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The 8 best ski resorts in Vermont + top tips for your visit

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Do you want to know which are the best ski resorts in Vermont? Then you have come to the right place!

Vermont is the second-least populated state in the USA. It’s most well-known for its gorgeous mountains and is very popular for being a top skiing destination. If you’re thinking about going skiing, then read on to learn about the best ski resorts in Vermont!

Tourism in Vermont

the best ski resorts in Vermont

Before I tell you all about the best ski resorts in Vermont, I will first tell you a little bit about tourism in the area…

Tourism in Vermont is most popular with people looking to go skiing and participate in other types of winter sports. As well as skiing and winter sports, summer camps also bring in a lot of tourism to Vermont. Many of the houses in Vermont, around 15%, are also vacant most of the time and solely used as vacation homes – so, as you can see, many people visit Vermont mainly for seasonal activities.

Tourism in Vermont also supports a lot of jobs in the community. In 2011, tourism in Vermont supported around 26,000 jobs, which made up 7.2% of total employment.

One major thing that is threatening tourism in Vermont is climate change. This is threatening tourism in Vermont, as many of the ski businesses and communities rely on tourism, and climate change has been predicted to shorten the length of the ski season. Therefore, this would mean that less money would be spent by tourists. Due to the evergrowing climate change threat, it is essential to take steps as individuals to help combat this; therefore, when travelling, it’s important to try and travel as sustainably as possible.

How many ski resorts are in Vermont?

How many ski resorts are in Vermont? There are 22 ski resorts in Vermont- this makes deciding which are the best ski resorts in Vermont tough, because there is so much choice! They all cater to different types of tourists’ wants and needs, such as more high-end resorts with private ski hills or resorts catered more towards families. Keep on reading to find out about the best ski resorts in Vermont out of the 22 resorts!

When is the best time to ski in Vermont?

When is the best time to ski in Vermont? The best time to ski in Vermont is from November to May, as this is the main skiing season. However, if I had to be more specific, out of these months, I would suggest going skiing in February or March. This is because the sun will be out, so you’ll be warmer, and there are more activities to do if you’d like a day off from skiing to go and explore instead.

The weather in Vermont varies massively throughout the year. For instance, the warmest month is usually July, when temperatures reach around 81°F (27°C), and the coldest month is January, when temperatures reach around 10°F (-12°C). Therefore, if you don’t want to be too cold, then the best time to ski in Vermont would be March, as the temperature is around 47°F (8°C). This means that it will still be snowy, but you will be able to spend longer outside in the snow without feeling the effects of the cold weather as quickly.

The month with the most snowfall is January when it snows for an average of 25 days, and there are around 19 inches of snow. However, in March, which is when I suggest visiting Vermont, it snows for an average of 16 days, and there are about 12.8 inches of snowfall. Therefore, there is still plenty of snow to be enjoyed!

What to pack when skiing in Vermont

What to pack when skiing in Vermont? When skiing in Vermont, don’t forget to pack these essential items:

  • Riemann P20 Face Suncream – Don’t be fooled that just because it’s cold and snowy, it doesn’t mean you’re immune from getting sunburnt! If anything, suncream is more important than before as there will be no shade to protect you. This Riemann P20 face suncream is light to wear and lasts for up to 10 hours, meaning you can just worry about having a good time skiing.
  • Winter Neck Warmer – Keep cosy and warm with this neck warmer that is great to pull up to keep the cold off your skin. It’s lightweight and easy to pack, so you can carry it with you in any bag you wish. It’s also ideal for wearing beneath helmets, so you’ll always be as warm as possible.
  • Quick Charge Hand Warmers – These quick charge hand warmers are ideal for keeping your hands as toasty as possible. They are rechargeable, meaning they’re good for the environment, and they’re also more cost-efficient than buying disposable hand warmers. Additionally, these hand warmers are very durable and come with a 24-month warranty.
  • Fleece Headband Ear Warmers – Look stylish and keep warm at the same time with these fleece headband ear warmers. They are ideal for styling under ski helmets, as they are thin enough to fit, unlike traditional ear warmers. Additionally, these headbands stay in place all day and are unisex, with a wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Skiing Manual: The Essential Guide to Skiing – This essential guide to skiing will help you perfect your techniques and skills for the slopes. It’s a comprehensive guide on various techniques, with easy-to-follow pictures and plenty of tips to help you be the best skier possible.

The best ski resorts in Vermont

the best ski resorts in Vermont

So which are the best ski resorts in Vermont? Lets take a look..

1. Killington Ski Resort

Killington Ski Resort is located in Rutland County and is definitely one of the best ski resorts in Vermont. There are plenty of things on offer here. For instance, there is the Killington Grand Spa, the Pico Fitness Centre, camping grounds, golf, gondola rides and plenty more. Visitors who would like to go skiing can buy a variety of season passes. The most popular season pass for skiers is called Beast 365. This ski pass includes unlimited winter lift access and unlimited summer access to the bike park, adventure centre, scenic gondola rides, and golf course. There are also payment plans available to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Where to stay: Mountain Sports Inn – This inn is the perfect place to stay when visiting Killington Ski Resort, as it’s located only 3 miles away, and there is a shuttle service available. There is a hot tub and a sauna to relax and unwind in after a long day skiing, as well as a charmingly decorated common room complete with a warm wood stove. In every room, there is a cable TV, free WiFi and a spacious private bathroom with free amenities. Additionally, there is even space to store your skiing equipment and bikes – what else could you want?

2. Stowe

Stowe is another one of the best ski resorts in Vermont. There are so many facilities that customers can use and take part in, such as the spa, gondola sky rides, rock climbing walls, a performing arts centre and many shops that will fulfil all your shopping desires. If you’re a beginner at skiing, then there are also plenty of different lesson types that you can choose from, such as private lessons or adult lessons. These lessons are taught by qualified, friendly instructors who are there to help you out. Additionally, there are plenty of different passes to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your wants and needs.

Where to stay: Field Guide Lodge – A stay in this stunning lodge is guaranteed to make your skiing vacation in Stowe spectacular. The lodge is beautifully decorated, and each room comes with a 40-inch flat-screen cable TV with Apple TV to enjoy, a seating area, an en-suite with free toiletries, and a hairdryer. There is also free WiFi, free parking, a concierge service, and a lounge to relax in, with a cosy fireplace and vintage games to have a go at.

the best ski resorts in Vermont

3. Okemo Mountain Resort

Okemo Mountain Resort is located near Ludlow and was rated the top US family snow resort by Parents Magazine, making it one of the best ski resorts in Vermont if you want to go skiing as a family. The resort offers a more rustic and family feel than some other resorts and has lots of great features. Aside from skiing, there are places to go mountain biking, the Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster, a scenic chair lift, a spa and lots of great restaurants. It is also the perfect place for weddings, so there are special services and packages available if you’re interested in that.

Where to stay: Jackson Gore Village on Okemo Mountain – Situated perfectly on Okemo Mountain, this accommodation is the ideal choice if you’re thinking about visiting Okemo Mountain Resort. There is an indoor pool for guests to swim in, a hot tub to relax, a sauna and also a massage service. If you have children, then they will be well entertained by the children’s playground and babysitting service. Every room comes with a cable TV, air-con, an en-suite, and some even have a refrigerator and a cosy fireplace.

4. Jay Peak

Jay Peak has plenty to offer in order to make your skiing vacation the best it can be. Every member of the team at Jay Peak goes above and beyond for their customers to guarantee you have a great and safe time. There is an indoor and outdoor water park, amazing restaurants, a golf course, great shops, childcare centres, hiking trails and much more. There is a ski school if you would like to purchase any skiing lessons to help boost your confidence, and there is also a repair and rental shop, too, in case you need anything fixed or if you’ve forgotten to bring some equipment.

Where to stay: Phineas Swann Inn & Spa – Each room at Phineas Swann Inn & Spa is uniquely furnished and comes with a cable TV, air-con, private bathrooms with luxury toiletries, free WiFi, and some rooms also have a picturesque river view. Additionally, guests can also make use of the hot tub, and activities such as horse riding and cycling can be arranged to take part in. Every morning, a delicious hot breakfast is served, and there is also dinner available on Friday and Saturday evenings.

the best ski resorts in Vermont

5. Sugarbush Resort

Sugarbush Resort is located in the Mad River Valley in Warren, Vermont. The entire resort is over 4000 acres big in total, has over 484 trail acres that are skiable, and there are also a whopping 16 ski lifts. Sugarbush Resort is extended across two mountains in total, which is Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen. They are connected and accessible to each other by chairlift and shuttle bus. There are lots of great things to do at Sugarbush Resort, and some of the main highlights are some of the events they have, such as Mountain Biker Community Day or 50% Thursdays, as well as Ski and Ride School with friendly instructors, golf courses, great dining and plenty more.

Where to stay: White Horse Lodge – This charming lodge is located only 3 miles from Sugarbush Resort, making it a great choice of accommodation to stay at. There is a bar, free private parking, a shared lounge and a garden for guests to enjoy. In every room, there is a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, and a private bathroom with free toiletries to make use of.

6. Mount Snow

Mount Snow is located in Southern Vermont in the Green Mountains. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Vermont because it’s excellently located, and there is great snowmaking. All of the features Mount Snow has to offer are all located relatively close to one another, which makes it one of the best ski resorts in Vermont for families who don’t want to travel around the resort a lot. Additionally, there are also childcare facilities for younger children, so you know everyone is free to enjoy themselves no matter their age. There are plenty of great passes to choose from, such as ones with unlimited access to the resort, passes for those who just want to ski and many more.

Where to stay: Kitzhof Inn Vermont – Situated only 3 miles away from Mount Snow, this Inn has everything you will need to help make your skiing vacation fantastic. There is a cable TV in every room, along with an en-suite and a comfortable seating area. Additionally, there is also a games area for guests to play, an outdoor fire pit to warm up on, and a free shuttle service. Each morning, a full breakfast is cooked and served to guests to help start the day right!

the best ski resorts in Vermont

7. Smugglers’ Notch

Smugglers’ Notch Resort is another great ski resort located in the Green Mountains. The resort was rated the number 1 resort in the East and is much more affordable compared to some of the other ski resorts in Vermont. It’s specifically targeted towards families, and there are many great things to do for everyone to enjoy. For instance, there are bingo evenings, live entertainment on some nights, yoga, swimming, bike tours – the list goes on! There are over 8 different places to eat on the resort, all serving something different such as fresh baked goods or tasty grilled food, so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. A skiing vacation at Smugglers’ Notch is a fantastic idea for all to consider and this is definitely one of the best ski resorts in Vermont.

Where to stay: Green Mountain Inn – This Inn features a large sauna, a gym, an outdoor pool that is heated, massage services and even afternoon tea for guests to treat themselves to. In every room, there is free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and coffee-making facilities. There is also an on-site restaurant that serves fresh local farm produce and local alcoholic beverages. If all of these amazing features haven’t convinced you to stay at Green Mountain Inn just yet, then maybe this will – the original Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory is just 8 miles away, and they can arrange a tour there if you’re interested.

8. Bromley

Here is the finale on my list of the best ski resorts in Vermont- Bromley. Bromley Ski Resort has so much to offer to make your skiing vacation one to remember! There are lots of different passes to choose from, and families can even save $50 off each person when booking an Unlimited Season Pass, so it’s also another great ski resort in Vermont that is excellent value for money. Asides from skiing, there are also other activities, such as a treetop adventure course, a mountain adventure park, disc golf and scenic chairlift rides.

Where to stay: Bromley View Inn– A stay in this charming little lodge will be the cherry on top of your skiing vacation. There is free private parking, an on-site restaurant serving delicious food, a bar and a garden. Guests are also provided with a BBQ to use if they wish. Each room comes with free WiFi, a patio, a coffee machine, and a private bathroom. Some rooms even come with a kitchenette to cook in. Additionally, there are also plenty of games to play, such as table tennis and darts.

The best ski resorts in Vermont – Conclusion

After reading this post about the best ski resorts in Vermont, hopefully, you’ve learnt about some of the best ski resorts in Vermont! Have you ever been to any of these ski resorts? Have I missed a ski resort that you think deserves to be on the list? Let me know! If you liked learning about the best ski resorts in Vermont and want to read some similar posts, this is what I’d recommend:

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