Kathmandu with a Baby

Kathmandu with a Baby

When I was given the opportunity to present my mother-in-law along for a helping hand and we went off on our adventure to Kathmandu with a baby! As always, I was met with the usual cynics prior to my trip. ‘the roads are too uneven for a buggy’, ‘there’s too much pollution’, ‘the food might make her sick’ bla ba bla… Just like I did with Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, I stuck Isla on my back, packed...

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Kathmandu with a Baby

1 grandmother, 1 mother and a baby let lose in Kathmandu: a 6 day itinerary

After a wonderful 6 days in Kathmandu with my baby and mother-in-law, she has kindly written up our experiences in this guest post. If only we had more time to explore the rest of Nepal as a family, like the Travelynnfamily, maybe next time! Here is our Kathmandu itinerary. Kathmandu with a baby: a 6 day itinerary Packed full of history, Kathmandu is a noisy, vibrant capital city, gateway...

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What’s it like to climb to Everest Base Camp?

What’s it like to climb to Everest Base Camp?

This guest post is brought to you from a friend of mine, Pete Bell, who has inspired me to climb mountains more than anybody else! Maybe I'll hit Everest next... 😉 Planning to climb to Everest Base Camp In February 2013, I worked as head of outdoor education at an Academy in Worcester. I had also taken on the role of education visit coordinator across the trust. As a huge believer that learning...

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Dr Hayley Stainton

Hi, am Dr Hayley Stainton

I’ve been travelling, studying and teaching travel and tourism since I was 16. Through Tourism Teacher I share my knowledge on the principles and practice of travel and tourism management from both an academic and practical perspective.

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