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25 incredible castles in Prague

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Are you interested to learn more about the castles in Prague? Then you have come to the right place! In this article I teach you all about the best 25 castles in Prague and what is so special about them. Ready to learn more? Read on…

The Best Castles in Prague

From magnificent castles to enchanting palaces, Prague is home to some of Europe’s most splendid fortified structures. Most of the castles in Prague are open to the public, allowing tourists to experience the magic of exploring them. Each castle tells its own story of royalty, invasions, and war over the centuries.

However, not all castles offer the same experience. To make the most of your time in the city, make sure to decide which ones you’d like to explore. Below are some of the most stunning castles you must visit when in Prague.

castles in Prague

1. Prague Castle

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

The Prague castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the heart of Prague city. It is the world’s largest ancient castle and extends over approximately 110 acres of land. This marvellous castle is also the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic.

The castle boasts beautiful gothic structures with breathtaking scenic backdrops. It is also home to famous artifacts like priceless treasures, ancient manuscripts, and crown jewels. The complex includes many gardens, churches, and palaces worth exploring. Tourists often regard Prague castle as the best castle in Prague.

2. Okor Castle

Located in the North-west of Prague, the Okor Castle is another UNESCO World Heritage site, built in 1359. Over the years, the Okor castle has undergone several style changes. It was renovated from Gothic to  Renaissance style in the 16th century. Later on, it was restored with a festive Baroque style after the foundations were left in ruins due to war.

Today, the Okor Castle is a famous attraction for hikers, cyclists, and tourists. The ruined structures and the castle’s rich history make it worth visiting.

3. Karlstejn Castle

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

The Karlstejn Castle is worth visiting if you’re looking for a Czech castle near Prague. This magnificent castle was first built in the 13th century and is located in a hilly area. Several legends are linked with the castle, such as the prohibition of women from entering the castle. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also get to hear about the legend of Bloody Katerina.

The Karlstejn castle is often regarded as one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. Strolling around the castle brings one’s imagination back to the medieval days.

4. Castle Ctěnice

Castle Ctěnice is another glorious sight to behold when it comes to the most stunning castles in Prague. Layered with an interesting and rich past, Castle Ctěnice is situated on the city’s outskirts. It was first built in the medieval period and is surrounded by fields and farms.

Unlike most castles in the city, this one features a more contemporary and baroque style. The romantic atmosphere of the castle makes it a great tourist attraction for couples and families.

5. Krivoklat Castle

The Krivoklat Castle is a popular tourist destination situated only 57 kilometers southwest of Prague. Like most castles in Prague, Krivoklat castle has its fair share of rich cultural prominence and history. Once left in ruins, the castle has been reconstructed and is restored to its former glory.

This Gothic estate holds decently furnished rooms, a portrait gallery, and an impressive library. Visitors also get to see the Holy Roman Empire’s crown jewels and duplicates of the Czech crown jewels. The castle is surrounded by dense forests and rivers, making it a great destination for nature lovers.

6. Castle Hostavice

If you’re looking for a castle away from the city’s hustle and bustle, you must visit Castle Hostavic. This hidden gem is located 20 minutes from Prague’s center and is usually not crowded with people. The castle features a one-story building and has a very modern look.

The interior of the castle is not open to the public, but you can enjoy looking at its splendid exterior. The castle is surrounded by a botanical park with chestnut trees, meadows, and wildflowers.

7. Hloubetin Castle

The Hloubetin Castle is a neo-Gothic monument built in the 19th century. The castle originally belonged to the Jewish community but was confiscated during WWII. It went back under the original owners of the Jewish community in 1990.

Today, this beautifully constructed fortress serves as a sanatorium. Though it is not open to the public, people from all over the world still visit the building to admire its exterior and history.

8. Troja Chateau

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

If you’re up for some adventure, then make sure to add Troja Chateau to your list of must-visit castles in Prague. This picturesque castle looks straight out of a fairytale with its breathtaking structure and neatly kept gardens.

The Chateau’s entrance is adorned with carved greek figures, adding to the building’s splendor. Overall, this unique Chateau, with its beautiful roman-inspired architecture, is definitely worth exploring.

9. Vyšehrad Castle

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

Known to be one of the first settlements in Prague, the Vyšehrad castle is not to be missed if you want to learn about the city’s history. The well-built fort is listed among the country’s most prominent National Cultural Monuments. Legend says that this castle was the first seat of the Czech dukes.

Today, it holds several architectural treasures from the past and offers a magnificent view of Prague city. The surrounding complex is filled with many alleyways and parks where you can enjoy serenity away from the tourist crowds.

10. Rangherka

Rangherka, also known as Vršovice Castle, is a state-protected monument built in the 18th century. Despite its rich history, this Neo-Renaissance building looks like anything but your everyday castle. Once used as a vineyard, the building was converted into a silk factory, which was shut down later.

Today, it is used as a retirement home for the elderly. Rangherka is known to be one of the most picturesque castles in Prague.

11. Konopiste Castle

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

The enchanted Konopiste castle was constructed as a Gothic fortress in 1294. The building’s design was inspired by a french fortress with drawbridges, four wings, and a symmetrical tower layout. It was later turned into a romantic Chateau with modern interior furnishing.

The three-story building is surrounded by a forest with a lake nearby. This beautiful castle has been the residence of several princes and archdukes.

12. Záběhlice Castle

Credited as one of the most prestigious castles in Prague, the Záběhlice castle was built in the 17th century. Most of the castle’s structure was destroyed in a fire in 1886. Later, the castle was bought by Václav Černý, who renovated the building and its ground. According to a legend, the castle was haunted by the ghost of a white lady in the past.

Nowadays, the castle is used for business activities and production. Tourists can access nearby areas that are filled with beautiful scenery and ponds.

13. Uhříněves Castle

Constructed originally in the Renaissance style, the Uhříněves Castle has undergone several renovations over the years. The structure of the castle was burned down during the Thirty Years‘ War by the Swedes. It was later rebuilt from scratch by the Liechtenstein Family in the 17th century. It maintains its then-renovated structure to date and is a famous tourist destination.

14. Jenštejn Castle

Jenštejn Castle is situated in the southeast of Prague. In the past, this castle was rumored to bring bad luck to all of its owners. The famous castle that once stood in all its glory was left in ruins after the communist regime seized power over the Czech Republic. However, this historically rich monument is finely preserved nowadays and is open to tourists.

A thick green forest surrounds the Jenštejn Castle, which tourists love to hike through. Several poets and wanderers have mentioned the marvelous castle over the years.

15. Průhonice

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

The Průhonice castle is another UNESCO World Heritage Site just 20 minutes from Prague. This castle is built on approximately 620 acres of land and features one of Europe’s largest landscaped parks.

The castle features a sophisticated exterior and is surrounded by lime tree alleys and a pond. Despite its picturesque architecture, this castle is one of the least known castles in Prague and nearby. This makes it a peaceful getaway spot for your family and friends.

16. Sychrov Castle

Located only one hour from Prague is the beautiful Sychrov castle, open to visitors all year. Once occupied by the French Rohan family, the Chateau is today used as a set for filmmakers.

The castle’s interior features valuable antique furnishing, priceless French paintings, and more. You can also enjoy Czech cuisine in the restaurant opposite the castle.

17. Hlubocepy Castle

The Hulbocepy castle is situated on the right bank of the Vltava river. Built formerly as a fortress in 1571, the building was turned into a castle 100 years later. Today, this castle is accessible to tourists and is a venue for feasts, weddings, and events.

18. Castle Vinoř

Castle Vinoř is one of the most popular Baroque-style castles in Prague. Built between 1719 and 1723, it features a unique square shape and has three vaulted entrances. These entrances lead to ‘Sala Terrenas.’ Right next to the castle is a game park built in the 18th century that exists to date. Castle Vinor is open to the public and is a popular place for sightseeing,

19. Chateau Štiřín

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

Chateau Štiřín is a Baroque-style Chateau located 25 km Southeast of Prague. The complex underwent reconstruction between 1985 to 2007 and was opened as a hotel for visitors. Today, this historical monument is a popular getaway spot for people visiting Prague. The hotel features 9 golf courses, 8 conference halls, and 63 rooms.

20. Zbraslav Castle

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

While in Prague, don’t forget to make your trip memorable by visiting the Zbraslav Castle. This monastery-turned-castle lies on the left bank of the Vltava River. With a history of more than 900 years, the building offers a lot to explore. The castle also houses art pieces from ancient times, including Islamic art, Tibetan art, and Indian art.

21. Kost Castle

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

Around 87 kilometers from Prague lies the most well-preserved Gothic castle in Czech known as Kost castle. Founded in the mid-14th century, the fortress is surrounded by magical landscapes and forests. The building’s original structure has undergone multiple renovations over the centuries. Tourists love to visit this castle due to its interesting history.

22. Nový Hrad u Kunratic

25 Incredible Castles in Prague

Nový Hrad u Kunratic, also known as ‘New Castle,’ was a gothic-style castle first built in the 15th century. It was originally built as the royal residence of King Wenceslaus IV. In 1420, the Hussite army laid siege on the castle and burned it down. It was never restored after.

Today, the castle is in ruins. However, it displays preserved remains of the siege camps with firing positions, ditches, and banks. This makes it a great travel destination for history lovers.

23. Jemniště Château

If you wish to explore the lesser-known castles in Prague, you can start by visiting the Jemniště Château. This unique Baroque-style Chateau can be found towards the south of Prague. The incredible complex features nine halls and St. Joseph’s Chapel, which is open to visitors. You can also enjoy a picnic with your family on the Chateau’s garden lawn.

24.Mníšek Pod Brdy Castle

The Mníšek Pod Brdy castle can be found in the scenic landscape of the Brdy Highlands near Prague. The castle was originally built as a fortress in the 14th century by Servatius Engel. The building’s interior is decorated with furniture from the Baroque to the 20th century. The halls and courtyard of the castle are open to tourists.

25. Lány Chateau

Add Lány Chateau to your checklist if you’re curious to see what the official summer residence of the Czech presidents looks like. This beautiful Baroque Chateau is situated in Lány village near Prague. Though the Chateau is not open to the public, you can enjoy a tour of its old greenhouse and park.

The Castles in Prague- Final Words

The Czech Republic is undoubtedly one of the most magical countries in the world. The land boasts more than 2000 castles and Chateaus and millions of tourists flock daily to explore the glorious castles in Prague. So, make sure to include the castles in Prague listed above in your travel itinerary.

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