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20 incredible castles of Normandy

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There are some magnificent castles of Normandy that any person should visit during a trip to this region. Whether you are planning a visit to Normandy or you simply want to learn more about the castles of Normandy, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about these spectacular castles…

20 Incredible Castles Of Normandy

castles of Normandy

Normandy – The setting of the legendary combat of history, is a famous tourism destination due to its Castles. The Castles of Normandy store the unique history of wars, the charm of the ancient culture, and the art and architecture of the medieval period. 

France is home to much beautiful historical, religious, and royal architecture, and the region of Normandy reflects the same idea of craft. Have you added visiting Normandy to your itinerary for the upcoming holidays but need help determining where to begin? Here are the 20 incredible castles of Normandy you must not miss if you want to photograph the exquisite beauty on Earth.

Let’s start the trip without any more dew!

Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant

20 Incredible Castles of Normandy

It is one of the castles of Normandy that is well-known as a tourist destination because of its medieval architecture and the fact that it is where William the Conqueror was born. Due to its location in the French city of Falaise in the Normandy region, Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant is sometimes referred to as Castle Falaise.

The view of the entire city from the castle’s tower tops will astound you as a tourist. Along with its medieval design, the building also features antique furnishings and paintings of previous monarchs, including the first Duke of Normandy. And finally, you’ll experience the Middle Ages’ augmented reality through digital media.

Château Gaillard

Castle Gaillard is one of the castles of Normandy that stands for historical monuments because of its extensive history with French and English kings. Since 1204, Château Gaillard has been the primary site of conflict and has been heavily demolished. The evidence of the siege and fighting will stun you even if you visit there.

If you want to see the entire fortress and the inner bailey along the exterior, visiting the castle between March and November is advised. After photographing the Château Gaillard’s fascinating artwork and the River Seine’s beguiling beauty, you can head to Le Grand Andely and Le Petit Andely – Riverside villages for more amusement.

Pirou Castle

One of the castles of Normandy, Château Fort de Pirou, exemplifies the genuine splendor of the old Norman castles with its Gothic wall designs, Romanesque and pre-Romanesque defended gates at five distinct corners, and many other astounding features.

Due to its location on an artificial island, which adds another magnificent attractiveness to its perspective, it became well-known among residents and visitors. Remember to visit the chapel and press house close to the castle.

Gisors Castle

20 Incredible Castles of Normandy

One of the Castles of Normandy, Château De Gisors, was built with military authority in mind, but the tragedy that struck the region in the 16th century led to the fort becoming a hub of political and regal power.

You can stop at Eglise Saint-Gervais for art and architecture, Le Lavoir De Gisors to see the unseen beauty, and Airshow to get a birds-eye perspective of the city and castles to make the most of your journey. At Parc Herouval, you can engage in watersports as well.

Château de Creully

Most French castles have undergone extensive renovations, yet Château de Creully is one of the Normandy castles that has maintained its original, timeless charm. You can track down the castle at Creully Sur Seulles, the region of Normandy, France.

While the famous square and octagonal tower at Castle Creully highlight the art of 14th and 15th-century antiques, the two vaulted halls give the brilliance of 12th-century architecture. On the other hand, the castle’s courtyard will dazzle you with its display of 17th-century artistry.

Château d’Orcher

Originally constructed as a river Seine defense structure, Château d’Orcher was transformed into a fort in the 18th century to serve as a residence for the Royals of France and Normandy. Château d’Orcher is the place to go if you’re interested in works of art, artifacts, home architecture, and woodwork from the 18th century.

One location you shouldn’t skip at Château d’Orcher is the guards’ quarters and library. Don’t forget to visit the history museum, Musée du Prieuré, and the Eglise Saint-Martin to see the preserved old art. At the same time, one must visit the Bernay workshop, which displays the attire worn by the castle’s guards and royalty.

Château De Regnéville

It is another fort in the Normandy region with a rich history since the 12th century. Château De Regnéville was the residence of Charles the Bad, king of Navarre, later possessed by the French monarchy. 

The ruined fort grants the sight of medieval times artifacts, but you can stop at Fours a Chaux du Rey – Musee Maritime to learn more about the artwork of that time. Similarly, Château médiéval is located near the fort that you can visit along with the Castle.

Château de Caen

Rich with cultural history and combat Wars – Château de Caen is one of the castles of Normandy that was used during World War II and severely damaged by bomb attacks in 1944. Still, it significantly influences the natives and exhibits the artifacts at Musée de Normandie and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen (Located within the castle). 

Along with visiting these locations, you can also call Saint George’s Church and Échiquier de Normandie to learn about the region’s political structure.

Musee de Dieppe

The Normandy castle Chateau Musee de Dieppe is one of the buildings that date back to the Middle Ages. Despite the enchanting architecture, you will be surprised to see the old ship miniatures, blueprints, and navigation equipment.

Medieval art and paintings are displayed in the main hall alongside archaeological artifacts. You’ll experience the allure of the 16th and 17th centuries at Musee de Dieppe.

Château de Bénouville

Castle Benouville is one of the castles of Normandy that was structured with the idea of French neoclassical architecture. However, the exterior shape, staircases, and interior heartland were too modern for 18th-century cultural monuments. 

Touring the whole castle will take an hour or two, but you can add three places along with Château de Bénouville. Girafou for games and entertainment, Eglise Notre Dame for wandering Normandy churches, and Memorial Pegasus for history enthusiasts. 

Château des Ravalet

Castle Ravalet, the residence of the kings and queens of Ravalet, became famous among the natives and tourists for two main reasons. First, to enter the place, you must cross the 17-hectare area called Parc de Clères. Parc de Clères is full of majestic and gigantic woods, protecting the magnificent beauty of castle Ravalet. 

You’ll encounter more than thirteen hundred animals there. Secondly, the castle gives the natural shine of the Renaissance period that will be an awe-inspiring moment for you. 

Chateau de Beaumesnil

Have you ever wondered about baroque architectural design? If yes, then castle Beaumesnil is your stop. From its exterior, you’ll get the vibes of Hogwarts, though the inner of the Castles gives gothic essence at night time. 

Indeed the library of the Chateau de Beaumesnil has magnetic power and will force you to visit and wonder about the literature, art, and history from Nazi Germany to back the 17th century.

Château d’Harcourt

Castle d’Harcourt is one of the castles of Normandy that France preserved to safeguard the history and tragedy of the Harcourt Family. That medieval Castle was structured in a pattern to function the military, religious, civil, and royal activities, and you will find the marks of these elements prominently in the Castle. 

You need to see the arboretum – a unique garden alongside the Castle, to experience heavenly beauty on Earth. Abbey of Bec-Hellouin and Château du Champ de Bataille, both destinations are close to the Castle (almost six miles). 

Château de Rouen

20 Incredible Castles of Normandy

Castle Rouen is one of the castles of Normandy that depicts the bewitching power of ancient times along with the highlights of the Middle Ages. While passing through the hall of the Château de Rouen, you will feel the magical allure. 

Castle speaks or represents the conflict and combat between the Duke of Normandy and the king of England. Aside from its rich history, you can also stop at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen to wonder about the beauty of Churches in medieval times. 

Château de Saint-Germain-de-Livet

Castle Saint-Germain-de-Livet is a lively example of the late 15th and 16th centuries. The castle is structured with bricks and stones, and gigantic towers stand firmly on the grounds without any support. 

The castle exhibits the art, furniture, and artifacts of the traditional time. The whole palace is covered with the majestic garden, and when you cross the bridge over the lake, you’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale. You can track down this historical castle museum at the Saint-Germain-de-Livet, Normandy region of France. 

Chateau de Fontaine-la-Soret

Another Normandy castle that has the charm of Neoclassical architecture and represents the art and artifacts of the mid-18th century is the Chateau de Fontaine-la-Soret. The castle is famous as a tourist attraction due to its exterior and interior framework, along with the garden manifests. Today, the castle is also used as a museum to exhibit ancient objects and enlighten tourists about the culture of Normandy. 

You can track down the castle Fontaine-la-Soret in the Nassandres Sur Risle, Normandy Region, France. While enjoying the castle’s beauty, you can also stop at Bec Abbey to see the old furniture, dramatic art, and other religious elements. 

Château Du Taillis

20 Incredible Castles of Normandy

Castle Taillis has mixed architectural art. You’ll observe structures from the 13th century in some parts of the castle, and others have Italian Renaissance art. The expanded area of the court is designed in 17th and 18th-century art—the best place to see the noticeable change in art throughout history. 

You’ll be amazed by seeing the garden surrounding the castle, it has peculiar plants, trees, and a classic flower setting. You can locate this Monument Historique in Duclair, Normandy Region, France. Abbaye de Jumieges and Saint Georges de Boscherville are located within six miles of the castle; you can add these two destinations to your visit. 

Chateau de Gratot

Castle Gratot carries the kingly appearance of medieval architecture. It is half-ruined and gives gothic vibes. You’ll be amazed to see a small bridge to reach the main entrance. Besides that, the round and fairy tower have a significant design and a peculiar spiral staircase that was used to protect against attack. 

Likewise, many hidden gems are lying in the castle that you can uncover in your one-hour tour. Cathédrale de Coutances is located near the court Gratot, which will enlighten you about religion, history, and ancient art. However, if you’re more into gardening and flower enthusiast, you can stop at Jardin des Plantes de Coutances. 

Château de Gaillon

Indeed, France is home to many famous fairytales, and all these tales are initiated from the castles. Château de Gaillon also has stories of architectural enthusiasts. From the 15th to the 18th century, different monarchs and rulers redesigned the court but didn’t harm the initial idea of the castle’s art. 

Still, to date, the castle carries the French gothic vibes and architecture of the Renaissance that will leave you in an awe-inspiring state with its beauty. You will find many restaurants and tourist destinations near the castle, but  Sentier des Rossignols is on the top list for hiking followers. 

Château De Gacé

Castle Gace is another castle of Normandy’s famous tourist destination due to its ancient structure. The castle will take you back to the 11th century with its design; It has a few artifacts from the Merovingian period and 14th-century defense towers. 

Likewise, you will observe pepperpot and drawbridge from the 15th century. Many famous tourist destinations surround the castle, including Musee De La Dames aux Camelias and Église Saint-Pierre. You can track down the castle in Gace, Normandy region, France. 

Final Thoughts on the Castles of Normandy

Since the 12th century, the castles of Normandy have served as a true reflection of art, architecture, and relics. Creating and renovating gothic, pre-Romanesque, and ancient Norman structures to satisfy visitors’ enduring desire to see them. Without a doubt, taking the time and learning about the Normandy castles is worthwhile. 

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