The best family hotels in Sri Lanka

Nov 22, 2019 | Asia, Family travel, Global travel, Sri Lanka

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What are the best family hotels in Sri Lanka? I have been asked this question many times since our trip to Sri Lanka, so I have decided to put a post together to help make planning for that family travel trip that little bit easier!

We LOVED our trip to Sri Lanka with a baby! But, lets face it- travelling with kids does take a bit more planning than travelling without children. And accommodation options are even more important, especially when your kids are young and are still taking naps and going to bed early.

We typically spend a little bit more money on accommodation options nowadays. After baby Isla tried to pick up a centipede in our apartment on our trip to Costa Rica with a baby and we almost had an oven fire on our trip to Canada with a baby, I decided it was time to put a bit more care and attention into choosing a hotel for myself and my family to stay in.

Top tip: Most hotels in Sri Lanka will not supply a cot for babies. If you are travelling with a baby I recommend a portable travel cot. My favourite is this Phil and Ted traveller.

Usually, we stay in Airbnb accommodations. You can read why in my post- ‘why I love Airbnb‘. But Sri Lanka, being a developing country and all, didn’t lend itself so well to this independent travel option. Instead, we booked a custom made tour and selected all of our own hotels. We opted for 4* and above, but there are many family hotels in Sri Lanka for the budget traveller too.

In this post I will give you my top recommendations for the best family hotels in Sri Lanka.

The best family hotels in Sri Lanka

Below are, in my opinion, four of the best family hotels in Sri Lanka. Obviously, I have not tried and tested every hotel in the country! But I have done a lot of research into reviews for specific hotels and stayed in a few myself too.

Ceylon Olive, Galle

Ceylon Olive, Galle

Located 1.7 miles from Galle Fort, and around 2.5 miles from Unawatuna Beach, Ceylon Olive is hailed as one of the best family hotels in Sri Lanka because of its amenities. The hotel is a nice distance from the hustle and bustle of Galle itself, and provides a peaceful environment for families. There is a pool, and the beach isn’t too far. Rooms are a brilliant size and have air conditioning, free WiFi, private bathrooms and plenty of plug sockets. 

You can check in at any time of day or night, and there are plenty of books, DVDs, games and puzzles available in the reception area. Ceylon Olive has a children’s playground, and they offer babysitting services too. Previous guests praise the kindest of the staff, the large spacious rooms and the tasty food (including kids meals) available on site.

Top tip: the hotel offers a shuttle service to the famous Galle Fort.

Ceylon Olive has beautiful views, and provides the perfect opportunity for you and your children to spot nature up close. You’ll spot yellow-billed babblers on the lawn, and spotted doves nestling in the trees. You will even be able to see some purple-faced langur monkeys! Being a family owned business, the staff are on hand to help with whatever you need!

For more information and to book a stay at this hotel, CLICK HERE.

Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkal

Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkal

If it’s a each holiday you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with Club Hotel Dolphin. As well as being well-loved in the area, it is one of the best family hotels in Sri Lanka as a whole. There are single and double rooms but also family rooms and some villas – every room in the hotel offers beautiful views, free WiFi, private bathrooms and plenty of storage space.

Right on the beach, Club Hotel Dolphin has so much to offer. The rooms are clean and modern, and there is a pool, gym and spa. No matter what you fancy doing on any given day, there’s something for you. There is a children’s play area, and baby gates and prams are available if needed. The hotel has a babysitting service too!

Top tip: the hotel supplies packed lunches if you are taking a day trip or excursion somewhere nearby.

The food is plentiful, free parking is available and there is a gift shop in the hotel perfect for those last minute souvenirs. Your family won’t get bored here either. There’s nightly entertainment, a library, karaoke, mini golf, archery, bingo and more on offer within the hotel. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a relaxing break in the sun.

For more information and to book a stay at this hotel, CLICK HERE.

Seyara Holiday Resort, Polonnaruwa

Seyara Holiday Resort, Polonnaruwa

Located just 1.2 miles away from the Polonnaruwa ancient ruins, this is a family-run budget hotel that’s perfect for you if you’re looking to travel to Sri Lanka as a family without spending a fortune. With twin, triple and family rooms there’s somewhere for everyone. The hotel has rave reviews, complimenting everything from the food to the air conditioning, the kindness of the staff and the bike rental service.

The hotel has free WiFi and free parking, and the rooms all have en suite bathrooms. There is a pool and plenty of outdoor seating, and airport transfers can be arranged with the hotel to save you the hassle of sorting this out for yourself. Though cars can be hired from the airport, too! Seyara Holiday Resort offers a wide variety of food, with curries and tasty Sri Lankan desserts as well as Western options too in case you’re travelling with fussy eaters…

Top tip: there is a lake nearby and if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot some elephants there.

This is definitely one of the best family hotels in Sri Lanka if you want somewhere close to some history that won’t break the bank. The staff will go above and beyond to make your trip special, too!

For more information and to book a stay at this hotel, CLICK HERE.
Family travel in Polonnaruwa!

Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel, Negombo

Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel, Negombo

Fancy treating the family to a more luxurious trip? Then this is the hotel for you! There is a small pool with a beautiful seating area, an on-site restaurant and free parking should you need it. Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel also offers free WiFi throughout, and all rooms have en suite bathrooms. There is a spa and wellness centre, tennis and badminton equipment and a garden area.

Being one of the best family hotels in Sri Lanka, Cloud 9 offer a babysitting service. There are pool toys for the little ones, and the restaurant has kids meals available too. The hotel is entirely located on the ground floor, which is ideal for prams and buggies! There are laundry facilities, and airport transfers can be arranged for your convenience. 

Top tip: Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel is just 1,000 yards from the beautiful Negombo Beach. You will feel like you’re in a film as you stroll along the clean white sands shaded by lush green palm trees.

If you want a relaxing visit to Sri Lanka that you can share with your whole family in a small but well-run, beautifully decorated and peaceful hotel, this is definitely somewhere to consider. You can eat breakfast on the rooftop and really soak up those views.

For more information and to book a stay at this hotel, CLICK HERE.

The best family hotels in Sri Lanka

Hopefully this has helped you pick one or more of the best family hotels in Sri Lanka. However, if you didn’t find what you are looking for you can check availability for over a hundred different hotels in Sri Lanka on your chosen travel dates using the search box below!

Sri Lanka has so much to offer, and is perfect to explore with your family, wherever you choose to stay, I’m sure that you will have an amazing trip!


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