Jordan pass: What is it and why you should get one!

So, you’re going to Jordan. It really is a country so rich in culture, history, beautiful scenery, tasty food and so much more. You’re probably now in the midst of planning your trip - writing packing lists and booking transfers, scouring Instagram for Petra photo...

A guide to visiting the Crusader Castles, Jordan

There are various Crusader castles around the world. These are, as the name suggests, castles that were founded or occupied during the Crusades. The castles can be found in the Middle East and the Eastern Med, as well as in Poland and some of the Baltic states. Some of the best crusader castles to visit are in Jordan. We visited the castles as part of our two week Jordan itinerary and absolutely...

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A guide to visiting Jerash, Jordan

Jerash is one of the great places to visit in Jordan! I loved Jerash- it wasn't overly touristy and has some brilliant ancient architecture to explore. It was also super easy to reach from Amman. In this post I will tell you everything that I learn about Jerash to help make your travel plans a little easier! Where is Jerash? Located in the north of Jordan, Jerash is the capital city of the...

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A guide to visiting Madaba, Jordan

Madaba isn't on everyone's Jordan itinerary, but it should be! We spent an afternoon in this ancient city that is somewhat off the typical tourist trail. I loved how it wasn't rammed with tourists and it had a really authentic Jordanian feel to it. It also had some really cools sites to see! In this blog post I will tell you all about visiting Madaba including why you should add it to your...

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A guide to visiting Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba is a popular tourist destination in Jordan, and for good reason! Jordan is a country that has so much to offer, regardless of what type of holiday you’re after. On our travels through Jordan we experienced the hustle and bustle of city life, explored several ancient ruins, drove the scenic Kings Highway, visited several castles and slept under the stars in the desert- all in just a few...

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Everything you need to know about visiting Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum was a highlight of my travels through Jordan! Visiting Jordan, like many places in the Middle East, can seem slightly complicated. But it doesn’t have to be! During my tour through Jordan we visited many places and Wadi Rum was undoubtedly one of my favourites! So if you're thinking about heading to Wadi Rum, then here is everything you need to know about visiting! What is Wadi Rum?...

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A guide to exploring Little Petra

Jordan has a lot to offer, especially if you’re interested in history and archaeology. Little Petra is just one of these. Never heard of Little Petra? I hadn't either! In fact, we accidentally stumbled across the archeological area when visiting the main Petra site! In this post I will share with you what I learnt about Little Petra and why it should absolutely be on your Jordan itinerary! What...

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10 fascinating facts about the Dead Sea

During my travels through Israel and Jordan I learnt that there are so many interesting facts about the Dead Sea! So today I would like to share some of them with you... #1 The Dead Sea isn’t actually a sea Funnily enough, it’s not. Despite its name, the Dead Sea is actually a salt lake. Also know as  saline lake, a salt lake is a landlocked body of water with a higher concentration of salt...

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One week in Jordan: Jordan itinerary

It was slightly eerie being landlocked by war torn countries, but Jordan is actually one of the safest places I've visited and the people are incredibly hospitable and friendly. There is so much to do for everybody, from children to the elderly and so many great places to stay. So if you're thinking about a trip to Jordan, or booking one of the many Jordan tour packages available I would...

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Moving to China: 50 CRAZY things you NEED to know

Moving to China is a pretty big deal. There are so many uncertainties and potential risks, but fear not.... If you are reading this article then it probably means that you are either considering moving to China or you have already decided to move to China. As you may...

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