Cabin Crew weight requirements | Am I too fat to become Cabin Crew?

Sep 6, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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(Last updated on: 28/10/2020)

To successfully pass the Cabin Crew application stage, you must meet all of the airlines requirements. This includes the Cabin Crew weight requirements. As discussed in my previous post, ‘Cabin Crew height requirements | Am I too tall/short to become Cabin Crew?’ your height is very important. However, airlines also have weight requirements. In this post, I will explain whether you would meet the Cabin Crew weight requirements.

How much do you have to weigh?

You may think that to get a job as Cabin Crew, you have to be a super slim supermodel. However, this is not the case! In previous years, Cabin Crew were certainly expected to live up to their ‘sexy’ image. But these days airlines tend to ask that Cabin Crew have weight that is proportional to their height. There is an abundance of information online like weight calculators which tell you what your ideal weight should be. In essence, you don’t have to weight anything in particular. But you do have to look healthy.

How is your weight measured?

Unlike with your height, it is very unlikely that your weight will be measured at an assessment day. Instead, the airline will just assess your appearance by eye. The most important thing is that you look physically healthy and that as mentioned before, your weight looks in proportion to your height. Your weight may be measured during medical tests. However, there is not a set weight you will have to be. Instead, you will just need to be a healthy weight.

Why does your weight matter?

Cabin Crew are required to stand for long periods of time and carry our strenuous activities. So, airlines look for candidates who are healthy and will be able to fulfil the job. It is also important that Cabin Crew can sit in the aircraft and move down the aisles without difficulty.

Examples of airline weight requirements

Almost every airline has the same Cabin Crew height requirements. They ask that their Cabin Crew are healthy, with their weight in proportion to their height.

British Airways state on their website that they look for Cabin Crew ‘between 5’2″ (1.575m) and 6’1″ (1.85m) tall, with weight in proportion to your height.’ Whereas, EasyJet just ask that their Cabin Crew are ‘between 5’3″ (160cm) and 6’3″ (190cm)’ and that they can pass the medical test.

Over everything else, it is just really important that you are healthy and at a healthy weight. Before your assessment day it could be useful to check your BMI to see whether you are within the ideal weight for your height.

Are you hoping to become Cabin Crew? Have you had any issues with your weight? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below!


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