35 things to do in Shanghai with kids

Shanghai with kids

Visiting Shanghai with kids can be a bit of a controversial topic. What about the air pollution? What about the busy streets? What if nobody speaks English? Well, rest assured- you CAN and SHOULD visit Shanghai with kids! Shanghai is a great city and there are so many things to do in Shanghai with kids. […]

Moving to China: 50 CRAZY things you NEED to know

Moving to China is a pretty big deal. There are so many uncertainties and potential risks, but fear not…. If you are reading this article then it probably means that you are either considering moving to China or you have already decided to move to China. As you may already have realised, there isn’t always […]

Becoming an expat in Hangzhou, China: Everything you need to know

expat in Hangzhou

When I found out I was soon to become an expat in Hangzhou, China, I had soooo many questions! Would there be a suitable nursery for my daughter to attend? What is the food like? Does anybody speak English? Would I be able to buy my favourite wine? I searched online and I did find […]

The 10 Best of India’s Rivers


India’s rivers are some of the most remarkable in the world. But why? And which of India’s rivers are most famous? I reveal all in this article. Keep reading to learn more about India’s rivers… The 10 Best of India’s Rivers India is a land of mixed geographical elements. From the snow-capped Himalayas to the sunny beaches of Goa, India has it all. And what would India be without its rivers?…

50 Incredible Japan Landmarks (with photos)

There are many incredible landmarks in Japan, making tourism in Japan one of the biggest industries in the country. In this post I will teach you all about these landmarks and tell you why they should be on your itinerary for your next trip. Keep reading to learn more… Japan Landmarks Japan, the land of […]