Educational talk scheduled

Thank you for booking an educational talk with me. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or requirements that we haven’t already discussed. I conduct all educational talks via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If you have a Teams account for your class already set up, it is easiest if you set up the event and send with the link to join. Alternatively, I can set up a meeting on Zoom. Please let me know your preference. You can reach me at . I am very much looking forward to meeting you and the students for this talk!

If you are interested, I also offer a range of group educational talks and staff training events tailored to meet your individual needs. Examples include:

  • The impacts (and bounce-back!) of COVID on the travel and tourism industry
  • Careers in travel and tourism in a post-COVID world
  • Employability skills- how best to prepare for a job in travel and tourism
  • Why travel and tourism is a course worth studying in 2021 and beyond
  • How to prepare for (and secure!) a job as Cabin Crew
  • Higher education pathways in travel and tourism
  • How to prepare for HE- student transition
  • Motivating your students to study travel and tourism during the COVID pandemic
  • Ways to make learning fun and innovative for travel and tourism students

If you would like to organise a student talk or a staff training event, rates start at £50 per hour. Please contact me at for further information and discuss your specific requirements.