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49 Fascinating Facts About India

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Lets take a look at some of the very best facts about India…

A land full of temples, a sanctuary for elephants, and a haven for numerous traditions, customs, and religions; yes, I’m talking about one of the fastest growing economies: India. This vast geographical land holds numerous facts about cuisines, traditions, practices, and islands, making it an exciting place to discover and experience. 

Hence, to give you a sneak peek, I have outlined 49 fascinating facts about India. So, brace yourself for a ride to discover exciting facts about India.

Facts About India

Facts About India No One Told You About

I’ve prepared a list of facts about India that includes India’s secrets, customs, traditions, rich history, and unusual practices. Without any further ado, let’s begin…

1. India as Once an Island

Let’s rewind in history, and I’m talking about 100 million years ago – the time when India was merely an Island. After a further extended period of 50 million years, this island collided with the Asian Continent, and thus, the mighty Himalayas came into being. 

Since then, plenty of civilizations have inhabited the place, and India was predominantly known as Hindustan during the 14th Century.

2. Bengal Tiger is the National Animal of India

Bengal Tiger is an endangered species, and India has the highest number of Royal Bengal Tigers. There are over 408 in Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, followed by 340 in Uttarakhand and 308 in Madhya Pradesh. 

Furthermore, the Bengal tiger was declared the national animal of India in 1973 – the same year when the project tiger was launched to protect Bengal tigers in India. 

3. Gandhi is the Famous Icon of India

Gandhi is a famous icon for every Indian. After all, he was the only personality who fought for the Hindus’ rights in the subcontinent before the partition. He is regarded as the Father of the nation since he resisted the tyrannical rule of British officers.

Since 1996, his photo has been imprinted on every Indian rupee denomination.

4. India has the Tallest Statue

If you were of the view that the Statue of Liberty is the tallest statue on the planet? You’ve got it all wrong. Instead, the Statue of Unity in India is 600 feet high – the tallest in the world. Moreover, it is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.

5. India has 29 States

India is spread over a massive geographical area that consists of over 29 states, including Assam, Kashmir, and Goa. Kashmir is known for its serene environment and tea, while Goa is famous for its lively beach life.

6. The majority of India’s Population is Vegetarian

Since Hindus consider cows to be sacred; hence, they rely on eating vegetables. Therefore, over 20-30% of the total population follows a strict vegetarian diet, while other people rely on consuming fish. Even western eateries like KFC provide tailored vegan food options for customers in India. 

7. It’s The Second most Populous Country in The World

India is home to around 1.37 bn people and counting. Here’s one thing interesting for you: over 49-50 babies are born every minute in India. Hence, it’s no surprise why it’s the second most populous country after China

Moreover, it’s expected that India’s population will surpass China by the year 2050. 

Facts About India

8. India has Over 22 Recognized Languages

Since India is home to multiple ethnic groups, several languages, including Santali, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, and Kashmiri, are spoken within the region.

One of the interesting facts about India is that it has the second largest population of English Speakers, i.e., over 125 million. 

9. Hinduism is the Most-Practiced Religion in India

Hinduism is the third largest religion globally, and guess what? Most Hindus, i.e., over 1 billion, live in India. 

Furthermore, as per the documents and expert suggestions, it’s considered to be the oldest religion still practiced today.

Facts About India

 10. It’s the Land of Temples

It’s a no-brainer since the majority of Hindus reside in India. As a result, there are over 2 million exuberant temples for Hindus to worship. 

But that’s not all! Since around 15% of Muslims live in India, there are around 300,000 mosques; the famous ones being the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad and Jama Masjid in New Delhi.

11. Cows Are Considered Sacred

Due to Hindu customs, cows are worshiped, and it’s sacrilegious to hurt them. Hence, they are allowed to roam freely on the roadways. Oh, and not to forget: cows have a Photo ID card in West Bengal. Interesting, isn’t it?

12. India has a Lake Formed By Meteor.

Lonar lake is one of the hidden secrets located in the State of Maharashtra, India. Over 52,000 years ago, experts suggest that Lonar lake was formed after a meteor hit the surface.

13. Auroville is an Experimental Town in India

Auroville is an experimental town in the Tamil Nadu State, and its primary aim is to form human unity. As a result, it’s a place where people from anywhere can live in harmony and peace. It’s a unique place without any money or religion. 

14. River Ganges is the Holiest River in India 

Running 2495 km from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal; River Ganges is an income source for millions of Indians who live across the banks and earn their livelihood through fishing or agriculture. 

Hindus even consider that a dip in River Ganges purifies one’s soul and directly transports prayers to the heavens.

15. A town with No Doors or Locks

Yes, you read it right. Indeed, it’s one of the surprising facts about India. Shani Shagnapur village is one unique village without any doors or village gates. In addition, the village hasn’t had a criminal record for 400 years. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, it’s due to the neighborly trust and peace, which offers protection stronger than any lock.

16. Famous Rats Temple in Rajasthan

The famous Rajasthan region has a temple dedicated to only rats. In fact, it’s home to over thousands of rats. Thousands of devotees visit this temple to witness the unique architecture and worship.

Facts About India

17. The Spooky Skeleton Lake

A glacial lake with skeletal remains? That too, at over 16000 feet in the Himalayas? Doesn’t it sound creepy?  

Well, you can witness this in Roopkund lake, where there are skeletal remains of 300 humans. Historians suggest that these remains are of the 9th Century who passed away in a hail storm. This is definitely one of the most creepy facts about India!

18. Ladakh has the Highest Road.

At over 19300 feet, Ladakh road is the only motorable road at such a high peak where you can drive easily. Indeed, it will be one thrilling ride.

19. Origin of Board Games

Remember Snakes and Ladders? Or the chess board game? Well, thanks to India since these games originated from there. 

20. First Country to Mine Diamonds

In the 4th Century, diamonds were initially discovered in the Krishna River Delta. Oh, and they didn’t spread to other places for a further 1000 years.

21. Origins of Yoga Healing System

Undoubtedly, Yoga has helped numerous people stay pain-free and healthy. But thanks to India – the land where healing systems such as Yoga and Ayurveda originated.

22. Tea is National Beverage

India produces over 700,000 tonnes of tea, with Assam and Darjeeling being the top producers. Guess what? It’s also one of the top tea consumers, and it’s a tradition to get served with tea at every meal.

23.The Birth of Shampoo

The shampoo bottles or sachets you purchase to keep your hair game on point originated in India. Initially, the first form of shampoo consisted of ground herbs mixed with tea.

24. The First Refiner of Sugar

It’s the first place where sugar was refined, and real edible sugar was formed. Shortly afterwards, the production of sugar spread globally.

Facts About India

25. Thriving Film Industry

One of the interesting facts about India is that it’s movie industry production is even way beyond the famous Bollywood. In fact, it’s the world’s largest producer of the film, surpassing Nollywood and Hollywood.

26. Spa for Elephants

You won’t believe it, but there’s a spa dedicated only to elephants at the Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Centre in Kerala. Quite a treat for elephants, isn’t it? This has to be one of the most unusual facts about India!

27. Highest Cricket Ground

Cricket is a favorite sport in India. Hence, India also has the highest cricket ground at over 2144 meters above sea level in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. 

28. Second-largest Military

Indeed, it has the second-largest army, with over 135,000 active troops. Furthermore, it’s also the No #1 arms importer.

29. Magnetic Hill

There’s a unique phenomenon in India where a force lifts the car upward. Although it sounds unbelievable, a small stretch on Leh-Kargil highway pulls the car. 

30. World’s Largest Sundial

In the town of Jaipur, the world’s largest sundial stands at over 90 feet. Constructed from an appealing stone, it’s a great attraction for a tourist on any day. 

31. Tehri Dam in India

The list of records is not over. Tehri Dam India is the highest multi-purpose dam on the Bhagirathi River near Tehri in Uttarakhand, India.

32. Floating Post Office

Here’s another unique and mind-boggling fact: India is known for its many post offices, but this one post office is the biggest attraction. 

Located in Dal Lake, Srinagar, the floating post office has become a tourist destination, attracting thousands of travelers. 

33. Known for Exuberant Step Walls

India has iconic step walls which continue to draw attention from visitors. These step wells are believed to be made in the 2nd or 4th Century to draw water from the deep water tables in India. 

34. North Sentinel: An Untouched Island

Here’s one spooky yet mysterious fact: North Sentinel is an undiscovered island inhabited by the Sentinelese people. No one knows the lifestyle and traditions of these people, and these people don’t like to get disturbed.

Facts About India

35. Seen from Space: The Kumbh Mela

It’s one of the largest gatherings and a pilgrimage site for Hindus. The celebration takes place each year, and the crowd is so magnanimous that it’s visible from the space, or so they claim.

36. Fascinating and Colourful Weddings

Due to traditions and customs, Indian weddings are colourful yet exciting events spanning anywhere from three days to a week. Indeed, it’s a treat to attend such glamorous weddings.

37. Taj Mahal: The Eye-Soother

You may know about Taj Mahal, but the glorified structure looks heavenly when you visit it. In fact, it took 17 years to complete the Mahal, and the architecture resulted from 22,000 labourers.

38. The Ancient City: Varanasi

Varanasi is considered one of the oldest living cities, even older than the legends. Moreover, this place carries Hindus’ religious ideologies, and it’s believed that one who dies here attains salvation. 

39. Holi: The Festivity of Colors

Holi is the glorifying colorful festival celebrated across India and Nepal. It’s a joyous occasion where families get together and engage in color or water fights.

40. World-famous Cuisines

India is known for its spicy curries and mouth-watering cuisines. But they are not limited to India only. In fact, these cuisines have spread globally, and London has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai or Delhi. 

Facts About India

41. Six Season Hindu Calendar

Here are more overwhelming facts about India: it has a six-season calendar instead of four-season. The seasons in Hindu Calendar include spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter, and winter.

42. The Unusual Frogs Marriage

Did you think that we are done with unusual facts about India? Well, here’s one more for you. According to Indian customs, the caught frogs are married to please the rain god if it doesn’t rain in Varanasi.

43. A Low Divorce Rate

Surprisingly enough, India has a low divorce rate, i.e., one out of a hundred marriage results in a divorce. This fact can be attributed to the ritual of arranged marriages still popular in India.

44. Meghayala: The Wettest Place on Earth

Meghayala village in India is the recipient of the Guinness World title for being the wettest place on the planet. The monsoon season in Meghayala lasts for over six months and has received a maximum of 11873 mm of rainfall.

45. India is home to World’s Biggest Household

The largest family on earth lives in the town of Baktawng, Mizoram. Ziona Chana lives in his 100-room mansion with his 94 children, 39 wives, 14 daughters-in-law, and 33 grandchildren. Wow, this is definitely one of the most interesting facts about India!

Facts About India

46. Highest Rail Bridge

Chenab Rail Bridge is known to be the highest bridge in the world. It is over 1178 meters above the Chenab river in Jammu. 

47. The Hospitality of Amritsar Golden Temple 

Here’s one of the most generous facts about India: this religious golden temple in India is known for serving a simple vegan dish to 50,000 people every day. Isn’t that generous?

48. Steel Wires that Can Spread Across the Globe

The steel wires that support the huge Bandra Worli Sealink can cover the entire globe’s circumference if laid out flat-wow!

49. Major Exporter of Spices

Here is the last of my facts about India- India surely deserves your appreciation if you enjoy spicy food full of turmeric, chilli powder, or cumin. But why is that? It’s because 70% of the world’s spices come from India. 

Facts About Indiafurther reading

As evident from the 49 facts about India, the country is full of surprises. So, what’s the wait for? Pack your bags, put on your gear, and head out to discover the mysterious hidden landmarks in India.

Oh, and if you think I’ve missed any facts about India, feel free to mention them in the comments below. If you’re thinking to travel somewhere soon, here are some essential blog posts for you. Give them a read!

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