whaling industry. The sperm oil obtained from the Sperm Whales was exported all over the world. 

However, today, the sperm whale is an endangered species.

17. People First Lived in Connecticut Around 10,000 Years Ago

Before the Europeans had settled in present-day Connecticut, archaeologists found that the humans had inhabited the region for more than 10,000 years. 

The Paleo-Indians might have come to the Americas through the Bering Strait in Russia. These tribes settled in Connecticut and engaged in nomadic activities, like hunting, fishing, agriculture, and many more. 

By the time the Europeans arrived, Connecticut had many Native American tribes like Mohegan, Pequot, and Nipmuc. 

18. Dutch Traders Were the First Europeans To Come to Connecticut

Although Connecticut was colonised by the English settlers, the Dutch were the first Europeans to set foot in the state. 

Adriaen Block, the Dutch explorer, from The Netherlands was the first European to discover Connecticut in 1614. 

Adriaen and his men explored the region near the Connecticut River, which is present-day Hartford, the capital of Connecticut. 

Note that the Dutch were the first Europeans to explore Connecticut, but the first colonisers were the English. 

19. Connecticut Has the Largest Maritime Museum

Mystic Seaport, situated along the Mystic River and established in 1929, is the largest maritime museum in the US. 

The museum is spread across an area of 19 acres in Connecticut. It has a huge collection of historic ships such as the Charles W. Morgan Ship. Additionally, it has a recreated 19th-century coastal village that you can explore. 

The museum covers more than 60 historic buildings, including a shipyard, preservation facilities, and exhibits showcasing America’s maritime heritage. 

20. The Second C in Connecticut Is Silent

You might be pronouncing “Connecticut” wrong all this time! So, here are some surprising fun facts about Connecticut. 

The second “C” in the state’s name is silent. Hence, it is pronounced as “kuh-NEH-ti-kuht.”

21. The American Robin Is the State Bird of Connecticut

As Connecticut has many forested areas, you’ll find over 175 bird species in the state.

55 Fun Facts About Connecticut

The American Robin was declared the official state bird of Connecticut in 1943. This is because the American Robin is commonly seen across the state, especially during spring and summer. 

Apart from Connecticut, the American Robin is also the state bird of Michigan and Wisconsin. 

22. Connecticut Is Home to 84 Mammal Species

Just like birds, Connecticut has approximately 84 mammal species. The most common mammal is the Eastern grey squirrel. Other animals include weasels, voles, cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer, and red foxes. 

You’ll also find 23 amphibian and 24 reptile species living in Connecticut. 

23. Connecticut Has a Population of 3.6 Million As of 2023

Connecticut is the 29th most populous state in the US with a population of more than 3.6 million people. 

The state consists of 72% White people, 10.8% African-Americans, 5.98% from other races, and 6.3% having a mixed race. 

It also has five federally-recognized indigenous tribes Paucatuck Eastern Pequot, Golden Hill Paugussett, Schaghticoke, Mashantucket Pequot, and Mohegan.

24. Nathan Hale Was Born in Connecticut 

Nathan Hale, born in Coventry, Connecticut, was an American soldier and spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War! 

He was a spy for an intelligence-gathering mission behind British lines but was captured by the British. Unfortunately, he died a martyr as he was executed when he was just 21. 

Many people in Connecticut also consider him a state hero. 

25. A Pickle Needs to Bounce in Connecticut!

Here’s one of the weirdest fun facts about Connecticut. 

There is an old law in Connecticut that states that a pickle needs to bounce to be legally considered a pickle! 

The law was enforced back in the early 1940s to ensure that only real and high-quality pickles were sold to the public.

26. Connecticut Had the First Phone Book

These are some truly fun facts about Connecticut. 

The first telephone directory in the US was issued on 21 February 1878 in New Haven, Connecticut. 

27. Mountain Laurel Is the State Flower of Connecticut

Connecticut is home to over 2,600 plant species. Out of these, the Connecticut legislature chose Mountain Laurel as the state flower of Connecticut on April 17, 1907. 

It is believed that more than 3,000 women signed a petition to make the Mountain Laurel the official state flower. 

28. Connecticut Is Called the Nutmeg State

Connecticut has many nicknames apart from the “Constitution State.” One of the most popular nicknames that was used historically is the “Nutmeg State.” The reason behind it is pretty intriguing. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Connecticut spice merchants used to sell fake wooden nutmegs instead of the actual spice! Hence, they were also known as “Nutmeggers.”

29. Gaten Matarazzo Was Born in Connecticut

Forget about the old personalities from Connecticut, as some of the recent stars are also from this state.

Gaten Matarazzo, known for his role as Dustin Henderson, in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” was born on 8 September 2002 in New London, Connecticut

Even though he was born in Connecticut, he was raised in Little Egg Harbour Township in New Jersey. 

30. Connecticut Built the First Nuclear Submarine

These fun facts about Connecticut prove that the state has many achievements, including building the first nuclear submarine. 

USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, was manufactured by Electric Boat Company in Groton, Connecticut. It was launched on January 21, 1954, and commissioned into service on September 30, 1954.

31. Connecticut Is a New England State

Here is one of the common fun facts about Connecticut. 

New England is a region comprising six states in the northeastern US – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

The name “New England” was given to these regions as the English Pilgrims and Puritans settled here for religious freedom in the 17th century.

32. The Lollipop Was Invented in Connecticut

This is one of the most colourful fun facts about Connecticut. 

A man named George Smith from New Haven, Connecticut, is responsible for inventing lollipops. He started making large candies that were attached to sticks in 1908. 

In 1931, he named and trademarked these candies as “lollipops” after a racehorse, Lolly Pop.  

33. There Are Dinosaur Tracks in Connecticut

If you love reading about pre-historic times, these fun facts about Connecticut are for you. 

Connecticut is one of those states where you will get to see many dinosaur tracks. The Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill and Powder Hill Dinosaur Park in Middlefield are the two most popular places in the state for dinosaur lovers. 

In fact, the Dinosaur State Park has more than 2,600 dinosaur footprints of species like Eubrontes Giganteus, that will transport you to the pre-historic era!

34. Connecticut Had the First Woman To Get a Patent in the US

Here is one of the lesser-known yet important fun facts about Connecticut. 

Mary Dixon Kies, a resident of South Killingly, Connecticut, became the first woman to get a patent in the US. Her patent was for a way of braiding straw with silk or thread, used in making hats. It was issued on May 5, 1809

35. A Restaurant in Connecticut Made the First Hamburger

If you have read my article about Wisconsin, you might know that Wisconsin takes the credit for the first hamburger. It turns out that Connecticut might have a slight disagreement with Wisconsin. 

Louis’ Lunch, a restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut, claims that they invented the first hamburger in 1900. 

Louis Lassen, the restaurant’s owner, served a customer a beef patty between two bread slices while he was in a rush. This led to the invention of one of the most mouth-watering snacks!

36. Edwin H. Land Was Born in Connecticut

Polaroid pictures have become quite the aesthetic today with their nostalgic frames and filters. Yet, have you ever wondered who invented instant photography? Well, the credit goes to Edwin H. Land.

Edwin H. Land, an American scientist and inventor, is the co-founder of the Polaroid Corporation and the inventor of instant photography. He was born on May 7, 1909, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Edwin created the first instant camera, the Polaroid Model 95, which was released in 1948, after his daughter asked him why she couldn’t immediately see a photo!

37. Long Island Sound Is the Lowest Point in Connecticut

Let’s discover the geography-related fun facts about Connecticut. 

Long Island Sound, situated in the southern region of Connecticut, is the lowest point in the state. It is an estuary, which is located 80 feet or 24 metres below sea level.

38. Connecticut Was the First State To Impose a Speed Limit

Don’t think about speeding in Connecticut! After all, it was the first state in the US to impose a speed limit.

Connecticut set the maximum legal speed limit to 12 mph (cities) and 15 mph (rural) in 1901. 

39. Bristol, Connecticut Is Called the “Mum City” 

Let’s talk about adorable fun facts about Connecticut. 

Bristol is regarded as the “Mum City.” It is not anything related to mothers, but chrysanthemums!

The city used to produce more than 80,000 chrysanthemum plants before 1986. It also had a special festival “Bristol Mum Festival” since 1962. The first festival which was held on October 7, 1962, had a chrysanthemum ball, a parade, and even the first Miss Bristol competition.

40. The First Helicopter in the US Flew in Connecticut

This is one of the most legendary fun facts about Connecticut. The first successful helicopter flight took place in Connecticut! 

The helicopter VS-300, designed by Igor Sikorsky and built by the Vought-Sikorsky company, took its first flight on September 14, 1939, in Stratford, Connecticut. This event was a significant one in the history of helicopters and aircraft. 

41. Connecticut is Known for Hot Lobster Rolls

Here are food-related fun facts about Connecticut’s cuisine. 

One of the most iconic dishes in Connecticut is the hot lobster roll. You can find it in many New England places, but Connecticut has its own way of preparing it.

The Connecticut-style lobster roll consists of warm lobster meat with a little bit of butter, filled inside a hot dog bun. Its description certainly makes me want to take a flight to Connecticut!

There are several places in the state where you can get delicious lobster rolls. These include Lobster Shack (East Haven), Lobster Landing (Clinton), and Guilford Lobster Pound (Guilford). 

42. You Can Visit Mark Twain’s House in Connecticut

Although Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri, he used to live in Connecticut between 1874 and 1891. 

Hence, you can visit the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Connecticut. The house offers many things that can give you a peek into Mark Twain’s life and work. The museum also showcases mini-documentaries on Mark Twain. 

43. ESPN Was Founded in Connecticut

These are some fun facts about Connecticut for sports lovers.

ESPN, the cable sports channel, was founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen and Ed Eagan, in Bristol, Connecticut. Today, the company’s headquarters are located in the same city where it was founded. 

Bill Rasmussen wanted to broadcast sports events all over Connecticut through ESPN. However, in the present day, ESPN has become a world-famous channel for sports. 

44. Connecticut Had the First Witch Execution

Here are some spine-chilling fun facts about Connecticut.

The Salem Witch Trials are one of the most popular witch hunts in the history of the US. However, did you know where it all started?

Well, it was in a town named Windsor in Connecticut. Alse Young became the first person to be executed for witchcraft on May 26, 1647. She was hanged near the Meeting House Square in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Later, the state had more than 43 witchcraft cases, and 16 of those alleged “witches” were executed. 

45. Some Cemeteries in Connecticut Are Reportedly Haunted

Let’s talk about some spooky fun facts about Connecticut!

There are many confirmed haunted cemeteries in Connecticut like the Union Cemetery in Easton, Stepney Cemetery in Monroe, Gunntown Cemetery in Naugatuck, and the Great Hill Cemetery in Seymour

One of the most haunted cemeteries in Connecticut is the Union Cemetery, infamous for its “White Lady.” 

Ed and Lorraine Warren, the famous exorcists, have also published a book, “Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery,” featuring the White Lady.

46. Harriet Beecher Stowe Was Born in Connecticut

Harriet Beecher Stowe is an influential figure in American history, as she was both a celebrated author and an abolitionist. She was born on June 14, 1811, in Litchfield, Connecticut. 

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is one of the most acclaimed novels written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It portrays the harsh realities of slavery in the US and makes people aware of the abolitionist movement. 

47. The Flag of Connecticut Has Grapevines

These are some fun facts about Connecticut and its state flag.

The state flag consists of a blue background with three grapevines on it. These grapevines either represent the colonies of Connecticut, New Haven, and Saybrook, or the first towns established by the Europeans – Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor (in Connecticut).

48. Qui Transtulit Sustinet Is the State Motto of Connecticut

Connecticut’s state seal has the official motto, “Qui Transtulit Sustinet.” It is a Latin phrase, which roughly translates to “He who transplanted sustains.” 

This motto is quite old, as it was adopted by the Connecticut Colony in 1662 when it received a royal charter from Charles II of England. 

The phrase means the idea that God, who brought the colonists to the land, cares for them and sustains them.

49. Connecticut Has a State Aircraft

Here are some rare fun facts about Connecticut. 

Connecticut declared Corsair F4U as the state’s official aircraft. This aircraft was one of the best fighter-bomber aircraft during both the Korean War and World War II. 

50. Yale University, Connecticut Was the First School in the US to Give a PhD

Yale University, situated in New Haven, Connecticut, is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the US. Did you know that it is also the first college in the entire country to give PhD degrees?

In 1861, Yale University became the first school to award three PhD degrees to Eugene Schuyler, Arthur Williams Wright, and James Morris Whiton

51. Many Presidents and Politicians Graduated From Yale University in Connecticut

As mentioned above, Connecticut is the home to one of the best Ivy Leagues, Yale University. Therefore, there are many reputed politicians and presidents who have studied in Connecticut. 

The five US presidents who have studied at Yale University are Gerald Ford, William Howard Taft, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.  

Apart from the US presidents, Yale has also been the alma mater of 19 US Supreme Court Justices and 10 Founding Fathers

52. Katharine Hepburn Was Born in Connecticut

Katherine Hepburn, one of the leading ladies of many Hollywood movies, was from Connecticut. She was born on May 12, 1907, in Hartford, Connecticut

Katherine starred in many well-known movies such as “The Philadelphia Story,” “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” and “The African Queen.”

53. Connecticut Has One of the Oldest Public Libraries

I have an unhealthy obsession with libraries, so this is one of my favourite fun facts about Connecticut.

Scoville Memorial Library, situated in Salisbury, Connecticut, is one of the oldest public libraries. It was started in 1803 and was also the first public library in the whole US to be free of charge. 

Today, the library has more than 30,000 items, including books, reference materials, and books, which are free of cost. 

54. The European Praying Mantis Is the State Insect of Connecticut

Here are some random fun facts about Connecticut. 

The European Praying Mantis became the state insect of Connecticut on October 1st 1977. Even though the insect is not native to the US, it is beneficial to farmers and for agricultural purposes. Therefore, it was declared the state’s official insect. 

55. Michael Bolton Was Born in Connecticut

There are simply too many famous personalities who were born in Connecticut.

Michael Bolton, an American singer, who is known for his hit songs in the ‘80s and ‘90s like “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” and “Said I Loved You…But I Lied,” is from Connecticut too. 

Michael was born on February 26, 1953, in New Haven, Connecticut. He left his school when he was 16, and decided to pursue music. 

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Connecticut may be a small state, but it is filled with talented people, the prestigious Yale University, natural beauty, and a deep history. I hope these fun facts about Connecticut helped you connect more with this lovely state! 

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