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IATA airport codes- list of every airport code in the world!

IATA airport codes- list of every airport code in the world!

IATA airport codes are more important than most people realise! Did you notice that on your plane ticket there are 3-letters? Well, here you will find the meaning of those letters- they are actually IATA airport codes and in this article I teach you what this means and give you a list of IATA airport codes in the whole world! Ready to learn more? Read on... What are IATA airport codes? IATA...

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Becoming Cabin Crew: A Cabin Crew Textbook for BTEC, NCFE & City and Guilds

Becoming Cabin Crew: A Cabin Crew Textbook for BTEC, NCFE & City and Guilds

Having taught Cabin Crew programmes for over ten years, there is one thing that is clear- there is a dearth of teaching resources to help students and Teachers! In fact, I have been able to find only one Cabin Crew textbook, written in 2015, that I wasn’t the biggest fan of. So, I decided to develop a Cabin Crew textbook that has been designed to support students and staff undertaking Cabin Crew...

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Meal codes: the basics

While having to learn the different passenger codes and airport codes, Cabin Crew are also required to learn the different meal codes for flights that serve food. As discussed in my post 'The basics of aviation terminology', it's important for Cabin Crew to learn a number of new words and phrases as they will come up constantly throughout your career. Examples of meal codes AVML - Asian...

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Why You Should do an Online Cabin Crew Course

Is becoming Cabin Crew your dream job? ✈ Do you want to TRAVEL THE WORLD and get PAID to do it? ✈ Do you want to work in an industry known for its glitz and glamour? ✈ Do you love working with people from different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures? Then becoming Cabin Crew might be the perfect job for you! But how do you make your dream a reality? I’ve been there. I used to watch the...

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The basics of aviation terminology

When starting a career in the aviation industry there's a lot to learn and understand - one of these being the aviation terminology that is used! Before you start the job, you should have at least a brief understanding of some of the aviation terminology that will be used in your workplace. This post will introduce you to some of the terminology that is commonly used in the aviation industry. ...

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How to take professional Cabin Crew photos when applying for a job

When applying to become Cabin Crew you will need to submit professional Cabin Crew photos with your application. It is important that you take these photos seriously, as they are the first image the airline will get of you. In this post, I will explain my top tips on how to take your professional Cabin Crew photos! 1. Look at your airlines requirements When applying each airline will specify how...

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Airport codes: the basics

As Cabin Crew you're required to learn the different airport codes for airports across the world. As discussed in my post 'The basics of aviation terminology' Cabin Crew are required to learn a range of new terms and codes, such as the different Passenger codes discussed in my post 'Passenger codes: the basics'. It is also important for you to understand the different Airport Codes. After all,...

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What is a post-flight briefing?

Cabin Crew have a number of different duties, that involve more than just what they do during a flight. One of these is reflecting on the flight and recieving any relevant feed back - this happens during a post-flight briefing. As discussed in my previous posts What is a pre-flight briefing? and What happens if I fail a pre-flight briefing? Cabin Crew are required to attend a meeting before the...

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Passenger Codes: The Basics

When starting a new career as Cabin Crew you will be required to learn a lot of new information - part of this will be learning the different passenger codes.  As discussed in my recent post 'The basics of aviation terminology', Cabin Crew are required to learn the aviation terminology used in the industry. As Cabin Crew you will need to understand and use passenger codes when referring to the...

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Cabin Crew qualifications: What qualifications do I need to get a job as Cabin Crew?

Are you wondering what qualifications you need to get a job as Cabin Crew? In this post, I will tell you exactly what Cabin Crew qualifications you will need. I will also discuss what can be beneficial to help you stand out from the crowd and successfully pass the application process! Qualifications needed to get a job as Cabin Crew There are a number of qualifications which are an essential...

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