Becoming an expat in Hangzhou, China: Everything you need to know

expat in Hangzhou

When I found out I was soon to become an expat in Hangzhou, China, I had soooo many questions! Would there be a suitable nursery for my daughter to attend? What is the food like? Does anybody speak English? Would I be able to buy my favourite wine? I searched online and I did find […]

Sex tourism in Thailand uncovered

Sex tourism

Sex tourism is something that happens around the world. A potentially unfortunate byproduct of the tourism industry as a whole, it’s particularly prevalent in tourism in Thailand. In this post I will delve into the what, where and why of sex tourism in Thailand. The scale of sex tourism in Thailand A major part of […]

Edinburgh for Christmas- plan your perfect holiday getaway

Edinburgh for Christmas

Being in Edinburgh for Christmas is one of the most magical places to spend your Christmas for so many reasons and you will make so many holiday memories that you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime. This post will tell you everything you need to know about Edinburgh for Christmas and why Edinburgh should […]

The 3 Best National Parks In Kansas + Visiting Guide

national parks in Kansas

The best national parks in Kansas- a guide. Here I will show you the most beautiful, unique and cultural national parks in Kansas. Keep reading as I discuss the best accommodations in Kansas, an essential packing list, and of course the best national parks in Kansas. What is a national park? To make things clear […]

Tourism in Japan- What You Should Know When Traveling in Japan

Tourism in Japan

Tourism in Japan is big business, not only does tourism in Japan make the country lots of money, but visiting Japan on your travels is a fantastic cultural and educational experience. In this article I will teach you all about tourism in Japan, why you should visit Japan and what the best things to do […]