14 important environmental impacts of tourism + explanations + examples

environmental impacts of tourism

The environmental impacts of tourism have gained increasing attention in recent years. With the rise in sustainable tourism and an increased number of initiatives for being environmentally friendly, tourists and stakeholders alike are now recognising the importance of environmental management in the tourism industry. In this post, I will explain why the environmental impacts of […]

Sex tourism explained: What, why and where

Sex tourism

Sex tourism is not a new concept. In fact, sex tourism has been around probably as long as tourism has. The problem is that it is difficult to identify, measure or manage due to it being ‘hush hush’ in many, if not most, instances.  Whether legal or illegal, many people do not wish to discuss […]

Sports tourism explained: What, why and where

Sports tourism

Sports tourism is BIG business. We all know that sport tourism involves sporting activity, that much is pretty obvious, but there is much more than a game of sport involved in the multi million Dollar global industry. In this article I will explain what sports tourism is, I will tell you about the different types […]

6 reasons why you should NEVER swim with dolphins

grey dolphin on water in selective focus photography

You should never swim with dolphins in captivity. This in an unethical form of wildlife tourism that is cruel to the dolphins. Yes, you might get some cool photos, heck- you can even get these printed onto a key ring or the mug that you use for your morning coffee each day! You can be […]

Workation- the newest trend in travel?

woman in yellow shirt sitting on brown wooden folding chair on beach

Going on a workation seems to have become a part of our ‘new normal’. Comprised of the two concepts- work and vacation- a workation seems somewhat contradictory at first glance. Surely if you are working you are not on a vacation? Well, with the growth of remote working and the new freedoms that this has […]

12 shocking facts about bullfighting you need to know

history of the running of the bulls

There are many facts about bullfighting that will shock you. From the fascinating history of bullfighting, through the the ethical implications of this ‘sport’, bullfighting is certainly an interesting thing to research. Bullfighting has been a prominent activity in tourism throughout history. But why has it historically been so popular? Should we partake in bullfighting […]