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Why you should get your degree before becoming Cabin Crew

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(Last updated on: 06/04/2020)

Being a Tourism and Aviation Lecturer, I get a lot of people asking me for career advice. One of the most common questions that I’m asked is ‘should I do a degree before becoming Cabin Crew?’ My answer? YES.

OK, ok, I hear what you say- ‘but airlines don’t require their Cabin Crew to have a degree’. This is correct, they don’t. But think about the bigger picture. Think about your life beyond serving tea and coffee at 30,000ft. Think about your life ambitions.

Why you should get your degree before becoming Cabin Crew

Do you want to be Cabin Crew forever?

Working as Cabin Crew is one of the best travel jobs, however you probably won’t want to do it forever. On average most people have three careers in their lifetime, so the chances are that working as Cabin Crew will be only one story. Doing a degree keeps your options open for future career paths, whatever they may be.

Do you want to increase your chances of promotion?

Many managerial-level jobs now require candidates to have an undergraduate or even a Masters degree. Whilst you might secure a job as Cabin Crew, what happens when you want to be promoted to an In-Flight-Business Manager but can’t because you are under-qualified?

Why you should get your degree before becoming Cabin Crew

Do you want to have children?

Having children changes your perspective on a lot of things in life, trust me- with a toddler running around and another baby on the way- I know! At some point you might want to settle down and get a more grounded job, allowing you to be there to cook the kids’ dinner in the evening or read them that bedtime story. Whilst you can continue working a Cabin Crew after having children, as I explain in this post, many parents choose not to. Having a degree keeps your options open to new opportunities when this time arises.

Do you want to remain competitive in the workplace?

I’ve seen it happen. Staff have years’ worth of valuable experience, but they don’t tick the [degree] box. They are therefore not eligible for promotion and not given the same opportunities as their, often younger, less experienced counterparts. Having a degree will allow you to remain competitive in the workplace whether you choose to stay within the same company or whether you apply for positions elsewhere.

Do you want to develop your critical thinking, global knowledge and analytical skills?

There are so many benefits to doing a degree. Not only does doing a degree before you become Cabin Crew give you increased job prospects and earning potential, it also provides you with enhanced analytical and thinking skills. People who have done a degree tend to be more objective, more considerate to aspects such as environment or culture and more aware of their surroundings. They tend to have a better understanding of political issues and of global affairs. They also tend to be better at weighing up an argument or a decision, using their analytical and research skills to reach an informed and logical conclusion. These are skills that an employer will look for, regardless of whether they require you to have a formal degree classification or not.

So all in all I can tell you that no, you do not need a degree to get a job as Cabin Crew. HOWEVER, I strongly recommend that do a degree before becoming Cabin Crew. This widens your future opportunities as well as your way of thinking. And what’s more is that you might even enjoy it too! Want more information on the top universities to study out? You might like to visit these posts- Best Universities In The UK To Study Travel and Tourism and Best Universities In The UK To Study Aviation Management

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