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25 Amazing Facts About Liverpool

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Do you want to know some cool facts about Liverpool? Read on to know more!

Fun Facts About Liverpool

Liverpool is a magnificent city in the UK with a rich history that dates back centuries. It’s known for its beautiful architecture, the Beatles, Liverpool FC, unique landmarks, and much more! 

Let’s discover more about this city through these facts about Liverpool. 

1. Liverpool Has a Lot of Museums

One of the most unique facts about Liverpool is that it has the most number of museums in the UK outside London. There’s a museum for everyone so you can be sure that you’ll find a museum that suits your taste! 

One of the best museums to start with is the Museum of Liverpool, which is the first national museum dedicated to the history of a regional city in the world. There, you’ll learn a lot about the city’s culture, rich heritage that goes centuries back, the city’s great achievements, and more! 

You can also visit the Lady Lever Art Gallery, which is one of the finest art galleries in the world. It has a fascinating collection of fine and decorative art that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 

2. Liverpool Is the World’s Capital of Pop

Yes, that’s true! The Guinness Book of World Records has announced Liverpool as the world’s capital of pop. The city is known for its rich musical history and the famous artists that came from it. Liverpool even invented an entire music genre called the Merseybeat or the Beat Music. 

Moreover, Liverpool is the city with the most number one singles in the UK. So, it’s totally deserving to be called the world’s capital of pop. 

3. Liverpool Was Featured in Many Movies and TV Shows

Liverpool is known for its beautiful architecture and aesthetic buildings from the Royal Liver Building to the Georgian townhouses scattered around the city. 

So, here is one of the fun facts about Liverpool – the city is featured in many movies and TV shows for its architectural beauty. Liverpool was even Gotham City in the movie The Batman. It was also one of the main sets in the hugely popular BBC series, Peaky Blinders. 

4. The Largest Cathedral in Britain Is Located in Liverpool

One of the most interesting facts about Liverpool is that it has the largest cathedral in Britain and the 8th largest church in the world. Anglican Cathedral is one of the best places you can visit in Liverpool. This enormous cathedral is 189 long and took decades to construct. 

Seeing this cathedral from inside is an experience you’ll never forget. Everything from the hot pink neon art to the glorious windows will leave you in awe! 

5. Liverpool Is Over 800 Years Old

For history buffs, this is one of the facts about Liverpool for you! The city is over 800 years old as it was founded in 1207 by King John. However, the city only started developing after opening the first commercial wet dock in the world in 1715.

After that, the city started growing rapidly for the following 2 centuries to become such a major city. 

6. There Is a Bigger Clock Than Big Ben in Liverpool

One of the intriguing facts about Liverpool that many people don’t know is that it has a clock face that is bigger than Big Ben. In fact, Liverpool has the two largest clocks in England. 

You can find these two twin clocks on top of the Liver Building. Each one of these clocks is around 7.6 metres in diameter. Meanwhile, the diameter of the Big Ben clock is around 7 metres only. The twin clocks are some of the most famous attractions in Liverpool. 

7. Liverpool Was Once a World Heritage Site

Liverpool used to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2004 until 2021. However, UNESCO started warning the city leaders in 2012 when they believed that the city was overdeveloping and destroying the heritage value of its waterfront. 

The warnings came, especially, after the city planned to build a football stadium for Everton at Bramley-Moore dock, which would cause further loss to the historic value of the city. 

UNESCO voted in 2021 to strip Liverpool of its World Heritage Site status. According to them, the city has caused irreversible loss to the historic value of its Victorian docks due to the years of overdevelopment in the city. 

8. The First All-Female Sextuplets Were Born in Liverpool

Here’s one of the facts about Liverpool for the biology nerds. A sextuplet is basically when a pregnant woman gives birth to six siblings at the same time. This is an extremely rare phenomenon. 

But, do you know an even rarer phenomenon? A woman in Liverpool gave birth to the first ever all-female sextuplets. All six babies were females! These babies are famously known as the Walton sextuplets. 

9. The First Football Net Was Invented in Liverpool

This is one of the most fun facts about Liverpool for all the football fans reading this article! The first football net was invented in Liverpool by John Alexander, who was a civil engineer and an Everton supporter. 

He tried his invention in Stanley Park in Liverpool. Later on, it was first used in 1891 in a match between North and South. The first goal to hit the football net was scored by Fred Geary. 

10. Liverpool Is Home to the Beatles

We can’t talk about Liverpool without mentioning the music scene in the city. So, here’s one of the music-related facts about Liverpool. 

Liverpool is famously known as the hometown of the Beatles, which is one of the most iconic bands in the world. They are also considered one of the most influential bands in the history of music. 

The Beatles started their music career by performing in small clubs in Liverpool, including The Cavern Club, where they performed almost 300 times. The Cavern Club is still open today and you can add it to your bucket list in Liverpool.

11. “Liverpool” Means “Muddy Pool”

Here’s one of the nerdy facts about Liverpool. The name “Liverpool” actually means “Muddy pool.” It originates from the word “Lifer,” which is an English word that means thick water or muddy. 

12. Steven Gerrard Grew Up in Liverpool

The football legend Steven Gerrard was born in Whiston, Merseyside. After playing for Whiston Juniors, Liverpool scouts noticed him and he joined Liverpool Academy at the age of 9. 

Steven Gerrard grew to be one of the most influential players in the history of football. He was a great midfielder and made 504 appearances in the Premier League and scored 120 goals for his team. Moreover, he played for his national team, England, more than 100 times. 

We couldn’t talk about the facts about Liverpool without mentioning this legend that inspired millions!

13. Liverpudlians Love Football

If you haven’t noticed already, Liverpudlians love football dearly. The city is home to two of the most popular clubs in the UK – Liverpool FC and Everton FC. 

Liverpudlians are very loyal and dedicated. You can notice how full the stadiums are in almost every football match. Even the local pubs are filled with fans on match days who cheer passionately for their teams!

As you walk through the streets of Liverpool you may also notice “YNWA” written on signs and walls. It stands for “You will never walk alone,” which is the motto of Liverpool FC. 

14. Liverpool Enjoys a Diverse Culture

One of the amazing facts about Liverpool is that it’s very culturally diverse. It also has the oldest African community in Britain. Liverpool is also home to some of the oldest mosques in England and a large Chinese community. Moreover, a large portion of residents in Liverpool are bilingual. 

15. People From Liverpool Are Called “Scousers”

Although People from Liverpool are called Liverpudlians, they are commonly referred to as Scousers. What’s funny though is that the word “Scouse” is Liverpool’s specialty stew. Scouse was very popular in Liverpool and even outside of the city so much so that people nicknamed Liverpudlians as Scousers. 

16. Nearly Half a Million People Live in Liverpool

Liverpool is a vibrant and bustling city with a population of nearly half a million people as of 2019. It’s full of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. This centuries-old city is very exciting to live in and attracts people from all over the world every year. 

17. Liverpool Football Club Has Many Fans Across the World

One of the craziest facts about Liverpool FC is that it is one of the most popular football clubs in the world with millions of fans across the globe. 

The club has a rich history and has won many trophies, including 19 league titles, 8 FA Cups, 6 European Cups, 9 League Cups, and dozens more trophies. 

Liverpool FC has a passionate fan base and millions of dedicated supporters from across the world. The team also gained a massive following from the Middle East after Mohamed Salah joined the club back in 2017. He’s been breaking records since he started playing for Liverpool. You can even find his mural at Times Square in NYC. 

18. Liverpool Has Two Football Clubs

Many people think Liverpool FC is the only football club in Liverpool, but that’s not the case! The team Everton is also located in Liverpool. Everton played at Anfield before Liverpool FC themselves. 

Everton had to leave Anfield for Goodison Park after a dispute with the owner of the stadium. Regardless of who played first at Anfield, the two clubs are major teams in the Premier League and have a massive following inside Liverpool and outside. 

19. Liverpool FC Is the 4th Most Valuable Club in the World

Here is one of the facts about Liverpool FC for the hardcore fans. Liverpool FC is the 4th most valuable club in the world according to Forbes. The club’s value is estimated to be around $5.288B as of May 2023. 

20. The Liver Bird Is the Symbol of Liverpool

The Liver bird is a mythical creature that is the symbol of the City of Liverpool. It has been a symbol of the city for centuries. It can be found on the seal of Liverpool, the flag of the city, and even the logo of Liverpool FC. 

Moreover, you can find the Liver bird on many buildings and landmarks throughout Liverpool. The most famous ones are the ones sitting on top of the Liver Building. These two birds are named Bertie and Bella, which is one of the truly fun facts about Liverpool!

21. The Liver Building Is a Famous Attraction in Liverpool 

The Royal Liver Building is one of the most visited attractions in Liverpool. It’s also one of the most pictured buildings in Liverpool. It’s listed as the number one architectural building on Tripadvisor. Additionally, it is a Grade I listed building in Liverpool, which means that it’s a building of exceptional interest. 

The gorgeous building is famous for the two mythical liver birds on top of it and its twin massive clocks. Everything about this building makes it worthy of being included on this list of the best facts about Liverpool. 

22. Liverpool Has Europe’s Oldest Chinatown

Here’s one of the facts about Liverpool that you should know! Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinatown not only in England but throughout Europe. The Chinese community in Liverpool has been there for centuries thanks to the city being a pioneer in international trading. 

You’ll easily recognize Chinatown by the beautiful Chinese Arch at the entry. 

23. Liverpool Built the First School of Its Kind 

Liverpool’s School of Tropical Medicine was the first of its kind when it was first built. The school was established in 1898 and was dedicated to studying tropical medicine and helping with the rise of tropical diseases. 

The school is still open and operating today, which is one of the best facts about Liverpool. 

24. A Garden in Liverpool Used To Be a Graveyard

St James Gardens is a public park located in Liverpool, England. However, not many people know that this park used to be a graveyard. The park was once a cemetery that buried 57,774 people

After the cemetery was completely full, it was decided to turn the cemetery into an open public garden in 1960. All the gravestones were removed and the garden was ready by 1972. 

25. Liverpool Has the Only Slavery Museum in the World

The International Slavery Museum in Liverpool is the only one of its kind in the world. It discusses the sad history of the slave trade and the untold stories of enslaved people. It also shows the rich history of West Africa before slavery. 

So, if you want a thought-provoking experience, don’t miss out on this museum! 

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The facts about Liverpool are endless! From being the world’s capital of pop to having the largest cathedral in Britain, Liverpool is an amazing city that is worth exploring. Everything from its diverse culture to its musical heritage will make you fall in love with it! 

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