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35 Fun Facts About The Spanish Population

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The Spanish population are some of the most interesting and fun people in the world. Why? Find out in this article!

From cherishing each life’s moment to being the inventor of unusual laws, Spaniards are full of life. Here are 35 interesting facts about the Spanish population

The Spanish Population- Overview

From enjoying a lavish, carefree, and casual lifestyle to being the inventors of unusual yet adrenaline-boosting festivals, Spanish people, or Spaniards (yes, that’s what they call themselves), know how to keep themselves entertained.

Indeed, Spaniards are easygoing, fun, non-judgmental, and brimming with life. Besides enjoying life, Spaniards know how important it is to take care of oneself. Well, that’s just scratching the surface, and there’s more that Spanish population is known for.

If you’re curious to know about such peace-lovers, buckle up before diving in to discover 35 fun facts about the Spanish population. 

Facts About The Spanish Population

Top 35 Fun Facts about the Spanish Population 

Moving forward, I will outline and briefly 35 fun facts about the Spanish population which relate to their customs, lifestyle, laws, and region. 

1.     Spain Is The Second Largest Country in EU

This first one is not one of my ‘facts about the Spanish’ per se, but rather an important fact about their country. Primarily known as the Kingdom of Spain, it’s the second largest country in Europe, covering almost 506,000 km only if you consider the Canary Islands and Spanish territories across the North African coastlines part of the region. 

The largest region, however, is France – the country of love!

2.     The Spanish Population Is The 5th Largest In Europe

Spain is home to a whopping 47 million people. Around 6.5 million Spaniards reside in the Great Madrid area alone, while 5.5 million live in Barcelona.

3.     Spaniards Have an Unusual Routine

If you’re accustomed to eating and sleeping early, you have to meet Spaniards – people with an unusual food consumption schedule. 

Most Spaniards eat during midnight, and it’s considered normal. Usually, the inhabitants enjoy a coffee for breakfast, a balanced meal at 1-3 pm, and doze off to sleep after having dinner at around 10 pm. Many would argue that this is one of the most important facts about the Spanish!

4.     Spaniards don’t Mind Nudity

If you have been wondering what to wear when in Spain, then this Spanish population fact might be of interest to you! Here’s one of the most crazy facts about the Spanish population you never knew existed: Spaniards have the right to exhibit their body anywhere. There are no legislative laws regarding nudity in place, and people are free to show off their bodies in public and supermarkets.

Even the most liberal countries have some laws, but if you fly to Spain, things are quite different. 

5.     Advocates of Same-Sex Marriage

Did you know that gay marriages have been legal in Spain since 2005? Spaniards consider that humans have the right to live freely and make their own choices; hence, they support same-sex marriage.

Not only that, but gay pride events occur across the country, where thousands of people flock to show their support. In particular, the Barcelona pride event is the most popular, attracting people from faraway places.

Facts About The Spanish Population

6.     Majority Of The Population Are Roman Catholics

At one time, 98% of the Spanish population was Roman Catholic. However, the number has climbed down as the Spaniards have grown in diversity and are eager to explore new religions, especially Islam and Hinduism. 

Currently, only 74% of the population considers themselves Roman Catholics, while only 34% admit that they actively practice the religion. 

7.     They Enjoy Life Unlike Anyone

As mentioned earlier, Spaniards are the most carefree individuals. They make a conscious effort to enjoy life every day, and they live by the sayings such as “no stress” or “tomorrow can wait.” Hence, these people never miss an opportunity. 

It can be as simple as taking an afternoon nap, going for a stroll, munching on a favourite food, or having a drink with friends. Moreover, Spaniards dedicate almost 16 out of 24 hours to leisure activities, including sleeping, eating, and drinking. Quite a dream lifestyle, isn’t it?

8.     The Spanish Are Marijuana Lovers

Spaniards indeed live by the saying, “Everyone’s got the right to make their own choices.” As a result, the Spanish population is free to smoke marijuana at leisure, provided they are consuming it privately. 

Although consuming in public is not permitted, the act has been decriminalised. Furthermore, Spaniards can even grow marijuana, but strictly for their personal use and not with business intentions.

9.     Largest Wine Producers

Spain has rich soil, perfect for harvesting grapes all year round. But you know what? Apart from producing wine, Spaniards consume it too (a lot of it). 

After all, the most carefree people would also be expected to live lavish lives. Indeed, it’s true in the case of Spanish people. Be it dinner or lunchtime; you’ll always find a wine bottle in a Spanish home. 

10. Spain has high Divorce Rates

Surprisingly enough, Spain has the fourth-highest divorce rate in Europe. In 2019 alone, the rate was 55.5 per 100 marriages- well above the EU average of 40%. But what explains such a high divorce rate?

The women’s force is developing in Spain, and women are becoming more financially independent. Hence, it gives the ease to leave unhappy marriages. 

11. Spaniards have Two Surnames

Here’s one of the most fun facts about the Spanish population: the children will have the surname of both their parents. 

Usually, the father’s name comes first, followed by the mother’s name. Moreover, both these names must be present on every legal document. 

12. Spaniards Live A Long Life

The average age of a Spaniard is surprisingly over 83 years – the sixth largest in the world. Moreover, females live more than their male counterparts. Over 30% of the entire population will be aged over 60 years by 2050. 

Facts About The Spanish Population

13. The Spanish Tend To Speak Loudly

Here’s one of the fun facts about the Spanish population: they usually speak loudly. Call it a character or not, but it’s something Spaniards are known for.

14. Spaniards Enjoy Siesta

Spaniards do prioritise their life satisfaction. Hence, most people dedicate some time to siesta – an afternoon nap lasting about 20 minutes. Want to know what’s more crazy? This ritual affects the entire country since stores and establishments are closed anytime between 2-5 pm for a nap.

15. Unique Spanish Dances

One of the most interesting facts about the Spanish population is their love for fun and life. If you fly to Spain, don’t be surprised to see dancers in bright costumes who dance with a burning passion. Some typical dances include the Paso Doble, the Flamenco, and the Copla

16. Olive Oil Producers

Spain is known for producing over half of the world’s total olive oil supply. Oh, here’s another striking fact for you: Italy is the largest importer of olive oil from Spain. 

17. Best Place for Lottery Winners

If you want to test your luck and earn huge just before Christmas, Spain is where you need to go. In December 2019 alone, the country had a national lottery fund of 2.24 billion pounds. Worth a try, isn’t it?

18. They Don’t Believe In The Tooth Fairy

One of the thought-provoking facts about the Spanish population is that children hope to be visited by a mouse – El Raton Perez – instead of a tooth fairy. The children believe the mouse leaves them a gift under the pillow for a tooth. 

Facts About The Spanish Population

19. Not Everyone Speaks Spanish

Spain consists of several autonomous communities with a certain level of self-government. For instance, the Basque country speaks the Basque language. So yes, don’t be surprised to see people speaking different languages.

20. There Is A Wordless National Anthem

Written in 1761, Marcha Real is the oldest national anthem in the world. Although it had words previously, now only the tune is left. So, Spaniards only have to hum along to the melody and not sing the national anthem.

21. The Custom of Serving Tapas

Tapas refer to any type of popular snack in Spain. So, whenever you go out for a drink, you can get free tapas. Want a free treat? Head to any local bar in Spain. This custom stems from bar-goers who used a plate to cover their drinks to avoid flies getting in.

22. Second Highest Unemployment Rate in EU

Only behind Greece, Spain has an unemployment rate of 14.73% – 2nd highest in the EU. Fortunately, it’s better compared to the high rate of 24% back in 2015.

23. Unusual New Year Custom

One more interesting fact about the Spanish population is that they have a peculiar way of starting a new year. While most people usually start their new year by drinking, Spaniards do it by eating a total of twelve grapes. 

If you manage to eat one grape at each exact stroke of midnight, you’ll have good luck for the following year (as per the sayings).

24. The Sagrada Familia is Still Unfinished

The construction of the Antoni Gaudi-designed cathedral started in 1882, and it’s still going on. It’s one of the primary attractions in Spain, enticing 2.8 million visitors annually. The completion date is expected to be in 2026. 

25. One of the Oldest Restaurants in Spain

El restaurante Botin – the world’s oldest restaurant, has been running since 1725. It’s listed on the Guinness World record as the oldest eatery in Madrid. If you’re in Madrid, don’t forget to check in and try the restaurant’s famous roasted ham. 

26. A Center of Fun-filled Festivals

From throwing tomatoes at the La Tomatina festival to being chased by the bull in the streets of Pamplona, Spain is a fun-filled tourist destination. Apart from these festivals, you can even enjoy watching statues burned during Las Fallas or learn about the region’s rich history. 

Facts About The Spanish Population

27. Haven of 47 UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites

From the bridges, buildings, and historical centres to the rock arts and world-famous Alhambra, you cannot miss Spain’s famous heritage sites. Currently, Spain has the third highest number of historic sites globally. 

28. A Great Tourist’s Spot

Spain is home to over 681 blue flag beaches and famous party islands. You cannot miss out on the fun found in the Canary Islands and the party island of Ibiza. That’s not all!

There are historic places and high trekking mountains to discover in the region. Indeed, Spain surely has hot destinations waiting to be discovered by tourists.

29. The Artists’ Enclave

The country has produced some of the top artists over the centuries. Some notable names include the legendary Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Diego Velazquez.

30. Highest Number of Bars

Spaniards are the top wine producers, so it is no surprise that you can find many bars across the region. Spain has the highest number of bars in all of Europe.

31. The Surprising Fact About Coria del Rio

In this small town, over 700 people have the name “Japon.” How did it come into being? Well, during the 17th century, a samurai, “Hasekura de Japón”, stopped in the town for a diplomatic journey. Hence, many of this town’s inhabitants are descended from Hasekura de Japon Tsunenaga. 

32. A Great Hub for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

One of the great facts about the Spanish population is that female empowerment is on the rise. Five years after the global financial crisis, 40% of new businesses were set up by females; creating 800,000 jobs and providing a huge boost to the economy.

33. Low Marriage Age

Until 2016, Spain had unusual and lowest marriage ages in Europe. Girls were allowed to marry at 14 and boys at the age of 16 (after parents’ consent). After the constitutional change, the minimum age is 16 and 18 for girls and boys, respectively.

34. Biggest Fresh Food Market

Spain is home to an 8000-meter market in Valencia. The Mercado Central was designed in 1914 according to the Valencian architectural style. Inside the market, you can find almost 900 stands selling everything you can think of.

35. The Invention’s Hub

I’ll end my list with one of the fascinating historical facts about the Spanish Population.  Spaniards were the inventors of many useful objects, including the stapler in the 18th century, the mop and bucket in 1956, and the spaceship suit in 1935. 

Summing Up the 35 Fun Facts About the Spanish Population!

From learning about the views of Spaniards to knowing their customs, beliefs, and activities, it’s indeed worthwhile to explore Spanish and meet the locals. Let’s not also forget that Spanish is home to exquisite beaches and restaurants, capable of making one’s vacation one to remember. 

If you think I’ve missed any facts about the Spanish population, feel free to comment below. 

Oh, and if you have liked my list of 35 facts about the Spanish population, give a read to the following exciting blog posts that reveal hidden tourist facts. 

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