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46 Fun Facts About Switzerland

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Are you in search of some fun facts about Switzerland? Then you have come to the right place!

Swiss fondue, mountain cable cars, and peaks covered with white snow as cotton, Switzerland is indeed a heaven on earth. But that’s not all to the land of tall peaks and the world’s most astounding, scenic, and breathtaking tourism spot. In fact, there is much more to unfold about it.

So, if you want to make your next visit to Switzerland worthwhile, you must read this post until the end. Here, I will share 46 fun facts about Switzerland. Keep reading!

facts about Switzerland

Fun Facts About Switzerland

Fasten your seat belts as I walk you through some of the craziest fun facts about Switzerland. By the end, update your bucket list because there are some huge surprises here! However, fact number 20 is literally going to shock you!

So, let’s start.

1.   Country Houses With A Secret 

Here is the first of my fun facts about Switzerland- We all have seen those lovely country houses amongst the mountains in movies. The Swiss army has been hiding heavy weapons for tough times in these houses. Guess this is enough as one of the most unusual facts about Switzerland.

2. The Swiss Alps Can Explode At Any Moment

Here I am not trying to scare you, but one thing is sure about Switzerland: all the entry points are mined against foreign invasion. Many engineers have reported that tunnels and bridges you might pass through in Switzerland are full of explosives.

3. The Safest Place To Be During Nuclear Wars!

Nuclear war isn’t expected to happen any soon. However, if it does happen, there can be no safer place to stay than Switzerland. To survive nuclear war, they have actually prepared shelters for that. You can find them in the basement.

4. The Alps Aren’t Swiss Totally

The Alps and Switzerland both go hand in hand. However, among the least known facts about Switzerland is that only one-fifth of the alps are present here. Ironically 28% of alp mountains are in Austria. Despite this, Switzerland has the highest alps, and the scenery we have all been looking at for ages is proof of that.

5. Animal Rights Are Significant Here

Swiss are actual animal lovers. And to protect them, they have ensured everyone abides by the state’s animal law. You can take your furry friend with you wherever you go, even for dinner.

6. More Than 7,000 Lakes

While a country might have only one or two lakes, Switzerland has around 7000 lakes. And among the fascinating facts about Switzerland lakes is that they are crystal clear and clean enough to sip away on them.

facts about Switzerland

7. Longest Staircase In The World Is Here

With 11,674 steps, Switzerland has the longest staircase in the world. It is located on the train road in Niesen mountain. A public run is organized yearly, where you can enjoy the scenery while climbing up.

8. World’s Longest Funicular Is In Switzerland

Now, if you aren’t fond of climbing stairs, you can go to the station, get on the Niesenbahn and reach the hill in 30 minutes. Additionally, this funicular is one of the longest funiculars in Europe. Make sure to visit this place the next time you visit Switzerland.

9. Most Of The Nobel Prize Winners Are Born Here

A number of people who have graduated from Swiss universities won Nobel prizes and are scientists.

10. Considerable Number Of Immigrants

Another strange fact about Switzerland is that 25% of the population here is foreigners. A considerable number of immigrants are received by Switzerland. Of this, 80% belong to European countries.

11. PowerPoints Are Considered Boring Here

This might be one of the unknown facts about Switzerland. Swiss hate to use PowerPoints for presenting presentations about programs. Rather they think of blackboard presentations to be more effective.

12. The Famous E=MC2 Formula Was Born Here

The famous theory of relativity dates back to the era when Albert Einstein came to Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Next time you arrange a trip to Switzerland, make sure to arrange a trip to Bern. It is fascinating to walk on the streets where Einstein once walked. This is indeed among the unknown facts about Switzerland.

13. Among The Most Expensive Countries To Live In The World

Among the most expensive canton is the canton of Zurich. And it also remains to be the most populated canton all around Switzerland. Even though rents might be expensive here, the residents get a premium salary, so they aren’t going to complain much.

facts about Switzerland

14. Not One, Not Two, But Four National Languages

Yes, you read that right! The country has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The most common word you can learn to use there is Hallo, which means hello when translated into English.

15. Lowest Crime Rate

Military services are mandatory in Switzerland. Because of this, many men would have ammunition at home when they’re done with their training. Even though gun ownership is widespread here, the crime rate remains low. This is one of my favourite facts about Switzerland.

16. Milk Is The National Drink

Swiss have this fizzy drink called Rivella with milk and whey as the main ingredient. And this remains to be the most consumed beverage in the country after Coca-Cola. Don’t forget to give this one a shot when you have a stay there!

17. Country With The Least Obesity

If you want to stay in shape, Switzerland is the country you need to move to. The obesity percentage here is just 17.5%. We wonder where all those Swiss chocolates and fondues go.

18. Fine Salary With Job Security

Workers in Switzerland get to have the highest average in the world. And not only this, but the country also has high job security standards. If you need a secure future, there can be no better place than Switzerland.

19. People Here Love Alcohol With All Of Their Heart

Swiss people are known to consume at least 36 litres of wine annually. If you are curious about how this wine tastes, you might have to visit there because they only export 2% of their Swiss wine.

20. Assisted Suicide Is Legal Here!

Now, this might be one of the most shocking facts about Switzerland. Anyone who genuinely wants to end their life can demand an assisted voluntary death. What happens here is that a doctor would prepare medicine for you to put you to death.

The condition here is that you have to drink that drug yourself. Otherwise, if the doctor places it in your mouth, it can be murder. Click here to learn more about suicide tourism.

facts about Switzerland

21. Lowest Unemployment Rate

Switzerland has an unemployment rate of as low as 2.7%. And this, of course, contributes to a prosperous economy. Swiss are known to have a high level of education and are specialized in their fields.

22. Meat Is Way Too Expensive Here

Swiss meat is more expensive than meat all around Europe. And you can expect the price to increase if the quality of the meat is top-notch. Don’t forget to tickle your taste buds with Swiss meat to know whether it is worth the hype.

23. Highest Peaks In Europe Are Here

As discussed above, not all the alps in the world might be here, but here you would find some of the highest peaks in Europe. Around two hundred and eight mountains here are above 3000 meters—among them, 48 have a peak higher than 4000 meters.

24. Switzerland Is Governed By 7 People

Switzerland doesn’t have a president. Although they have, not one. 7 people nominated from the country’s top-rated parties get to govern the land. Every year, one of these is given a chance to provide as president until the eighth year, when a new candidate is elected.

25. Longest Tunnel Is Here

Another fun fact about Switzerland is that the longest tunnels reside here. The Gotthard tunnel is around 57 km long and has shortened the distance between Zurich and Lugano by 45 minutes.

26. Coffee Is Expensive Here

Among other exciting facts about Switzerland is that the most expensive cities for coffee are here. When comparing coffee prices, we often consider Starbucks as a basis.

You would be amazed to hear that the prices vary by 400% compared to the coffee price in Brazil (1.21 pounds) and Zurich (5.72 pounds).

facts about Switzerland

27. Swiss People Can Actually Change A Law

Yes, Swiss people can alter a law though they would have to collect at least 50,000 signatures! These are the virtues of being governed by direct democracy.

28. LSD Was Discovered By A Swiss Scientist

Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann was the one who discovered LSD when he was running tests for migraine treatment in Basel, Switzerland.

29. Switzerland Isn’t A Member Of The European Nation

Despite adopting the majority of EU regulations, Switzerland, which pursues a neutral posture in foreign relations, has not been a formal member of the European Union.

30. Specific Rules To Follow Naming Your Child

If you are having babies there, you might have to follow a specific law to name your children. First, you must acknowledge that you can’t have a boy’s name for a girl and a girl’s name for a boy.

31. You Can’t Expect Snow Throughout The Year

Even when we think of Switzerland, we typically picture tall, snow-capped mountains. But in reality, many ski resorts could not have existed without synthetic snow. Even though summers are brief, temperatures can rise above 30 to 35 °C.

31. Cannabis Is Legal Here

Cannabis is legal in Switzerland. However, it doesn’t get you high because cannabis has various active components.

33. The Country Has Palm Trees As Well

Again, being famous for the alp trees and snowy peaks, finding a palm tree would be really unusual. Lakes are linked with palms and other tropical plants, mainly in the southern part of the alps, Ticino.

facts about Switzerland

34. Switzerland Remains To Be The Happiest Country In The World

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the world’s most lively countries in terms of things like human rights, living standards, law and order, and the health system. This makes people live and enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life!

35. Almost 50% High Divorce Rate

To be more precise, the average divorce rate is 43%. Guess they seem to like their freedom a lot.

36. Sundays Are Peaceful Here

In Switzerland, you can rest assured about nobody destroying your sleep on the weekend. The country has a rule that there must be zero disturbance on Sundays to not disturb the peace of the people around. 

37. Switzerland Is An Eco-Friendly Country

In terms of trash management and recycling, Switzerland is a global leader. Swiss are successful at recycling garbage and converting them into energy.

38. Dog Owners Have To Pay Tax

The size and weight of the dog determine the annual tax, and taxation might vary according to a canton.

39. This Country Eats The Most Chocolates

Of course, these guys produce some of the best chocolates in the world, so technically, they will consume most of it. I’m sure you are already a fan of those Swiss chocolates, don’t you?

40. You Have To Share Your Washing Machines Here

Swiss people share their laundry and have a specific day for washing clothes. Machines are mostly in the basements, and the management decides schedules for every tenant.

41. Swiss People Like To Smoke

If you visit Switzerland, you will find that this country is very fond of smoking. Still, they are yet to surpass Turkey’s record.

42. Two Of The Most Lively Cities Belongs To Switzerland

Two of the most lively and the best cities to live in, Zurich and Geneva, are in Switzerland. There is no shortage of things to do in Geneva and Zurich and both cities have a fantastic atmosphere.

43. University Education Is Much Affordable

If you need quality education, and that too, without getting broke, Switzerland is the country to go for. Swiss universities are not only famous for their high-quality and advanced education but also for affordability.

44. Switzerland Is Not A Huge Country

Switzerland is just locked at around 41,277 square km. If we compare it with California, it’s 10 times bigger than this.

45. Huge Exporter Of Watches

This might be one of the well-known facts about Switzerland, and chances are that you are familiar with it. The luxurious watches that we use and adore belong here. Probably one of your colleagues or neighbors might have it!

46. High Life Expectancy

Swiss people often live longer and have an average lifespan of 85 or more years. It’s the second most after Japan. Moreover, the country has a greater number of people over 100 in Europe. The reason could be the air quality, the number of walking routes, and the accessibility of top-notch medical treatment.

Facts about Switzerland- further reading

Well, this was the list of some fun facts about Switzerland that you probably didn’t know. From its beautiful sceneries to the most serene and picturesque background, Switzerland is always a place worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. You could enjoy the trip tenfold by knowing the country better beforehand.

Chances are that you might fall in love with some new flavours of chocolate too!

Did you enjoy this article about the facts about Switzerland? Do you have any other facts about Switzerland to share? If so leave them in the comments below. And take a look at some of these articles too-

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