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30 Fun facts about Denmark

There are many interesting facts about Denmark that will make you want to visit this incredible country. But what are the most fascinating facts and why? Read on to find out…

Fun facts about Denmark

When you hear about the fun facts about Denmark, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is either Vikings or Danish pastry! Well, those two are important to the Danish culture. But, there are also some other things about Denmark, that most of us are unaware of. 

Trust me, I was thoroughly impressed after reading these fun facts about Denmark, and it makes sense why it is considered one of the happiest countries in the world!

So, read on!

1. The Danish Flag Is the Oldest in the World

30 Fun fun facts about Denmark

This is one of the most iconic fun facts about Denmark! 

Although the origins of the Danish flag aren’t clear, many people believe that it originated during the Battle of Lyndanisse, in 1219. 

According to them, the Danish King Valdemar II witnessed a red flag with a white cross falling from the sky. This helped the Danes win against Latvia. Hence, this moment inspired the design of the Danish flag!

2. Denmark Doesn’t Have Mountains

There are some pretty surprising fun facts about Denmark, and this is one of them. After all, how can a northern European country not have mountains? 

There’s a reason why Denmark doesn’t have any mountains. It is because during the last Ice Age, the region was shaped by glacial activity. This caused the entire area to become flat with no mountains. 

In fact, even the tallest peak in Denmark, Møllehøj, is relatively short, as it’s just 171 metres or 561 feet tall

3. Denmark Has Some of the World’s Cleanest Tap Water

When you go to some countries, you cannot even think of drinking tap water. But, if you’re in Denmark, it’s pretty safe!

It is believed that tap water in Denmark is even better than bottled water! For instance, the tap water in Copenhagen is known to have the best taste. 

4. There Are More than 1000 Islands in Denmark

Most of us don’t think of Denmark as an “island country”, but it does have more than 1000 islands! The exact number of known and named islands is 1,419, out of which, 74 islands are inhabited. 

The largest island in Denmark is Zealand. This island is spread across an area of 7,031 square kilometres and is home to big cities like Copenhagen and Roskilde. 

5. Denmark Is One of the Happiest Countries in the World

These fun facts about Denmark make me extremely happy! 

According to the World Happiness Report of 2022, Denmark is the second happiest country in the world, after Finland

Now, there are many reasons for this, such as equality between citizens, a sense of responsibility towards social welfare, a healthy work-life balance, amazing healthcare, and a stable society. 

I guess we all should move to Denmark!

6. Denmark Is the Least Corrupt Country in the World

30 Fun fun facts about Denmark

Corruption is a major problem in some countries, especially the developing and the underdeveloped ones. However, Denmark is the least corrupt nation in the world, due to its strict policies, transparent values, and proper law enforcement. 

According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Denmark had a score of 90 out of 100. This was more than the score of other reputable countries like New Zealand (87), Singapore (83), and Sweden (83). 

7. Denmark Has the 2 Oldest Amusement Parks in the World

Here are some actually fun facts about Denmark! 

If you’re an amusement park lover, you need to know that the two oldest amusement parks, Bakken and Tivoli Gardens, are in Denmark. 

Bakken, an amusement park located in the north of Copenhagen, is the oldest amusement park among the rest! It was started in 1583 and is still operating. 

Another amusement park, Tivoli Gardens, located in Copenhagen, was started in 1843- it’s the second-oldest amusement park in the world. 

8. Denmark Has Some Strange Cat Traditions

Like every other country, these cultural fun facts about Denmark show that this country also has some traditions that will make you go “What?”!

In one of the traditions, the Danes were known to hit a cat out of a barrel (saddening). In Fastelavn, a local festival which is similar to Halloween and Christmas, children used to wear costumes and hit a black cat out of the barrel. 

However, this tradition has changed slightly. Instead of keeping a real cat in the barrel, they simply decorate the barrel with black cat cut-outs to eliminate animal cruelty. Win for Denmark!  

9. Half of Copenhageners Cycle To Work Every Day

These fun facts about Denmark prove why the country is one of the happiest!

Instead of using a car, the citizens of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, use cycles. Around 49% of Copehageners go to work or school by cycle. Also, 97% of Copehageners are also satisfied with the cycling conditions in Denmark.

10. Danish Pastry Came from Vienna

I’m sure these bakery fun facts about Denmark are rather surprising! After all, the pastry is named “Danish” pastry, and it still came from Vienna. Well, there’s a bit of history behind it. 

In the mid-1800s, the Danish bakery workers were on strike. Due to this reason, the bakery owners decided to hire bakers from other countries, including Austria. Then, the Austrians were responsible for bringing their own recipes to Denmark, and giving rise to the famous Danish pastry that we all love!

11. The National Dish of Denmark Is Fried Pork (Stegt Flæsk)

Here are some other food fun facts about Denmark. 

As Denmark is a Nordic country, most of its cuisine is a part of Nordic cuisine. However, one dish that sets apart Denmark is fried pork. The local name of this dish is “stegt flæsk med persillesovs” which means fried pork with parsley sauce!

In this dish, fried slices of pork belly are served with a creamy parsley sauce. Along with that, other appetisers such as boiled potatoes or pickled cabbage are offered too. 

12. There’s No “Please” in the Danish Language

Although Danes are quite polite and sweet, the Danish language actually doesn’t have any literal word for “please”. Hence, they might even forget to use it while talking in English!

However, they do have some words to express politeness. One example is “vær venlig at” which translates to “be friendly/kind to”.

13. Denmark Founded the First Ministry of Environment

This is one of my favourite fun facts about Denmark for sure!

In 1971, Denmark created a “Ministry of Pollution Combating”. This move was revolutionary as Denmark was the first country to form a ministry to address environmental issues

Later, in 1973, the ministry’s name was changed to the current name “Ministry of the Environment”. 

14. Danish People Are Punctual

30 Fun fun facts about Denmark

There are some cultural values that are instilled in the Danish people, and punctuality is one of them. 

People in Denmark see punctuality as a sign of respecting other people’s time. Therefore, if you’re in Denmark, you’ve to be punctual. 

For chill or family occasions, being up to 10 minutes late is acceptable, but any later than that, and people might even get offended! 

15. More Than 50% of Denmark’s Energy Comes From Wind

Denmark uses sustainable energy for power generation. In fact, 50% of Denmark’s energy is actually produced from wind. This is more than any other country in the world!

As of 2020, Denmark has more than 2,000 wind turbines to produce wind energy. They also have Scandinavia’s biggest wind farm, Kriegers Flak, in 2021.

16. Danish People Are Happy To Pay Taxes!

Nobody is happy to pay taxes, except well Danish people. 

Danish people tend to pay high amounts of taxes, but according to a Gallup survey from 2014, 9 out of 10 Danes don’t mind it. The reason? They believe that taxes are an investment towards a better quality of life

17. Denmark is Famous for Its Liberalism

If there’s one country that is known for being free and open, it is Denmark. 

Denmark has many liberal policies for all classes of the societies. They firmly believe in social welfare, and speak up against any acts of injustice. 

18. The Word “hygge” Comes from the Danish Language 

Here’s one of the fun facts about Denmark for all readers and writers!

The Danish language has a beautiful word, “hygge” pronounced as “HOO-gee”. The word describes a feeling of comfort and relaxation while spending time with yourself or your loved ones.  

19. The Most Famous Dane Is H.C. Andersen

If there’s one Dane that most of us know about in some way or the other, it is Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish writer, who wrote and published many fairytales. Some of his most popular works are “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Thumbelina”. 

Today, his fairytales have been translated into more than 150 languages all over the world!

20. The Mute Swan Is Denmark’s National Bird

A beautiful country like Denmark also has an equally beautiful national bird!

Since 1984, the Mute Swan is recognised as Denmark’s national bird. This swan is native to Denmark, and you’ll find them swimming around in lakes and rivers elegantly!

However, the reason why it’s a popular bird is not because of its nativeness, but because it played a major role in the story “The Ugly Duckling” written by Hans Christian Andersen.

21. The World’s First Female Minister Was Danish

Denmark has had many remarkable achievements in the past. 

In a time when most women weren’t allowed to vote, Denmark appointed the world’s first female minister in 1924. 

Nina Henriette Wendeline Bang née Ellinger, a Danish historian and politician, was appointed the Minister for Education in Denmark. She served the country as a minister for two years (1924 – 1926) and brought around many reforms for the education of girls.

22. Prince Nikolai Is a Catwalk Model

Prince Nikolai, a member of the Danish Royal Family, is what you call an actual prince charming! 

Prince Nikolai has been in the headlines recently for being a part of the modelling world. In 2018, he signed a contract with the Denmark-based modelling agency, Scoop Models. He later made his debut on the ramp at Burberry’s show at London Fashion Week.

23. The Vikings Lived in Denmark

30 Fun fun facts about Denmark

Here are some intriguing historical fun facts about Denmark. 

The Vikings were a group of seafaring people who belonged to the present-day Scandinavian regions like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They were known to be skilled navigators and traders. 

Between the 8th and 11th centuries, the Vikings resided in some regions of Denmark. They also lived in other parts of Sweden and Norway. 

24. Some of the World’s Famous Celebrities Are Danish

Let’s talk about some blingy fun facts about Denmark! 

There are many world-famous celebrities that are either from Denmark or share Danish ancestry. 

One of the most popular Danish celebrities is Mads Mikkelsen. He has starred in many hit productions like “Hannibal” and “Casino Royale”. 

Other celebrities include Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, famous for playing Jaime Lannister in the show “Game of Thrones”. 

Scarlett Johansson, our very own Black Widow, also has a Danish father. 

25. The Danes Love Beer

If you love beer, then Denmark is the place to go!

The Danes have a special admiration and love towards beer. In fact, you’ll find several big and small breweries in Denmark. There are some famous beer brands from Denmark too, such as Carlsberg, Mikkeller, and Carlsberg

Beer is an important part of the social culture in Denmark as well. There’s a tradition known as “fredagsbar” or Friday Bar, where workspace buddies meet up at the office, socialise, drink beer, and enjoy!

26. Bluetooth Is Named After a Danish King

Techies gotta unite for these fun facts about Denmark!

It is believed that in 1997, the term “Bluetooth” was named after a Danish King, Harald Bluetooth

Many people think that it’s because the Danish king united the various tribes into a single kingdom. Similarly, Bluetooth would also unite all the devices together!

27. Denmark Joined the EU in 1973

EU, or the European Union is a political union of 27 European countries. The aim of establishing this union was to encourage peace and economic cooperation between the various countries. 

Now, Denmark joined the EU in 1973, for many reasons, including economic ones. Denmark wanted access to the larger European market for its exports. 

28. Lego Was Invented in Denmark

Lego has been a major part of the childhood of most people. But, did you know that it was invented in Denmark? If not, read these fun facts about Denmark!

The Lego company was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. The name itself is derived from the Danish word “leg godt” which translates to “play well”. 

Over the years, the company has become popular to the extent that they’ve their own chain of amusement parks – Legoland!

29. The Danes Love Butter

The Danes love to eat delicious food, and butter is an integral part of their cuisine. 

As you may already know, the OG Danish pastry also has a lot of layers of butter to give it a soft and flaky consistency. Butter is also one of the main ingredients in Danish bread. 

Apart from the bakery stuff, butter is also used for soups, gravies, sauteing vegetables or any type of meat. 

30. Education and Healthcare Are Free in Denmark

30 Fun fun facts about Denmark

There’s a reason why Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Most of the time people feel burdened because of the expensive prices of education and healthcare. 

However, the government of Denmark has made basic education (up to 16 years of age) and healthcare free for all its citizens. Note that certain things in healthcare, like dental and physiotherapy expenses, are not free in Denmark. 

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Denmark has been ahead of the whole world in many ways – be it electing the first female minister, or generating the nation’s energy through wind power. I hope these fun facts about Denmark helped you learn more about the country’s greatness. 

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