Cabin Crew height requirements | Am I too tall/short to become Cabin Crew?

Aug 30, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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Before applying for a job as Cabin Crew, it is essential that you check the airlines Cabin Crew height requirements. If you are not within the requirements for that airline, you will not be considered past the application stage. In this post, I will explain whether you are too tall or short to become Cabin Crew!

How tall do you have to be?

As mentioned above, height is one of the requirements that you will need to meet to get the job. You can’t know exactly how tall you have to be until you check the height requirements for the specific airline you are applying for. However, generally Cabin Crew need to be between 159 cm (5ft, 2″) and 189 cm (6ft, 2″). If your height is within this range, it is still super important that you double check as height requirements do differ between airlines.

How is your height measured?

When you attend an assessment day, it is likely that the airline will measure your height. They will ensure that you reach the height requirements for their airline. This tends to take place at the start of the day. If you do not reach the requirements then you will automatically be unsuccessful. It is also likely that you will be asked to perform a reach test during the assessment day. You will be assessed to see if you can reach a certain height, which is normally the height of the overhead lockers. You will be allowed to stand on your tip toes for this test.

Why does your height matter?

Airlines don’t discriminate against super short or tall people, they care about the safety of their passengers. It is essential that you can reach the overhead lockers, not only to help passengers out, but also so you can reach the aircrafts safety and emergency equipment which is usually stored in there. Safety equipment may also be stored deep in stowages and cupboards, so it is really essential that you have an extended arm reach which is able to stretch far enough.

Examples of airline height requirements

Height requirements differ from airline to airline as they are based on that airlines own aircrafts. But as mentioned before the general height requirement is between 159 cm (5ft, 2″) and 189 cm (6ft, 2″) and you will usually be asked to reach between 208 cm (6ft, 9″) andv214 cm (7ft).

You should be able to find the height requirements for any airline on their websites. For example, British Airways state in their job descriptions on their website that their Cabin Crew must be between 1.575m (5’2″) and 1.87m (6’2″). In my post, ‘What are the requirements to work as Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways?‘ I explain how there isn’t a specified maximum height for Qatar Cabin Crew. However, you must be able to reach a height of 212 cm and preferably have a height around

As you can tell, Cabin Crew height requirements are important! They may vary slightly between airlines, but they ensure the safety of passengers. Therefore, it is essential you are aware of the airlines height requirements before applying to make sure you are an acceptable height.

Are you hoping to become Cabin Crew? Have you had any issues with your height? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments down below!



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