Cabin Crew job description- what do Cabin Crew do?

May 24, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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If you’re hoping to become Cabin Crew, then you will probably want to know what Cabin Crew do at work every day. My previous post ‘What is the meaning of Cabin Crew? A Cabin Crew definition‘ explains what being a member of Cabin Crew means. In this post, I will give you a Cabin Crew job description explaining what Cabin Crew do!

Attending a pre-flight briefing

Before Cabin Crew can work a flight, they must attend a pre-flight briefing. This takes place at the start of the working day, before the flight. The pre-flight briefing ensures that all crew members are prepared for the flight. Cabin Crew will have their documents checked and will be told any important information that they need to know for the flight. The manager will also question each member of Cabin Crew to check that their knowledge is up to standard. Check out the post ‘What is a pre-flight briefing?‘ for more information on what a pre-flight breifing entails and why they are important.

Ensuring the safety of all passengers

Cabin Crew are responsible for the safety of all passengers on a flight. They must make sure that the cabin is secure and ready before the flight takes off. My post ‘What is Cabin Secure?’ explains how they do this. Throughout the flight, Cabin Crew must also deal with any potential emergencies and ensure that they are dealt with appropriately. Check out my post ‘what emergencies might I have to deal with when working as Cabin Crew?

Delivering excellent customer service

Customer service plays a massive role in the job, since Cabin Crew are dealing with passengers constantly. The level of customer service that passengers recieve reflects their view of the airline. A member of crew who is friendly and knows what she is talking about is far more likely to promote a nice, proffessional image of the airline she is working for. My post ‘Why do I need customer service experience to become Cabin Crew?‘ explains further why customer service is important and gives tips on how you can improve your customer service.

Solving problems onboard the aircraft

During a flight Cabin Crew are required to solve any problems that arise. As Cabin Crew you are in control of what is happening on the flight. So this means that if there’s a problem you need to deal with it effectively, using your initiative.

Undertaking a safety demonstration

Before a flight Cabin Crew must perform a safety demonstration. This is designed to inform all passengers on what to do in the case of an emergency. Cabin Crew will need to stand in the aisle so that all passengers are able to watch. They then need to inform the passengers on safety procedures such as, the nearest fire exits, brace positions and how to inflate a life jacket.

Serving food and beverages

During a flight, Cabin Crew are required to serve passengers food and drink. This includes in-flight meals if the airline are providing them. When serving meals it is important that Cabin Crew are aware of any passengers with allergies or preferences, and that they give out the correct meals. Take a look at the post ‘meal codes: the basics’ for more information on the different types of meals you may have to serve as Cabin Crew. Cabin Crew may also need to offer passengers snacks and beverages throughout the flight.

Selling duty free products

Along with food and beverages, Cabin Crew may also be required to sell duty free products during a flight. This can be a good way for Cabin Crew to earn some extra money as you will earn commission from what you sell. Have a look at the post ‘How to maximise in-flight sales and make more commission’ for more information!

Looking after special passengers such as unaccompanied minors or disabled passengers

During a flight, certain passengers may need more care or attention than others. It is the responsibility of Cabin Crew to be aware of these passengers and to ensure they receive all of the attention they require. For example, if an unaccompanied minor was on board Cabin Crew would need to ensure they were looked after appropriately. Take a look at my post ‘Passenger Codes: The Basics‘ for more examples of passengers who may require looking after.

Completing relevant paperwork

Cabin Crew are also required to complete paperwork while they’re at work. This takes places during the pre-flight briefing before the flight departs. Cabin Crew are also required to finalise the documents that are needed from the flight in the post-flight briefing. For example, the flight report and summary of sales. For more information on what a post-flight brieifing entails, take a look at the ost ‘What is a post-flight briefing?

Serving food and drinks to the pilots

Cabin Crew not only have to serve food and drink to passengers, but they also have to serve the pilots! During short-haul flights, the pilots should receive one meal, and during long-haul flights they should receive two.

Liaising with the ground staff

Cabin Crew don’t only have to communicate with other crew members on the flight. They also have to liaise with the ground staff. They are required to communicate and cooperate with the ground staff to ensure a safe flight.

Preparing the aircraft for take off and landing

It is essential that Cabin Crew properly prepare the aircraft for take off and landing. Cabin Crew must carry out ‘Cabin Secure’ to make sure the aircraft is ready and safe for take off. This involves several checks, including stowage of bags, seatbelts, overhead lockers, armrests, window blinds, and trolleys. Cabin Crew need to check that all of these have been complete before the flight can take off. Read my post ‘What is Cabin Secure?‘ for more information on what this entails.

Doing passenger announcements

Cabin Crew will need to make several passenger announcements during a flight. For example, they need to announce when the flight is about to take off and land to make sure passengers are prepared and carry out the required safety procedures. Cabin Crew will also need to update passengers on the flight, especially if anything is happening. E.g. they will need to make passengers aware that the plane is going through turbulence.

Stock checks and counting money

Finally, Cabin Crew also have to carry out stock checks and money counting. If Cabin Crew are selling goods on the flight, then they will need to check the stock and money to make sure they’ve taken in the correct money. They can also see how much money they’ve made from selling the goods – which will contribute to the commission they earn!

As this post reveals, Cabin Crew do a lot at work and have many responsibilities during their working day! Is the Cabin Crew job description what you thought it would be? Did anything surprise you? I’d love to hear from you, leave your comments down below!


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