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Europe’s cheapest cities

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So, what are Europe’s cheapest cities? Are you looking for beautiful destinations without an additional price tag? You have come to the right place! In this article I will discuss Europe’s cheapest cities to travel to, the cheapest cities for tourism activities and the cheapest cities for the cost of living. Keep reading to find out more…

Tourism in Europe

europes cheapest cities

Europe is at the epicentre of international tourism! It accounts for 2/3s of travel worldwide, making it a hugely popular international destination. The growth of European travel began in the 2010s and has continued to grow ever since, reaching its peak in 2019 with a huge 745 million international visits. Of course the pandemic in 2020 caused a decrease in inbound tourism, however numbers have started to increase since the pandemic hit. In Europe you can expect beautiful views, bustling streets, a variety of diverse food and plenty of famous landmarks! But what are the cheapest European cities? Keep reaing to find out more!

Why visit cities in Europe?

Europe's cheapest cities

So why visit the cities in Europe? Europe is a great destination with plenty of popular cities famous for their beautiful scenery. The cities in Europe are all so diverse and full of culture, which make them stand out from the rest. You would be surprised that you can find some amazingly beautiful places to live (and visit) at cheap prices: so it’s all about finding the right location. Keep reading to find Europe’s cheapest cities…

Europe’s cheapest cities to fly to

Europe's cheapest cities

So what are Europe’s cheapest cities to fly to? Here I will be discussing the cheapest flights to European cities, along with some insight onto what you can expect from the cities. So here are Europe’s cheapest cities to fly to:

Milan, Italy

Italy is one of the cheapest cities to fly to Milan’s airport is called the ‘Milan Malpensa‘ (MXP). It’s located in Northern Italy and it’s one of Europe’s cheapest cities for airline travel. Click here to view flights.

In Milan you can expect beautiful art, fashion, architecture, amazing wine and great food. Some of the unmissable places to visit in Milan are:

Hamburg, Germany

Europe's cheapest cities

Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport (HAM) is one of the cheapest airports to fly to from the UK. The airport is 5 miles north of Hamburg city centre, so it is in an accessible location, and flights are frequent from LGW to Hamburg. Click here to view flights.

But what can you expect from Hamburg?

Hamburg is a picturesque city, renowned for its beautiful canals, night life, beer and boating. Some of the main attractions in Hamburg are:

Vienna, Austria

Europe's Cheapest cities

Vienna International Airport (VIE) is a cheap airport to fly to from the UK. There are frequent flights to Vienna from LGW and STN, so it’ easily accessible from London. Click here to view flights.

In Vienna you can expect a variety of diverse architecture, stunning landmarks and incredible museum’s. Here are some of the most amazing attractions to visit in Vienna:

Europe’s cheapest cities for cost of living

In 2023, the cost of living is at an all time high, and food, energy bills and housing are going up in price at an alarming rate. So wouldn’t it be nice to have less money stress whilst still living in a beautiful city? You would be surprised that some areas of Europe have very cheap cost of living prices. Here I will talk through Europe’s cheapest cities for cost of living and why they are so popular as destinations.

Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Europe's cheapest cities

Slavonski Brod is one of Europe’s cheapest cities. Croatia as a whole is cheaper than 51% of the countries in the world when it comes to cost of living, however Slavonski Brod takes the title for having the cheapest overall energy bills, housing and food prices.

The average cost of living price in Croatia is around £400 (roughly 3,000 Croatian kruna), which puts it in the top 26% of the cheapest cities in the world. Energy bills are expected to be around £230 in the winter months, decreasing in the summer months.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Europe's cheapest cities

Montenegro is one of Europe’s cheapest cities, due to its low tax rates in comparison to other major European cities. Podgorica is one of the cheapest areas within Montenegro to live, as its 48% cheaper than the cost of living in London, and rent prices are a huge 83% lower!

The general cost of living in Montenegro will depend heavily on the area, but for a nice family home with two bedrooms prices are expected to range around the €600 mark, which still makes the cost of living cheaper in comparison to other major European cities.

Energy and housing bills are between €50-€100, which is significantly less than the increasing energy bills in the UK ranging from £100-£200 a month.

Not only does Montenegro have a sustainable cost of living, it is also a remarkably beautiful place to live with its old towns, beaches and parks. Some of the main attraction points include Waterfall Niagara Podgorica, the Dajbabe Monastery and Lake Skadar.

Timisoara, Romania

Europe's cheapest cities

Timisoara is one of Europe’s cheapest cities, and definitely one of the cheapest within Romania. Rent is 85.3% less than London, making housing prices so much more affordable here in comparison to the U.K.

Rent in Timisoara is around £250 for a one bedroom apartment, getting slightly higher to £300 in some of the more scenic locations. A whole family apartment rent can be expected at about £550, which is still much cheaper than what can be found in comparison to other European destinations.

The average cost of utilities is roughly £250 a month in Winter and £100 in summer, which puts Timisoara in the top 29% of the worlds cheapest cities for cost of living.

Europe’s cheapest cities for tourist activities

So what are Europe’s cheapest cities for tourist activities? Here are 3 of the cheapest cities in Europe for amazing tourism activities, so you can make incredible memories on a budget!

Sofia, Bulgaria

Europe's cheapest cities

Sofia is renowned for being one of Europe’s cheapest cities, but what are the cheapest activities on offer in Sofia? Sofia is an amazing place to visit because not only is it cheap- but it is a stunning location with many attractions to view and sights to see.

  • Vitosha Mountain is an incredible attraction in Sofia with an amazing landscape to view from the top of the climb. What’s cool about visiting this mountain is the incredibly cheap entry fee at about 17 lev for a return ticket (approx. £7), making it very popular. The summit is an amazing place for hiking and skiing in the winter, so what’s not to enjoy?
  • The Musuem of illusion is a unique attraction to visit in Sofia with an array of fascinating exhibits which display different kinds of light, shadow and mirror illusions. It’s definitely a unique attraction at a cheap price of roughly £12 per adult.

Riga, Latvia

Europe's cheapest cities

Riga is a great destination to explore at a cheap price. There are plenty of amazing landmarks within the city to explore- whether its a weekend trip or a weeks stay!

  • The Old city is a great place to start when visiting Riga. It’s full of beautiful and diverse architecture from different time periods including Baroque , Renaissance, Gothic and Nordic. Wonder through the maze of narrow streets to discover beautiful markets and shops. Its all free of charge to roam around at your leisure!
  • Visit St peters church to view Riga from a height! The scenery is unmissable- and its’s free of charge!
  • Riga hall town square is another popular landmark to visit for free with its beautiful Medieval style buildings renowned for its beautiful displays during Christmas.
  • Lastly, the Freedom monument is a must- see in Riga, a fascinating symbol of Latvia’s unity. This monument is free of charge, so there’s no reason not to visit!

Kraków, Poland

Europe's cheapest cities

Krakow is an incredible place to visit on a budget due to its low costs and amazing scenery. You wont be lost for things to do in this beautiful city!

  • Kazimierz is a unique destination, set in the Jewish district of Krakow, boasting vintage stores, cafes and beautifully coloured buildings. It’s a great stop off to indulge in some unique culture and find some cute shops along the way, including art and jewellery shops, craft shops, historical shops and even hat shops!
  • Its essential to stop off at the Main market square and Cloth hall where you will find the majority of unique and authentic Polish shops, ranging from Polish cuisine to souvenir shops.
  • Visit Wawel Royal castle, one of the most historically significant buildings in Poland. It houses many significant sculptures, Turkish artworks, armoury and crown treasury.

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