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Becoming Cabin Crew: A Cabin Crew Textbook for BTEC, NCFE & City and Guilds

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(Last updated on: 30/07/2021)

Having taught Cabin Crew programmes for over ten years, there is one thing that is clear – there is a dearth of teaching resources to help students and teachers! In fact, I have been able to find only one Cabin Crew textbook, written in 2015. And I wasn’t the biggest fan of that… So, I decided to develop a Cabin Crew textbook! My textbook has been designed to support students (and staff) undertaking Cabin Crew qualifications.

The ‘Becoming Cabin Crew’ textbook is mirrored to the content prescribed by the three major Cabin Crew qualification awarding bodies: BTEC, NCFE, and City and Guilds. It contains a range of activities and tasks designed to make learning interactive and fun. Pitched at level 2 onwards, this textbook is the perfect addition to any college library or student reading materials.

The Cabin Crew textbook is available now on Amazon and you can purchase by clicking on the link below:


Becoming Cabin Crew: A course textbook designed to support BTEC, NCFE and City & Guilds qualification

The aviation industry continues to expand globally at a rapid rate, fuelling the demand for Cabin Crew worldwide. Despite this, it remains extremely competitive to secure employment as Cabin Crew. This book has been designed to support students studying a Cabin Crew course. It aims to help them not only be successful in the classroom, but also in their careers at 30,000ft!

Written by Dr Hayley Stainton, a tourism and aviation academic and experienced Cabin Crew member, this book has both industry and academic underpinning. It is designed to support the three major awarding bodies currently offering Cabin Crew qualifications: BTEC, City and Guilds and NCFE. The textbook incorporates a range of written and practical student activities and includes both textual and graphical content. Chapters include:

  • Working as Cabin Crew
  • Airline health, safety and security
  • Aircraft emergency situations
  • Dealing with passengers onboard an aircraft
  • Cabin service selling techniques
  • Making passenger announcements

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