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15 must-see Cornwall castles

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Have you heard about the famous Cornwall castles? Are you wondering why you should you should visit these Cornwall castles and what is so special about them? Then you have come to the right place! Read on to learn all about the fascinating Cornwall castles…

15 Fascinating Cornwall Castles

Cornwall is the perfect destination for a holiday and offers some of the best landmarks in the UK. Its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and fascinating history have something for everyone. One of particular interest of the areas to tourists is the Cornwall castles that can be found scattered across the county. These castles are well-preserved and quite old, some even dating back as far as the 5th BC.

From the ancient Tintagel Castle to historic St. Michael’s Mount, these castles are too good to ignore. But what are the facts that you should know before visiting this place? Well, here is a detailed guideline about 15 popular Cornwall castles that have withstood the test of time.

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Cornwall castles

1. St. Mawes Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

The first of the Cornwall castles on the list is St Mawes Castle. St. Mawes Castle is a historic fortress in the Cornwall region of England. Built-in the 1540s, it was constructed as part of Henry VIII‘s chain of Cornwall castles to protect the coast from invasion.

The castle features multiple levels of defense, with gun platforms, towers, and a moat. You can see the castle grounds and climb to the towers, offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

There are also interactive exhibits in the castle’s museum, which tell its history and role in defending England. If you are visiting Cornwell, you should definitely go to St. Mawes Castle. It has a picturesque location and interesting history making it an ideal spot for a day trip.

2. Restormel Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Restormel Castle is a beautiful Norman fortification located in Cornwall, England. It was built in the late 13th century by the powerful Earl of Cornwall, Richard de Redvers, and his son Edmund.

The castle was a stronghold of power and was used as a home, a military base, and a prison. Over the centuries, this castle has been damaged and rebuilt several times, making it one of the country’s most worthy examples of Norman architecture.

Tourists can find the castle ruins and surrounding grounds, providing an outstanding countryside view. They can admire its towers, walls, and moat inside the castle, as well as the well-preserved fireplaces, windows, and opulent Great Hall.

3. Pendennis Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Pendennis Castle is an impressive castle in Cornwall, England. It was built in the 1540s by Henry VIII and had a rich history. Moreover, it was also used as a coastal defense. On our list of Cornwall castles, this is the second castle that Henry VIII constructed.

Visitors can find the ramparts, battlements, and gun batteries and learn about the castle’s history. Plus, there is also an interactive exhibition, as well as guided tours and events. Pendennis Castle is a great place for anyone fond of historical places.

4. St. Michael’s Mount Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

St. Michael’s Mount Castle is an amazing castle situated on an island off the coast in Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, England. It has a rich and captivating history spanning centuries, and its majestic presence is sure to take your breath away.

The castle was initially built in the 12th century and has been home to the St. Aubyn family for centuries. It has several rooms and a variety of exhibits about the castle’s history. St. Michael’s Mount Castle is open to the public. You can explore the grounds and beautiful gardens and climb winding paths to the island’s top.

At the summit, tourists can take in the exceptional views of the Cornish coast. Whether you’re traveling or are looking for a special experience, St. Michael’s Mount Castle can be your next option.

5. Tintagel Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Tintagel Castle is a spectacular sight to behold. Located on the northern coast of Cornwall, England, this medieval castle is steeped in history and legend. Its ruins are believed to have been built in the late 13th century by the Earl of Cornwall, Richard I. Like many other ancient Cornwall castles, this castle also has lost its original shape.

It was thought to have been the birthplace of King Arthur. Today, many travelers see its ruins, visit the museum, and relish the stunning coastal scenery.

6. Launceston Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

If you are planning to visit Cornwall castles and need help figuring out where to start? You should put Launceston castle on top of your list as it comes first at the entrance to the city. This magnificent castle is located in Cornwall, England. It was built in the 11th century by Robert, Count of Mortain. Plus, this castle was used as a royal residence for many centuries.

It is renowned for its grand entrance, towering walls, and imposing keep. Many tourers can wander the grounds and walk through the keep, the oldest surviving part of the castle.

Inside, you can see the original stone walls and the castle’s secret passageways. Several artifacts are also on display, including a mace and sword that once belonged to the Earl of Cornwall. In addition, the castle offers remarkable views of the surrounding area. Launceston Castle is the perfect destination for a unique and interesting experience.

7. Pengersick Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Pengersick Castle is a reminder of Cornwall’s medieval past, located near Praa Sands and Germoe. The castle dates back to the early 16th century and was once a fortified manor house. It has been altered over the centuries and features a gatehouse, a tower, and a chapel. Today, many tourists can explore the castle’s rooms and courtyards, as well as its fascinating history.

This Cornwall castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former owner, Sir John Milton. The outsiders may also spot some of the many birds that inhabit the castle grounds. You can also visit this beautiful castle any day as it is open to the public.

8. St. Catherine’s Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

St. Catherine’s Castle is a 16th-century fortification located in Cornwall, England. This castle was built by Henry VIII in the 1530s and is one of those Cornwall castles that serve as a chain of defense.

It was equipped with two tiers of cannons, and its walls were thick enough to withstand a siege. The purpose of this castle was to protect the English coastline from invaders.

Today, the castle is managed by English Heritage and is open to the public. Tourists can see gun emplacements, moats, and drawbridges. There are also spectacular views of the sea from the turrets.

The original Tudor kitchen and the remains of a barracks are on the ground level. This castle also has a great exhibition of local maritime history, including an interactive shipbuilding display in Cornwall. Overall, St. Catherine’s Castle is a great place to visit. You can enter the castle free of cost from the South West Coastal path.

9. Prideaux Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Prideaux Castle is a middle ages castle located in Cornwall, England. Built-in the 16th century, it was the ancestral home of the Prideaux family. This castle is also known as Elizabeth country house and is one of the oldest monuments in the UK.

Inside, you will find an array of artifacts from the family’s long history and interesting displays from the castle’s past. The beautiful grounds offer a variety of activities for visitors, including a nature trail, picnic areas, and a butterfly garden. It is a great place for a day out and a perfect spot to explore Cornwall’s rich history.

10. Trematon Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

High at a rocky outcrop overlooking the River Tamar, Trematon Castle is a sight to behold. Built-in the 11th century, this castle has a long and fascinating history and is a must-visit for tourists exploring the region.

This Cornwall castle was originally built by Robert, Count of Mortain, and served as a Norman stronghold for many years. In the 15th century, it was acquired by the Earl of Cornwall, who expanded and fortified the Castle.

Today, this castle is privately owned and open to the public. Outsiders can see the castle grounds and enjoy the magnificent river and countryside views.

Inside, tourists can learn more about the castle’s history with displays of artifacts and objects from its past. Trematon Castle is for anyone visiting the area. Its long and storied history makes it a charming place.

11. Ince Castle

Ince Castle is an attractive ruin located in Cornwall, England. This castle is surrounded by incredible scenery, making it a popular tourist destination. With a long and complex history, it has plenty of stories to tell. Though the castle is more like a manor house, it is on our Cornwell Castles list due to its popularity and castle-like look.

Ince castle was built in 1642 and has undergone several changes over the centuries. Later, it was changed from a manor house to a castle with a central courtyard.

In the late 20th century, this castle was damaged by fire and later reconstructed. In short, visitors can explore the castle, including the deep moat and the massive walls. Despite its ruinous state, this castle is still an amusing site.

12. Chun Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Chun Castle is an ancient monument built around 2500 years ago. On our list of Cornwall castles, it is the oldest one. Located near Penzance in Cornwall, England, this castle is believed to have been built by the Iron Age Celts.

If you visit this place, you will only find a few remains. The defensive features of its walls make it a noble sight. The castle was first constructed in the 4th century BC, and its walls were used as a defensive fortification.

It was also used as a royal residence in its history. Travelers to Chun Castle can see its walls and the surrounding landscape. Plus, they can also enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding English Channels. It is a destination for anyone interested in ancient history and architecture.

13. Doyden Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Doyden Castle is an imposing 19th-century stone fortification on the spectacular Cornish coastline. It was built in the 1830s and is one of those Cornwall castles listed as Grade II buildings. The castle is situated on a rocky rock on the beach at Port Quin and boasts some of the most spectacular coastline views.

The remains of the castle consist of a two-story tower and a surrounding wall. Inside the tower are two rooms, one used as a prison. If you want to enjoy a couple of nights as king or queen, get one of the bedrooms on rent to stay at Doyden Castle.

It was originally built to protect the local area from pirate attacks. Today, visitors can explore the ruins and take in the stunning views from the castle walls. There are also regular guided tours of the area, which detail the history and stories of the Castle.

14. Carn Brea Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Carn Brea Castle is a Grade II listed 18th-century manor house located in Cornwall, England, that is more like a castle. It is a popular tourist attraction and one of the country’s most iconic landmarks.

The castle was originally built in the 14th century as a fortified chapel, making it one of the oldest Cornwall castles. Over the years, it has been extended and remodeled to its current state, giving it a distinctive, romantic atmosphere.

Now, this castle has been converted into a restaurant that offers unique middle eastern cuisine. Remember to book your place in advance if you want to visit Carn Brea Castle Restaurant.

15. Cromwell’s Castle

15 must-see Cornwall castles

Cromwell’s Castle is situated on the Isles of Scilly, on the island of Tresco. It is a fine castle with a deep history and is listed as a Grade II building. Built in the late 1650s, the castle was a fortification used by Oliver Cromwell’s forces to protect the Isles of Scilly during the English Civil War.

Amazingly, the castle still stands today, despite being exposed to the harsh climate for over 350 years. This remarkable building is open to the public and offers an insight into the history of the Isles of Scilly.

Visitors can find a range of exhibits, including original cannons and muskets, as well as other artifacts from the period. Cromwell’s Castle is an essential stop for any tour of the Isles of Scilly and a great way to learn about the area’s history.

The Bottom Line– the Cornwall Castles

Wrapping up, Cornwall is a land of majestic castles and ancient ruins, where the past and present collide in a powerful, captivating way. From St. Mawes to Cromwell’s Castle, these top-tier castles will give you a glimpse into Cornwall’s rich and fascinating history.

So, if you are planning to visit Cornwell, don’t forget to put these 15 must-see Cornwall castles on your watch list. And if you enjoyed this article about the Cornwall castles, then I am sure you will love these too:

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