The best hotels on Gili Air

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(Last updated on: 27/01/2022)

Gili Air is one of the most beautiful locations worldwide. If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia – particularly Bali – then chances are you may have come across the Gili Islands already. And why not visit them? If it is on your itinerary, then read on to find out all about the best hotels on Gili Air.

Lagi Homestay – one of the most affordable hotels on the island

hotels on Gili Air

If you’re travelling on a budget then Lagi Homestay is perfect, especially for couples. There is air conditioning, free WiFi and onsite parking. With friendly staff who are happy to help with whatever you need and Gili Air Beach just 200 yards away, this is an ideal place to stay when visiting Gili Air. Surrounded by trees and nature this is the perfect hotel if you’re after somewhere to chill out and relax during your trip. And the banana pancakes come highly recommended!

Mosquito nets are provided, and the showers have fresh water. Each double room has a private bathroom and a terrace for enjoying the warm Gili Air mornings. There is a garden, too! Lagi Homestay is located really near to everything you could possibly need on the island to enjoy your time there, such as the harbour and a supermarket, and the beach is so close. This is definitely one of the best hotels on Gili Air.

TOP TIP: if you book a stay at Lagi Homestay, remember to pack a torch as the paths aren’t brightly lit. This adds to the peaceful vibe of the accommodation.

Beranda Ecolodge

hotels on Gili Air

According to (2019), at least 55% of travellers want to be more sustainable when heading off on their trips. If that applies to you, consider an ecolodge. You will likely get an even more authentic travel experience, and you’ll feel better for knowing that you’re having a smaller environmental impact. Beranda Ecolodge is one of the most popular hotels on Gili Air, too.

The staff are friendly, and the simple rooms reflect the calm atmosphere of the accommodation. Rooms have balconies, and there is WiFi throughout the hotel. There is a decent sized pool, if you fancy a dip, and you can choose from a single, double or twins rooms as well as rooms for up to 4 with bunk beds – ideal for groups of friends travelling to Gili Air. There is shared bathrooms and plenty of garden space. Ideal for a budget, eco-friendly option when visiting Indonesia and the surrounding area.

TOP TIP: if nothing on the breakfast menu takes your fancy, head next door for some amazing smoothie bowls…

PinkCoco Gili Air: one of the prettiest hotels on Gili Air

As the name suggests, all of the decor is PinkCoco Gili Air is… well, pink! From the sun loungers to the door frames to the glass bottles filled with water during meal times, everything is pink. Visit the Gili Islands with your girlfriends? Then this is the place to be. An Instagram-lovers dream, the hotel also has free WiFi, a pool and spa, air conditioning and more. The beach is right there, and the hotel has two restaurants to choose from.

You can see PinkCoco in this video!

You can arrange activities such as snorkelling or cycling, or just relax by the pool with a good book and some factor 50. There is free parking available should you need it, and you can have breakfast in your room if you want to. Although the views and vibe are so good, you probably won’t! Previous reviews are absolutely glowing. If aesthetics are important to you, then this is by far one of the best hotels on Gili Air!

TOP TIP: bring a reusable water bottle with you, which you can fill up by the side of the pool. Iced water is a necessity when visiting the Gili Islands.

7SEAS Cottages, Gili Air

hotels on Gili Air

This concept hotel has various rooms on offer. Whether you want a cottage, villa or just a room, 7SEAS Cottages have it all. This is perfect if there’s a large group of you travelling together, especially if there is a mixture of couples and families. You can all be together, but everyone can choose the type of room that suits them! It is beautiful, too. Decorated in white, blue and neutral shades, 7SEAS Cottages are another eco-friendly hotel. The accommodation is built using bamboo and recycled wood, and they re-use rainwater for daily operations where possible.

The rooms/villas have private bathrooms and there is free WiFi throughout. With a pool and plenty of outdoor space, it’s the ideal place to relax on your visit to the Gili Islands. Loved by families and solo travellers alike, this is one of the nicest hotels on Gili Air.

TOP TIP: if you want to catch a great sunset on Gili Air, you won’t even need to leave the hotel.

Mowies on the Beach, Gili Air

If you love the beach and want to make sure you can access it at any moment, choose Mowies on the Beach! It is located on the beach itself, and a stay here will have you feeling at one with nature as you fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Choose from double rooms, family rooms and suites. There is free WiFi throughout the hotel, and everywhere is clean and comfortable.

There is a decent menu at Mowies on the Beach, and families seem to really enjoy staying here. The hotel has a pool if you don’t fancy a dip in the sea, and there is good air conditioning. With friendly staff and a beautiful location, this comes highly recommended when you’re looking for hotels on Gili Air.

TOP TIP: this is one of the best hotels on Gili Air for vegetarians!

So there is a small selection of the fantastic hotels on Gili Air. There is something for everyone no matter what your budget is, whether you want an ecolodge or somewhere that fits your Instagram aesthetic, you’ll find it here. The Gili Islands are a beautiful part of the world, too. A real slice of paradise!


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