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Everything you need to know to get a job as Cabin Crew!

Is becoming Cabin Crew your dream job?

  • Do you want to TRAVEL THE WORLD and get PAID to do it?
  • Do you want to work in an industry known for its glitz and glamour?
  • Do you love working with people from different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures?

Then Cabin Crew might be the perfect job for you! And I can help to make your dream become reality with the Online Diploma in Becoming Cabin Crew…

Did you know that only 5% of Cabin Crew applicants are successful in securing employment with an airline?

Getting a job as Cabin Crew has never been as tough as it is now. With global uncertainties, rising fuel costs and increased compeition, airlines are not hiring as many C abin Crew as they once were. 

In addition to this, the role of Cabin Crew isn’t waht it used to be. Yes, it is still a glamerous job, crew are under increased pressure to provide the best levels of customer service, to know their stuff in the event of an emergencies and to be able to make the airline miney through ancillary sales. 

That’s why airlines are only hiring the VERY best people. Most airlines will choose candidates at an assessment day. These days involve tests, social networking, role plays, team work exercises and face-to-face interviews. They are usually fun, but most people fail (sad face). 

But that’s where I can help! I have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people to secure employment as Cabin Crew. Having worked in and studied aviation for over ten years, I share my expert knowledge and tips for success with you in this assessment day mastery course.

Course content

The course is designed with you in mind. It has activities that are tailored to you and your needs that are essential when preparing for your assessment day.


Whether you are unsure about the teamwork assessment, the customer service role-play, the tests, the 1:1 interview or any other element of the Cabin Crew assessment day, I will help you to increase your confidence and to be successful!


This course provides approximately 20 hours of online learning. The topics covered include:

Introduction to the Cabin Crew assessment day

The course begins with a comprehensive overview of what a Cabin Crew assessment day is and how these are organised. 

Travelling to the venue

Being on time is an essential requirement when working as Cabin Crew. If you are late for your assessment day then you might as well turn around and go home. This module looks at ways to plan your travel and the importance of contingency plans. 

Mastering presentation and personal grooming

Here you will learn about the importance of presentation and personal grooming when working for an airline and how to present yourself appropriately for your assessment day. 

Mastering networking

Many people do not realise that they are being assessed from the moment they walk through the door! The way that you interact with other candidates is vital. In this module I teach you how to succeed. 

Mastering tests

This module teaches you how to prepare for the Cabin Crew tests including English tests, geography tests and practical skills tests. 

Mastering teamwork

Teamwork skills are essential when working as Cabin Crew. This module teaches you how to demonstrate your teamwork skills and what the assessors will be looking for. 

Mastering customer service

Learn how the airline will assess your customer service skills and how you can pass this part of the assessment day. 

Mastering selling skills

Most airlines now expect Cabin Crew to sell products onboard. Learn how to demonstrate that you can do this successfully in your assessment day. 

Mastering passenger announcements

Get access to a range of passenger announcements that you may need to read aloud during your assessment day and practice to your heart’s content!

Mastering the interview

Learn how to improve your interview skills and what questions are likely to come up during your assessment day. 

The outcome

Find out what happens next…!

Dr Hayley Stainton


I am an experienced tourism academic and researcher specialising in tourism management and sustainability.

I have worked as Cabin Crew for a leading UK airline and taught Cabin Crew courses since 2010.


  • 100% course success rate
  • 98% of students have been offered an interview/assessment day
  • 100% satisfactory feedback
  • Students now employed for leading airlines such as Emirates, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Cathy Pacific and Air India.

The brutal truth why most Cabin Crew applicants fail the assessment day

For most people who miss out on securing their dream job as Cabin Crew, the reason is that they did not do sufficient preparation prior to their application.

Here are some of the main reasons that most people fail:

  • They have insufficient knowledge of the airline that they wish to work for
  • They do not know what the job role entails (it is more than just looking pretty and serving tea and coffee!)
  • They do not have the confidence to demonstrate their skills and qualities
  • Their personal presentation and grooming is not up to the required standard
  • They do not demonstrate strong teamworking skills at their assessment day
  • They have no knowledge of sales techniques
  • They are not able to provide sufficient examples of their customer service experience
  • They have poor interpersonal or social skills
  • Their application form/CV is poorly written

Are you confident in all of the above areas? Probably not. By taking this course, you can be confident that your Cabin Crew application is as strong as it can be. 

Why do a Cabin Crew course?

Did you know that many airlines will only let you apply for a job with them once every few months or even years? This means that it will take some people several years of applications and interviews to secure their dream job! This makes it even more important that you get it right first time. This course will help you to do that.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but you do not need a Cabin Crew qualification to secure a job as Cabin Crew. HOWEVER, you do need a good working knowledge of the industry, a strong understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Cabin Crew and excellent employability skills. These things I can guarantee you will have upon completion of the Becoming Cabin Crew Online Diploma.

Most online courses available are taught by ex-Cabin Crew. Whilst I have no doubt that these people have an excellent knowledge of the job role and of the airline or airlines that they worked for, that’s about all that they can bring to the table. This is the only online course available that is taught by a qualified teacher. That means that all of my teaching practices are underpinned by pedagogical methodologies, ensuring that they are designed to meet the needs of all types of learners and that you will have maximum benefit from the course. You won’t watch a video and forget what I told you an hour later. Through a range of practical tasks and activities and varied delivery styles you will retain the knowledge acquired from this course, therefore maximising your chances of having a successful career as Cabin Crew.

Because I am employed by day as a University Lecturer, I have regular contact with industry professionals. This ensures that my knowledge of the aviation industry is up to date, something that you will be unlikely to find with other online Cabin Crew courses. Furthermore, for the past 8 years I have been an employability skills champion, running workshops and formal classes with my students, helping them to secure employment in the tourism and aviation industries. I can help you to do this too.

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