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Gambia Bumsters: What are they and how to stay safe

Gambia Bumsters. If you've ever travelled to The Gambia, you will almost certainly have heard of this term. But what exactly are Gambia Bumsters? And how will they affect your holiday? In this blog post I will explain all... What are Bumsters in Gambia? A Bumster is a...

The best eco lodges in Gambia

There are plenty of eco lodges in Gambia. Whilst the country might be better known for its Gambia beach holidays and sex tourism in The Gambia, it does also have a thriving eco tourism scene. In fact, the government have been trying to have a push in sustainable tourism practices in order to diversify the tourism industry and to bring a new, more conscious, image to The Gambia. A more conscious...

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Gambia nightlife: The best night spots in The Gambia

When you think of The Gambia in West Africa, you might not think too much about Gambia nightlife. Gambia beaches? Sure, there’s loads. Lush tropical greenery in every direction? Of course! Wildlife that lives in harmony with the human population? To be expected. But Gambia nightlife might just pass you by when planning a trip. Let’s change that - read on to find out about the very best Gambia...

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Gambia beach holiday: The best beaches in The Gambia

One of my first major holidays was a Gambia beach holiday and I've since returned several times since because I loved it so much! An affordable, winter sun destination with lots of culture is always a win for me! In this post, I will tell you why I recommend a Gambia beach holiday and which are the best beaches in The Gambia. Why go to The Gambia for a beach holiday? Located in West Africa, The...

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The best hotels in Gambia

Knowing which are the best hotels in Gambia can be a challenge (trust me, I know- I stayed in one that I would NOT recommend). Reviews can be few and far between and many are outdated. As a big travel fan of The Gambia and someone who has travelled there multiple times and planned a student residential visit (which required A LOT of research!), I feel that I am in a fair position to share with...

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10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Boyfriend is a Gambian ‘Love-Cheat’

If you have come through to this page on my website it is probably because you are are worried about a Gambian love-cheat. Maybe you have fallen ahead over heels for a Gambian but you've noticed some suspicious behaviour? Or maybe you are doing some research on behalf of a friend or family member who who think has been taken down hook line and sinker? Back in 2012 I originally published my posts...

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Naming and Shaming Gambian ‘Love cheats’

Over the past few years I have had an overwhelming response to my post The Reality of Gambian Men. So in response I thought it would be useful to provide a place where women can name and shame the men who have cheated them and to share their stories to help other women in similar situations.  Please note that I am by no means saying that I personally believe all men in the Gambia are 'love...

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Sex tourism in The Gambia: What, where and why

The Gambia is famous for its golden sand beaches, its wildlife and ecotourism scene and its female sex tourism. Sex tourism in The Gambia has hit headlines on many occasions in recent years, with stories of middle-aged Western women in search of long-term love, holiday romances and one night stands. However, there is often more to it than relationships. Stories of Gambian love cheats, visa scams...

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