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The best eco lodges in Costa Rica are some of the best in the world! Costa Rica has some fantastic options for tourists who want to take a holiday with fewer impacts on the environment. Read on to find out which are the best eco lodges in Costa Rica and why you should stay in one!

What is an eco lodge?

Essentially, an eco lodge is a type of accommodation that is dedicated to having minimal impact on the local environment. Eco lodges aim to encourage sustainable travelling. As global warming continues to be an issue and we had into what many have dubbed a climate crisis, sustainable tourism is only going to get bigger.

While we all want to explore the world and see the beauty it has to offer, protecting the planet to so future generations can do the same is important! Many people are beginning to realise this now and the popularity in ecological holidays has been on the rise for the past decade or two. Whilst some people may associate an eco lodge with outdoor living and undesirable compost toilets, they are actually soooo much more than this! I have stayed in eco lodges and LOVED it!

Why visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country with endless rainforest, incredible biodiversity and amazing wildlife. There is so much culture and nature to indulge in here. Whether you want a week of lying on a beach catching some rays (with SPF on of course!) or a more adventure-fuelled trip, Costa Rica will have something to offer you.

December-April is the dry season, making it peak tourist season. The sun will shining all day long! There are plenty of options when it comes to accommodation in Costa Rica, with eco lodges being a great choice. Below you’ll find a range of amazing eco lodges in Costa Rica to choose from, meaning you can plan your trip with ease…

The best eco lodges in Costa Rica

There are plenty of places to stay in Costa Rica from all-inclusive hotels to Airbnb accommodations. However, some of the best places to stay are in the many eco-resorts that Costa Rica is so well known for. They are set in peaceful locations, offer intimate levels of services and have a positive impact on the environment- what more can you ask for? The hardest part of choosing which one to stay in! So I have done some of the work for you… here is may list of the best eco lodges in Costa Rica.

Pacuare Lodge

best eco lodges in costa rica

Pacuare Lodge is an amazing lodge, right in the rainforest, can only be accessed by whitewater raft. If you’re hoping for an adrenaline-fuelled start to your trip, this could be it! It is the perfect combination of luxury and sustainability.

This is what many eco lodges in Costa Rica hope to provide, and Pacuare Lodge certainly delivers. From the honey-coloured decor of the comfortable suites to the electricity generated on site, it is the perfect mixture of the two accommodation concepts. Plus, all rooms have their own private plunge pool- talk about exclusive! 

The lodge was built using locally and sustainably sourced materials, which provided great support to local indigenous communities. There is an infinity pool on site, nestled among the trees, and many experiences on offer.

You can go birdwatching, discover a hidden waterfall and so much more during your stay at Pacuare Lodge. With friendly Costa Rican hospitality on top of everything else, this luxury eco-friendly jungle stay will be sure to fulfil your Central American bucket list!

Rio Perdido

best eco lodges in costa rica

While rainforests are prevalent across much of Costa Rica, there are dry forests too. Rio Perdido is one of the best eco lodges in Costa Rica because it is so unique. There is a thermal gorge, and the lodge was designed to remain in perfect harmony with the area it is built in. With hot springs all around this 600-acre reserve, you’ll be able to relax and completely enjoy your surroundings.

Admire the abundance of flora and fauna, go mountain biking and so much more. Enjoy traditional Costa Rican cuisine, or sample some of the best spa treatments in the country.Bright and airy rooms with comfortable furniture and no clutter mean you can completely switch off here.

When purchasing the land, the owners were able to stop the logging happening at the time in the area and instead let it bloom. The hotel takes up only 1% of the land they now own, and the rest is left to its own devices. In their own words: The development of Hotel Rio Perdido required our ethical duty to observe certain limitations. We elected for structures to be founded on existing geological formations and, when that was not possible, to be elevated by pylons. This style of raised architecture was ideal in conserving the natural hydrology of the terrain. The end result is the ultimate respect for the natural environment. Our philosophy is that if nature is respected, she will generously return her bountiful gifts to our guests.

La Quinta Lodge

best eco lodges in costa rica

Established in 1993, La Quinta Lodge was once an orange farm and is now one of the very best eco lodges in Costa Rica. It has 5 Leaves from the Costa Rican Tourists Board’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST), the maximum you can get.

La Quinta Lodge aims to have little to no impact on their environment. The area is so naturally beautiful that a stay here is wonderful in so many ways. Set across 20 acres, the land is dedicated to regenerating agriculture. New trees are planted regularly (which guests can help with) and the land is well tended.

While this doesn’t exude the same luxury as other Costa Rican eco lodges, the simple decor makes it homely. Added to the friendliness of the staff who run La Quinta, you’ll feel at home here. You can explore the river via a boat ride or by crossing the bridge that hangs above it – or take a chocolate tour and learn all about cacao and the process of making everyone’s favourite tasty treat. You can also visit a local school, take part in a cooking workshop and so much more. See how the local community live, and what the lodge does for its surroundings.

This is the true nature of an eco lodge and it will not disappoint!

Lapa Rios

best eco lodges in costa rica

Located at the very edge of the Corcovado National Park, there is nowhere better for spotting jaguars from the comfort of your hotel. The park is the largest area of primary tropical forest on the entire Pacific coast! The jungle views here will absolutely take your breath away, not to mention the glisten of the bright blue Golfo Dulce ahead of you.

Lapa Rios supports local schools, and has done for over 25 years. They generate their own gas on site and use solar power for heating – all fruit and vegetables are grown right there, too. They use some of their profits to fund community projects. These have included park ranger support, cameras to observe and track local wildlife, and constructing a research lab nearby. Everything they do is to give back to the community.

The villas and bungalows are luxurious. It is another perfect mixture of sustainability and luxuriousness; think panoramic windows in front of four poster beds, sleek hardwood flooring and so much. The views here really are unrivalled, and there is plenty of outdoor space for relaxing or sunbathing. Whether you want to explore or just chill out, you can have the best of both worlds here.

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

best eco lodges in costa rica

If you want to see hatching turtles in Costa Rica, Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is one of the best places to stay. In the early autumn weeks you’ll see thousands of them hatching on the 2-mile long stretch of beach at this amazing eco lodge. And if you visit earlier in the year (as we did at Easter), you can watch the giant turtles lay the eggs- it was an outstanding experience to say the least!

There are so many other exciting activities to take part in in Tortuguero too. You can take a boat tour with a local guide, gaze up at the toucans or watch the gorgeous capuchin monkeys as they pick palm nuts. You’ll be in awe of all the nature here!

Dark wood and river views make up Tortuga Lodge. The team is made up of local people who love the area, and who are happy to tell you everything they know. The service here is friendly and personalised.

The lodge also buys much of its stock from local manufacturers to further give back to the community. By using a solar energy system and avoid single-use plastic, as well as 100% biodegradable straws, they have a great sustainability record. Even their water systems are eco-friendly! All guests get their very own stainless steel water bottle, too.

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is also working hard to protect the 5.9 hectares of forest land around them. With everything they do for their surroundings, Tortuga Lodge & Gardens are definitely one of the best ecolodges in Costa Rica.

Rancho Margot

Rancho Margot is all about getting off the grid in paradise – and this is so true.

It is beautiful here, and Rancho Margot is fairly self-sufficient. They grow at least half of their food on site. Even the vinegar is made right there from bananas and plantain! Meat, fruit and vegetables are all produced at the ranch, where there are plenty of farm animals roaming around for you to say hello to.

Electricity is generated on site, and they have a complex composting system for waste. Cooking oil is recycled into soaps; the business ensure that they are able to consolidate their trips to local businesses to minimise transport in and around the area. They have so many boxes ticked in terms of sustainability. On top of this, they are constantly striving to do more.

With living roofs to minimise the visual impact of manmade structures in this beautiful setting, everything here is stunning. Bungalows have wrap-around terraces that open right onto jungle views, with hammocks and private bathrooms. There is a natural pool you can swim in, and plenty of hiking trails too. The ranch offers yoga, cow milking and many other activities. Buffets are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner too. There are communal areas and plenty of space to relax!

The best eco lodges in Costa Rica

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, exotic holiday in a stunning destination, then look no further- Costa Rica has it all. There are many wonderful eco lodges that have opened up in recent years too, which really enable you to embrace the best of eco-living. So, what are you waiting for? Book your eco lodge today!