35 things to do in Shanghai with kids

Shanghai with kids

Visiting Shanghai with kids can be a bit of a controversial topic. What about the air pollution? What about the busy streets? What if nobody speaks English? Well, rest assured- you CAN and SHOULD visit Shanghai with kids! Shanghai is a great city and there are so many things to do in Shanghai with kids. […]

Kathmandu with a Baby

Kathmandu with a baby

When I was given the opportunity to present my mother-in-law along for a helping hand and we went off on our adventure to Kathmandu with a baby! As always, I was met with the usual cynics prior to my trip. ‘the roads are too uneven for a buggy’, ‘there’s too much pollution’, ‘the food might […]

Sri Lanka with a Baby

Sri Lanka with a baby

Are you thinking about travelling to Sri Lanka with a baby or young children? Do it, do it, do it!! Sri Lanka was one of my favourite holiday destinations while baby Isla was young and it offered the perfect mix of culture, adventure and relaxation. Following on from our first big family travel adventure to […]

Canada with a Baby and a Baby Bump

Canada with a baby

Travelling Canada with a baby and whilst pregnant is the ideal way to spend an extended holiday. This summer we visited Canada with baby Isla who was 18 months. I was also 3 months pregnant. There are so many restrictions on the places that you can visit when you have a growing baby bump (see […]

Costa Rica with a Baby

costa rica baby

When I was planning our first adventure as a threesome, I was nervous about where might or might not be appropriate to take a four-month-old baby. Is it too hot? Too cold? Too many mosquitos? Is it a Malaria area? What is the hygiene like? The list of concerns seemed never-ending! Eventually we decided on […]

Travel-themed gift ideas: For boys

Travel-themed gift

Buying a travel-themed gift can be a very thoughtful present. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or Father’s Day, there are lots of things that you can buy that the boy (or man) who enjoys travelling will love! For those of you who know me, you will know that I LOVE travel! I had a travel-themed wedding, a […]