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29 Fascinating Facts About Quebec 

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There are so many interesting facts about Quebec. From the history and culture to the nature and sports, there is plenty going on in this Canadian province! Lets take a look at the 29 most fascinating facts…

Facts About Quebec

Quebec, a French-speaking province in Canada, is known for its picturesque locations and rich history. After seeing the province’s pictures, I’m convinced that it’s nothing less than an enchanting town straight out of a fairytale! 

If you’re smitten by this Canadian province just like I am, these facts about Quebec will help you know more about it. So, read on!

1. Quebec Is the Largest Province in Canada

29 Fascinating Facts About Quebec

Let’s start with some general facts about Quebec first. 

Canada has ten provinces, and out of these, Quebec is the largest province. It has an area of 1.668 million square kilometres. 

There are three main cities in Quebec – Québec City (485.8 km²), Montreal (431.5 km²), and Laval (266.8 km²). It’s also the second most popular province in Canada after Ontario, with a population of 8,695,659 in 2022. 

2. What Does Quebec Mean?

Fun facts about Quebec are incomplete without discussing the origin and meaning of its name!

The name “Quebec” originates from the Algonquin word, “kebec”. It translates to “narrow passage”. 

The whole region was given this name, because of the Saint Lawrence River. When the French explorer Samuel de Champlain came to Quebec, he saw the narrowing of this river in Quebec City, and called the city “kebec”.

3. French Is the Official Language of Quebec

As Quebec was a part of the French colony, it isn’t surprising that French is the most common and official language of Quebec province. So, let’s talk about these language-related facts about Quebec. 

In 1977, the Charter of the French Language established French as the official language of Quebec. This move was taken to preserve and maintain the French culture and heritage of Quebec’s locals. 

Today, you’ll see that the first language of 71.2% of Quebecers is French, and 95% of Quebecers also know and speak French. 

4. Quebec Is the Largest Maple Syrup Producer Globally

It’s a crime to not talk about Maple Syrup production while discussing facts about Quebec! 

Today, Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup, as it produces 90% of Canada’s maple syrup. It also contributes 72% to the production of maple syrup globally.

Time to go to Quebec, and eat some delicious pancakes with their maple syrup!

5. The Quebec Flag Symbolises Purity and French Heritage

Quebec has its own flag (Fleurdelisé) to pay respects to its French past and heritage. 

The flag consists of a white cross on a blue field. It is a type of ancient French military banner. Moreover, it also has four fleurs-de-lis, which represent the French monarchy and purity. 

6. Quebec Has the Oldest Church in Canada

As Christianity is the main faith in Canada, there are many churches there. However, the oldest church, Notre-Dame de Québec, built in 1688, is located in the heart of Old Quebec.

In 1874, this Roman Catholic Church was also elevated to the title of a minor basilica by Pope Pius IX.

7. Quebec is Home to Many Irish People!

29 Fascinating Facts About Quebec 

These facts about Quebec are quite interesting.

We all know that the people of Quebec share French ancestry. However, along with that, you’ll also find many Quebecers with Irish ancestry!

In fact, more than 40% of Quebecers have some sort of Irish lineage. It is because many Irish people relocated to Quebec during the 19th century due to political instability and famine.

8. Quebec Hosts the Largest Winter Carnival in the World

If you love winter carnivals, read these facts about Quebec. 

The largest winter carnival, Québec Winter Carnival, takes place annually in Quebec City in Quebec. It is also one of the oldest winter carnivals, as it started in 1894!

Today, this carnival has many things to offer to its visitors. There are vibrant parades, concerts, snow sculpture competitions, and the construction of a huge ice palace!

9. Montreal is Known as the “Paris of North America”

Although there’s no city like Paris, there are some cities that provide a similar vibe. According to many people, Montreal is one of them. In these facts about Quebec, let’s discuss why.

Most of Montreal has European-styled architecture, similar to Paris. Also, it has a hustling-bustling social scene, just like Paris, as it’s the most populous city in Quebec. The city also has many museums and art galleries. 

10. Quebec Has the Most Photographed Hotel Ever!

Photographers and Instagrammers, these facts about Quebec are for you!

The world’s most photographed hotel, The Château Frontenac, is located in Quebec City in Quebec. The reason behind its popularity is its grand French-style architecture. 

Moreover, the scenery of the St. Lawrence River near the hotel definitely matches the grandeur look of the hotel. 

But, it seems like this hotel might only be good for photographs, because the cost of a room for one night exceeds $500!

11. A Lot of Famous People Are Born in Quebec

Did you know that your favourite famous personality might have been born in Quebec? Well, let’s check out such facts about Quebec. 

Celine Dion, a Canadian singer, famous for singing songs like “My Heart Will Go On”, was born in Charlemagne, Quebec.

Some other famous personalities from Quebec include Anna Hopkins, Maurice Richard, Leonard Cohen, and William Shatner. 

12. There Are Falls Higher Than Niagara Falls in Quebec

When it comes to the waterfalls of Canada, we only ever think of Niagara Falls. But, these facts about Quebec will teach you something different! 

In Quebec, there are many breathtaking waterfalls that are higher than Niagara Falls. One of these is Montmorency Falls. It has a height of 83 metres or 272 feet, whereas Niagara has a height of 57 metres or 188 feet. 

Sainte-Anne Falls (243 feet or 74 metres) is yet another waterfall in Quebec which is higher than Niagara Falls.

13. Pâté Chinois Is Quebec’s Shepherd’s Pie 

We all know what a Shepherd’s Pie is! After all, it is one of the main dishes of the UK. 

Shepherd’s Pie consists of two main layers – a layer of cooked minced meat and another of mashed potatoes. Now, the dish, Pâté Chinois is pretty similar and is considered as Quebec’s Shepherd’s pie.

In Pâté Chinois, there are three layers. The bottom layer consists of ground beef, which is then topped with a middle layer of canned corn, and finally, mashed potatoes are added. The dish is baked just like Shepherd’s Pie!

14. You Have To Try Montreal Smoked Meat

29 Fascinating Facts About Quebec

Reading about the cuisines of various places is one of the best things! Hence, let’s go over some food facts about Quebec. 

Quebec has many iconic dishes such as Poutine, Tourtière, and Tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean. However, the one dish that you’ve to try includes the Montreal Smoked Meat. 

Montreal Smoked Meat is an essential component in many dishes, like sandwiches. It is simply a well-smoked beef brisket with many delicious seasonings. 

There are many places in Montreal offering this dish, such as Reuben’s Deli & Steak House and Dunn’s Famous.

15. Many Canadian Prime Ministers Are Quebecers

These facts about Quebec show that Quebecers can be pretty good leaders! After all, six of Canada’s prime ministers are from Quebec. 

These prime ministers include Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Sir John A. Macdonald, Brian Mulroney, and Brian Mulroney. 

16. The First Woman To Play on an NHL Hockey Team Was Quebecer

In the past, most women weren’t a part of many sports, including hockey. 

However, Manon Rhéaume, hailing from Quebec, was the first NHL Hockey player. In 1992, she played in a preseason NHL exhibition game for the Tampa Bay Lightning against the St. Louis Blues. 

17. Québec Was a Part of New France Till 1763 

Let’s discover some past facts about Quebec. 

New France was a colonial French territory that consisted of many regions in present-day Canada and the US. Now, Quebec was an important site for the French territory, as it served as the capital. 

But, in 1763, the French gave away most of its territories to the British, including Quebec. After this, Quebec became a part of British territory, but its French heritage is still quite intact. 

18. One of the Oldest Breweries in North America Was Started in Quebec

The Molson Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in the entire North America. In 1786, it was established by an English immigrant, John Molson, in Montreal, Quebec. 

Initially, this brewery was only popular in Montreal. However, over the next few years, it gained popularity all over Canada. Today, the company is operated by Molson Coors Beverage Company.

19. Montreal Hosted the Summer Olympic Games

Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, is the only Canadian city to host the Summer Olympic Games. In the past, the Winter Olympic Games were held in 2010 (Vancouver/Whistler British Columbia) and 1988 (Calgary Alberta).

The Summer Olympics in Montreal took place between July 17 and August 1, 1976. The city had a special stadium, Olympic Stadium, for the Olympic games. This stadium has a capacity of more than 50,000 people. You can even take a guided tour of it!

20. 12% of Quebec’s Surface Is Covered by Water

Quebec has a lot of areas covered by freshwater. In fact, 12% of its total surface contains water. It also has 3% of the world’s freshwater for just 0.1% of the global population!

The reason behind the abundant amount of freshwater is the extensive network of rivers in Quebec. Some of the main rivers include the Ottawa River, The Great Whale River, and of course the St. Lawrence River!

21. Saint Lawrence River Runs Through Quebec

The beauty of Quebec is exemplified by the Saint Lawrence River that runs through the whole province. 

Saint Lawrence River originates from Lake Ontario and continues to flow through many cities. It also marks an international boundary between the US and Ontario. 

This river passes through Montreal and Quebec City and finally drains into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.

22. Quebec City Dates Back to 1608 

29 Fascinating Facts About Quebec 

Quebec City is one of the oldest European Settlements in North America, as it was founded by Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer, in 1608. 

Even today, you can see the remnants of Quebec’s rich history in certain preserved areas like Old Quebec (also known as Vieux-Québec). This area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its significance in Quebec’s history. 

23. Quebec Holds the Site of the Plains of Abraham Battle

Let’s cover some historical facts about Quebec. 

The Plains of Abraham Battle, or the Battle of Quebec was a turning point in the history of Canada. This battle was fought between the French with their indigenous allies and the British. 

The British Army, led by General James Wolfe, defeated the French Army in the battle and captured the present-day area of Quebec. 

The site where the Plains of Abraham Battle took place is located in Québec City in Quebec today. 

24. Quebec’s Official Motto Is “I Remember”

Quebec’s official motto, “Je me souviens translates to “I Remember”. 

This motto has a huge significance in the lives of the Quebec people. They consider it as a reminder of their rich heritage, the glories and battles of the past, and the misfortunes. 

You’ll often see this motto written on Quebec licence plates, monuments, and even on its Coat of Arms. 

25. Quebec Has the Most Visited Museum in Canada

The whole province of Quebec is full of quaint towns, and a lot of history.

In fact, it also has the most visited museum in Canada, The Canadian Museum of History. This museum was founded in 1856 and has become the most-visited museum in Canada. 

The Canadian Museum of History receives more than 1 million annual visitors. Additionally, it also has more than three million artefacts and documents

26. Quebec Hosts Montreal International Film Festival

These facts about Quebec are probably known to most cinephiles. After all, the Montreal International Film Festival is one of the most popular and the oldest film festivals, making this a popular film tourism destination.

The Montreal International Film Festival was founded in 1977 and is generally held in late August every year. Many filmmakers, actors, directors, and other professionals from all over the world attend this festival!

27. Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Is a Public Holiday in Quebec

The people of Quebec seem to enjoy an extra public holiday, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, celebrated on June 24th every year, marks the birth of St. John the Baptist. He is the patron saint of French Canadians and is highly regarded in the entire province. 

28. Quebec City Is the Capital, Not Montreal!

Most people often have this misconception that the capital of the Quebec province is Montreal. However, even if Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, it isn’t the capital. 

The actual capital of Quebec is Quebec City, which is the second largest city in the whole province.  

29. Poutine Is a Quebec Dish

29 Fascinating Facts About Quebec

You might have heard about the famous French fries dish, Poutine. But, did you know that this dish was actually invented in Quebec?

Many people believe that poutine was invented in the rural areas of Quebec back in the 1950s by Fernand Lachance, a French trucker. 

Also, the word “poutine” has many definitions. Some think that the word originated from the French word “pudding”. On the contrary, some think that it’s a local Quebec slang for the word “mess”. 

After all, poutine is a delicious mess of French fries, cheese curds, and poutine gravy!

Further Reading – Facts About Quebec

Indeed, Quebec is one of the prettiest provinces in Canada. It is a mix of classic European-style architecture and modern architecture. The province’s appreciation towards arts and culture adds to its everlasting beauty! 

So, I hope these facts about Quebec helped you discover its culture, heritage, and even cuisine! 

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