Why you should NOT visit the famous long neck tribe in Thailand

Have you ever heard of the famous long neck tribe in Thailand? Ever considered visiting this site, popular with tourists? On the northern Thai border, the ‘long neck tribe’ live in guarded villages. But who are they, why are they there and - more importantly, perhaps...

Sex tourism in Thailand: What where and why

Sex tourism is something that happens around the world. A potentially unfortunate byproduct of the tourism industry as a whole, it’s particularly prevalent in Thailand. In this post I will delve into the what, where and why of sex tourism in Thailand. The scale of sex tourism in Thailand A major part of sex tourism is prostitution. This has been common in Thailand for centuries - as far back as...

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I’ve been travelling, studying and teaching travel and tourism since I was 16. Through Tourism Teacher I share my knowledge on the principles and practice of travel and tourism management from both an academic and practical perspective.

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What does the World Travel and Tourism Council do?

The World Travel and Tourism Council is an important player in the world of travel. But chances are, you might not have even heard of them! This post looks at what the WTTC is, and what it does… What is the World Travel and Tourism Council? Founded in 1990, the WTTC...

How to renew a UK passport | A step by step guide

Are you wondering how to renew a UK passport? When it comes to travelling abroad, there is one thing you need that is more important than anything else. And that’s a passport! You can’t travel across country borders without one, except in very particular circumstances...

The sex hotel: What, where and why

Whilst many people are ignorantly unaware of the concept of the sex hotel, others are frequenting them on a regular basis. An important part of the tourism industry in some parts of the world, sex hotels give people a safe and secure place for intimacy and bring in...