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50 Best Beaches in Europe Everyone Must Visit

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Europe is famous for its numerous beaches, but which are the best beaches in Europe? Tourists, as well as locals, can find a suitable beach for themselves in Europe. All the European beaches are distinct from each other. Some are famous for their crystal clear waters while others are known for extra-ordinarily splendid landscapes.

No matter your choice, European beaches are the best to reconnect with nature and have a relaxing time. The best beaches in Europe are from all around the subcontinent. No matter which city you stay in, you can find a beautiful beach or seaside. So, let’s get started and learn more about the best beaches in Europe that are worth visiting!


Overview of tourism in Europe

Europe leads the tourism industry worldwide by taking up two-thirds of international tourist arrivals in the whole world. The tourism industry in Europe flourished in 2010 and kept on rising until 2019, when there was a significant downturn as a result of COVID that last almost two years. Since then, tourism figures have continued to increase.

Tourism in Europe holds a significant value in worldwide tourism due to the amazing beaches, scenery, palaces, museums, and historical monuments of Europe. There are tons of sights to visit in Europe for all types of tourists. Historical, natural, and artistic monuments – Europe is filled with all of these making it a perfect tourism spot.

Railway services in Europe make it easy to roam around Europe for tourists. Railway services lead tourists from the extremities of Western Europe to Eastern Europe. The air services from Europe are connected to all parts of the world. Airports in Rome, Paris, London, Munich, Amsterdam, etc are considered the busiest air services worldwide.

The gothic/renaissance architecture of Europe makes for noteworthy tourist attractions. The unique geometry of buildings, arches, domes of monuments, symmetrical towers, and vaulted ceilings distinguish the architecture of Europe from other parts of the world. Artistic walls and roofs are found in many European buildings, museums, and castles.

Tourists find stories and tales all over the European region due to its immense history. Every palace you visit, every museum you go to, and every beach you spend time at has a historical factor involved in it. So, when tourists visit Europe, they not only see places but hear fascinating anecdotes. But, whilst there are many amazing things to see and do in Europe, this post will focus on the coastal areas, so lets get to it- which are the best beaches in Europe and why?

Europe is home to many well-known, picturesque coastlines and unique beaches. France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, every country in Europe has worth-visiting beaches to soak in the sun.

Beach tourism makes up a large proportion of tourism in Europe. These beaches provide unique experiences to tourists. The aesthetic views, instagrammable sceneries, warm sun, and relaxing resorts of European beaches, make the beaches exceptionally popular.

European beaches offer both physical and mental wellness, making them a perfect spot for relaxation. In many European countries, there are guided tours for the coastlines. This way, access to beaches becomes easy and convenient. Activities like snorkeling are also available at many European beaches.

Many European tourists prefer to relax when they go on a vacation. Therefore, domestic tourists prefer visiting the beaches as a part of their trip. Around 60% of European tourists prefer a trip along the seaside. This number is greater than American tourists who prefer spending time with friends over relaxation in the sun.

The best beaches in Europe accommodate all sorts of beaches such as famous Mediterranean beaches as well as Northern beaches. The state of bathing water on European beaches is safe and human-friendly as described by European Environment Agency.

Every little thing about European beaches is special. The unique pebbles, sandy beaches, waves, heat from the sun, seaside flora and fauna, and fish – all are worth exploring on European beaches.

Whether you are a traveller that likes to explore nature or someone who wants to have a relaxing time under the sun with the sea waves around, everyone can find a suitable beach spot in Europe.

The Best Beaches in Europe for Family Holidays

Visiting Europe with your family and want to find the best beaches in Europe for family recreation? Well, we have got you covered.

Here are some of the best European beaches for family holidays that will provide you and your family with a relaxing time. These beaches are suitable for children with different activities to enjoy the mesmerizing sun vibes for every family member to enjoy.

Praia Da Salema, Algarve

The ochre cliffs of the Algarve and the golden sand of Praia Da Salema make it one of the best beaches in Europe. The unspoiled peace of Salema is perfect for a family holiday.

Praia Da Salema is famous for its fishermen fishing in the sea. It is a fun activity to watch for both children and adults. Fishnets on the sandy beach seem unique.

Another amazing thing about Salema is the dinosaur footprints on the limestone rocks. These rocks are a must-see!

On duty, lifeguards are available on the beach all the time. So, children can freely swim and do boogie boarding. Within a short walk distance, there are good cafes and restaurants where fresh fish from the fishermen come on the tables.

Olhos N’agua is a good choice offering seafood, Mediterranean, and Portuguese cuisines.

Cala Gonone, Sardinia

Best Beaches in Europe

In the 1920s, the central beach of Cala Gonone was a vacation area for aristocrats. You will know the exact reason why once you visit this glamorous beach. There are tons of family-friendly beaches in Cala Gonone with amazing facilities for both adults and children.

Clean and safe water on these beaches is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. The soft white sand and small pebbles are not too harsh for small feet to stroll here and there.

Here, a boating facility is available to watch the Blue Marino Caves. You can get sun parasols and loungers on rent to spend leisure time here while the kids play in the sand.

Lindos, Rhodes

Best Beaches in Europe

While Rhodes is full of modern resorts, Lindos is a unique choice for a little getaway from the modernity of the world. The curved sand bay and full back beach with small pebbles for fun strolling.

There is a safe sea entrance and the chances of drowning are low as the water is without any sharp drops. Everything is visible in the clean water.

Donkey rides are available for kids to roam around the beach. The beautiful scenery of the beach makes it one of the best beaches in Europe for prepossessing pictures.

Other tourist attractions such as the green meadows of Butterfly Valley are near Lindos for a day trip. You can also visit the village as it is a short walk distance away.

One thing to remember is that Lindos is quite noisy and crowded as it is a famous tourist beach in Europe for a family holiday.

Fig Tree, Cyprus

Best Beaches in Europe

The fine yellow sand and calm environment of Fig Tree Beach are popular as a family beach destination. Boats, sun loungers – everything is available. Fig Tree beach is a Blue Flag holder making it one of the best beaches in Europe.

The shallow waters of the sea and the temperature of 25 degrees of water make it suitable for the kids to swim. If you are looking for a beach where your kids can swim safely while you sunbathe, it is a perfect place for you. The edge of the beach contains many small bays for sunbathing.

Nearby restaurants and resorts are only a walk away. You can find 4 dozen restaurants around the beach with delicious cuisines such as seafood, Greek, Fusion, Mediterranean, European, Japanese, and many more.

The perfect time to visit Fig Tree beach is July when the water of the sea is relaxing to swim in and the weather makes sunbathing more fun. Other months include the end of April, June, and September-October.

Funny Beach, Spain

Best Beaches in Europe

The name of this beach comes from its famous karting track. It is not only a beach with only water activities available but also an amusement park.

What’s better for a family beach destination than an amusement park + a beach? It will keep the whole family thrilled throughout the day.

The go-karting track is small but surely fun for everyone. Trampolines and bouncing castles are also available for kids that prefer dry land activities.

For water activities, the beach offers pedal boats, hydrocarbons, jets, and parasailing as well.

Funny Beach has a café of its own providing good-quality seafood and cocktails. So, it is an all-in-one beach with amazing facilities.

Morgat, Crozon, Brittany

Best Beaches in Europe


At Morgat beach, bikes, kayaks, and sailboats are available for hiring and renting. The sailboats are used for exploring the nearby caves. It is a relatively quiet beach and best for spending some quality time with your family away from the crowd.

This hidden beach is great for rock pooling throughout the summer. You have to make a hike to reach the beach but the peace and calm it provides make the hike worth it.

You will find magnificent views on the way as well as reaching the beach. The hike can be hard with small children but if your kids love an adventure, it is worth a try.

Sunj Bay, Croatia

Best Beaches in Europe

To reach Sunj Bay, you have to ferry ride – an adventurous ride for families indeed. On the beach, multiple beach sports and activities such as volleyball and tennis are there for recreation. The beach has two restaurants of its own.

The picturesque sights and beautiful landscapes of the beach are worth the 40 mins ferry ride. The island has shallow waters for swimming and water activities.

Families explore the nearby town, Port Vecchio, on boat rides. For sunbathing, umbrellas and deck chairs are available for everyone. The coastal rocks and the shape of the beach protect its well from winds.

The warm, clear water filled with little fish makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling.

Santa Ponsa, Spain

Best Beaches in Europe

Santa Ponsa – a beautiful sandy beach makes it at the top of the best beaches in Europe for its beauty as well as family-friendliness. It is a Blue Flag holder with clean waters and a perfect environment.

The beach isn’t too crowded but also not super quiet making it a perfect family spot. You find umbrellas, sunbeds, and other equipment on the beach.

The beach has playgrounds for children as well as for sports so everyone can enjoy their time here. You can find Spanish, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian, Indian, seafood, and all sorts of cuisines nearby. Here’s a list of good restaurants near Santa Ponsa.

The Best Beaches in Europe for Relaxation

Many tourists prefer secluded and calm beaches with fewer crowds. Such beaches are perfect for having a relaxing time where you can sunbathe, ponder upon life, and have leisure time with no noise around. Therefore, we have concluded a list of the best beaches in Europe for relaxation. So, let’s dive right in!

Skanor Beach, Sweden

Best Beaches in Europe


The perfect time to visit Skanor beach is summertime when you can dip in the ocean and have the time of your life. The beach is lined with candy-colored bathing huts making it a picturesque spot.

Lie down on the sandy hills that lead down to the ocean with your playlist and take in the beautiful landscape and the sound of ocean waves. What could be more relaxing than this? For snacks and lunch, the Badhytten restaurant is famous on Skanor beach. This café has a rooftop terrace and seating in the sand for sun lovers.

Praia da Ilha de Tavira, Algarve, Portugal


Praia da Ilha de Tavira is a beautiful, sandy island with thick and deep sand. The creamy-colored sand, with a sandbar just by the coast, makes it a perfect relaxation spot.

People prefer high-rise west hotels for vacations in Algarve. However, this beach is located on the far east coast with less crowd and an amazing landscape. As there is less crowd, you can enjoy your freedom and leisure here.

It is considered one of the best beaches in Europe and Algarve for its cleanliness, golden sand, and good water temperature. There are a few good cafes nearby for cocktails, snacks, and lunch.

The beach lacks shade making it a favorite for sun lovers. However, you can also rent a lounger for relaxing in the shade.

Psili Ammos, Patmos, Greece

Best Beaches in Europe


Psili Ammos is one of the few sandy beaches in Patmos. The clean waters of this beach are perfect for a relaxing swim. The beach is known for being a holy island as St. John wrote the Book of Revelation in a cave here.

The relaxing waves and low slope of the beach are ideal for anyone looking for nothing extravagant. It is a famous location for campers and nudists.

The beach has two parts. The first half which is furthest from the tavern is where nudists are allowed. You find natural shade on the beach coming from a few tamarisk trees.

The visitors have to take a ferry ride that takes about 30 minutes from Skala or walk to the beach from Diakofti for 30 minutes. Behind the beach are cliffs providing a beautiful vibe to the whole beach.

Spiaggia del Fornillo, Positano, Italy

Fornillo beach requires a small walk to reach. It is a large beach and ranks among the best beaches in Europe for relaxation. The sunkissed sand, less crowd, clean and beautiful waters, and overall eye-catching views are worth a visit.

When the sun is setting, you can lie down on the sand and watch the best sunset of your life. There are plenty of beach bars that get crowded at night so you can also have an enjoyable night at the beach.

You can find good gelato nearby as well as wine. Gaze the jagged coastlines while having a glass of wine and reading your favorite book at the beach. You won’t find too much noise disturbing you here.

Sveti Jakov, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Finding a beautiful and relaxing beach in Dubrovnik? Sveti Jakov should be your first choice. It is in the east of Dubrovnik from where you can gaze at the Old Town and Lokrum from afar.

On top of the cliff down where the beach is, is Sv. Jakov church. The beach has fun activities such as parasols, jet-ski, kayaks, and volleyball.

Nearby are some good restaurants, cafes, and beach bars from where you can get a glass of alcohol and enjoy a relaxing time at the beach. It is a famous relaxation spot in Dubrovnik in the summer. Therefore, you can call it one of the best beaches in Europe. The beach also has its own restaurant for refreshments.

Other Dubrovnik beaches are crowded and full of people taking selfies at the waterfronts. However, this beach is totally different with a calm environment. It is a pebbly spot with beautiful views of different towns at a distance.

Limeuil, Dordogne, France

If your relaxation time includes exploring different and unique places, Limeuil is a perfect beach for you. This quiet, calm, and peaceful river beach has a nearby village to explore as well. The pretty gardens and bricky architecture of the village are worth a shot.

The beautiful medieval village is a great choice for medieval lovers to explore and relax afterward on the river beach.

You come face to face with nature while swimming in the slow-flowy water of the beach. The waters are safe for both adults and children to swim in and relax. The beach shows beautiful scenery for enjoying nature in true spirit.

Le Chai and A l’Ancre de Salut are famous snack bars and restaurants around the Limeuil.

Elafonisi Beach, West Crete, Greece

The vibrant turquoise water of Elafonisi beach is what makes it a magnificent place to visit and relax. Despite being a perfect place for enjoying nature and beach time, Elafonisi beach isn’t crowded and full of noise. Therefore, we consider it one of the best beaches in Europe for relaxation.

It takes 1.5 hrs of drive to reach the beach but the beautiful pink sandy beach with turquoise water is worth the time. The combination of pink sand and turquoise water is nowhere else to be found so you must pay a visit to this beach if you love to see nature’s best piece of art.

The natural beauty and stunning views of Elafonisi beach are enough for one’s relaxation and peace of mind. One thing to remember is that the drive to the beach isn’t for the faint-hearted.

San Giovanni di Sinis, Sardinia, Italy

Diving, snorkeling, relaxing, and under water fishing – is this what you are looking for? Then the amazing sea life of San Giovanni di Sinis is waiting for you.

It is in the western part of the town making it less crowded. The beach ends in a natural reserve – one nature’s gift leading to another!

The beach is small with a steep cliff around it protecting the beach from winds. Lie down on the sand and let nature absorb into your mind. This single activity would be enough to relax your mind and distract you from any stress and monotony. The beautiful views of the beach make it one of the best beaches in Europe.

The Best Beaches in Europe for Exclusivity

Looking for some exclusive beaches that you can visit without facing too much crowd? We have some of the best beaches in Europe and you are known for their exclusivity. So, let’s explore the beaches!

Bolonia Beach, Cadiz

Bolonia beach is far away from tourism and buildings. It is a great option for anyone looking for tranquility. From Bolonia beach, you can gaze upon the coasts of Africa as well.

This beach has historical values associated with it as it has remains of Roman sites on the beach. So, if you want something unique and different on a beach, visit Bolonia beach in Cadiz.

You can find amazing bars, restaurants, and cafes nearby in Bolonia. Restaurants in Bolonia provide different cuisines so everyone can find something suitable.

Cies Island

The Cies Islands are a small archipelago of 3 islands located in Spain. Cies Island is a combination of three islands connected together. So, you can enjoy the fresh air and mesmerizing vibes of three different islands from Cies.

Even though Cies Island is a major tourist attraction, authorities don’t allow more than 1800 people per day on the beach. So, you will have to make a reservation if it is summertime.

The Vigo Estuary (one of the beaches of Cies) is perfect for diving and exploring underwater nature. The island has camping places so you can stay the weekend on the island in the beachy vibes.

The crystalline waters and beautiful environment of the island make it the best beaches in Europe for a tranquil time. There is also hiking space for an adventurous day on the island.

Cala Pregonda, Menorca

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Cala Pregonda is great for relaxed swimming in clear waters. The pink sand, rocky island, and crystal clear bay of the beach make everyone feel peaceful.

It is a medium-sized beach with very less crowd making it perfect for some quiet time alone or with family.

The beach has boats, a jet ski, and a kayak if you want some fun. It is a perfect place for walking comfortably without any noise and crowd surrounding you.

Lifeguards, toilets, and cafes aren’t present on the beach. But there are a lot of good restaurants nearby the beach with different cuisines.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Zlatni Rat is a unique beach in the South of Croatia. The beach is famous for its shape due to which it has been mentioned in different magazines as a spectacular beach. Therefore, we have added it to our list of best beaches in Europe.

Visiting the beach and letting the vibes absorb into your mind would be enough for you to have a relaxing time. It is like a small piece of land stretching into the sea. At the end of the land, you can feel the water moving across your feet from one direction to the other.

The back of the beach is covered in pine trees with ample shade. The uniqueness of the beach doesn’t end here. The beach changes its shape according to wind and tides. Usually, the tip of the beach is affected by tides and currents of water making it rotate.

Ilha Da Barreta, Portugal

It is a less developed beach in the south of Faro, Portugal. It is a desert-like beach with pure golden sand between two sides of the water.

Estamine is a famous restaurant near the beach which is usually filled with locals and tourists. However, the beach itself remains quiet most of the time.

You can lie down in the shade on the beach by renting sunshades. Windsurfing and sailing are also available on the beach.

Praia Da Carvalho, Portugal

Golden sand, sheer cliffs on three sides, and the deep waters of Praia Da Carvalho make it one of the best beaches in Europe. The deep waters and cliffs around the beach are an indication that it’s a perfect cliff diving spot.

The route to the beach is adventurous as a tunnel through the cliff leads to it. The beach is protected from wind due to the cliffs around it. It is an amazing spot for couples looking for some relaxing and quiet time in nature.

Scopello Beach, Sicily

Looking for the best beaches in Europe away from summer crowds? Scopello Beach in the south of Italy is one of them. The soft sand and quiet environment of the beach make it a spectacular choice.

The picturesque location and coziness of the beach are perfect for a getaway.

The Best Beaches in Europe for Location

Finding the best beaches in Europe with mesmerizing landscapes, beautiful surroundings, and a true depiction of nature? We have some of the best beaches in Europe for you in this list that is known for their beautiful location.

Kvalvika Beach, Norway


The turquoise waves, golden sand, and vertical cliffs of the beach are a true depiction of nature’s art. It will surely inspire you and provide you peace of mind.

You can stand on the cliff and absorb the beauty of the beach under you or the cliffs around you. Here, you reconnect with nature and can ignore the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Kvalvika Beach in Norway is a mesmerizing beach considered one of the best beaches in Europe for its location. You can only reach the beach on foot.

There’s a newly generated trail leading to the beach. The walk to the beach is itself a pleasure.

Santa Guilia, Corsica


Looking for heaven on earth? Santa Guilia is the perfect spot for you. All nature lovers must visit this beach on their trip to Europe.

The beach is not only alluring but also has a lot of water activities such as water skiing, boat rides, snorkeling, etc. There are a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants on the beach.

The soft sand, gentle water, and a wide variety of activities make it a perfect family spot. You can enjoy a relaxing time here as the beach remains quiet most of the time.

It’s one of those places you take amazing photos at and use famous travel quotes to post on your social media.

Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio beach, also known as Smuggler’s Cove, is a famous Zakynthos beach and one of the best beaches in Europe. It is considered the most photographed site here.

The beach is surrounded by huge vertical cliffs saving it from winds. The turquoise water and white sand create an enchanting image.

On the white sand of the beach, there’s a wrecked ship surrounded by sand. The ship is there since 1980.

You can only reach the beach through boats available at Porto Vromi.

Cala Gat Ratjada, Mallorca

The beautiful sea of the sandy Cala Gat Ratjada beach makes it one of the best beaches in Europe. It is a small beach surrounded by trees and cliffs.

Crystal clear water and clear, golden sand are the characteristics of this beach. The beach has a small bar for refreshments.

The water isn’t too deep making it suitable for swimming kids. Snorkeling is also possible close to the cliff to explore some colorful fish. Due to its shape and beautiful environment, it comes on the list of the best beaches in Europe for location.

Berneray West Beach, Scotland


It is a complete white pearly sand beach. The pearly sand makes the beach look heavenly. It is considered one of the best beaches in Europe due to the beautiful sand.

The beach is perfect for walking and reconnecting with nature. In summer, you can find a variety of wildflowers on the machair. The clear turquoise sea adds to the beauty of the beach.

Barafundle Bay, Wales


Barafundle Bay is a beautiful beach with a curved shape. Due to its spectacular views, the beach is called “Jewel in the Crown”.

Barafundle Bay is one of the best beaches in Europe for its beauty. It is a true spot for anyone looking to enjoy nature and its wonders.

The beach is usually not crowded. Every spot on the beach is clean and perfect for a relaxing time. You can swim and walk on the beach for a peaceful time here.

Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

Oludeniz Beach in Turkey is famous for paragliding and still waters. There are many historical sights as well as Butterfly Valley near the beach that you can visit.

Oludeniz beach is considered the best beach in Europe, especially in Turkey. Want to have some fun on the beach? Have a blasting party with other beach visitors on the pirate ship of the beach.

The beach has a lot of restaurants and bars so you can easily stay at the beach. Italian, Mexican, Turkish, British, and all sorts of cuisines are available here. The beach has some of the best restaurants in Turkey.

Kayaks and paddleboards are present for renting. There’s also space for accommodation on the beach but it is limited.

The Best Beaches in Europe for Cleanliness

Looking for a clean beach where you can swim without any plastic waste, rubbish, and dirty water? Look no more! We have the best beaches in Europe for you to swim in.

According to CNN, the best beaches in Europe for swimming are found in Austria. Other than Austria, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, and Croatia also has some of the best beaches in Europe for swimming. So, let’s check them all out!

Giola Lagoon, Greece


Giola Lagoon is a beautiful beach in Greece with a unique touch to it. The beach has a natural pool surrounded by a rock wall. The natural pool is a perfect place to swim in if you don’t like choppy waters.

However, seawater is also suitable for swimming. It is as clean as you would like it to be for swimming. The beach is also quiet and perfect for a relaxing swim on a summer day.

Strandbed Velden, Austria


Strandbed Velden is one of the best beaches in Europe, especially in Austria. The cleanliness of the beach makes it suitable for relaxing in a natural environment.

The bathing waters of Austria are famous for being clean and perfect for swimming. The water temperature is also suitable for swimming. It is a paid beach with a lake.

The beach also has its own café for refreshments. So, even if you don’t want to dive in the lake, you can chill on the clean beach.

Nissi Beach, Cyprus


Despite being a popular beach in Cyprus, Nissi beach is a great place for swimming and relaxing in a clean environment.

The good thing about the beach is that accessing the beach on foot is easy. The beach resort is nothing less than a paradise and the waters are clean enough for an enjoyable swim.

Obertraun Bathing Area, Austria

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go for a swim? Obertraun lake is the perfect place for you. The clean water of this lake provides nothing less than a pleasurable experience.

It isn’t a beach but is considered a good place to swim in Europe. It is a beautiful location with mountains around the lake. Boating is also possible here. Due to all these factors, you can consider it the list of the best beaches in Europe for swimming.

Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta

Malta beaches are one of the best beaches in Europe for cleanliness. You can rely on all the Malta beaches for a comfortable swim.

Among them, Ghajn Tuffieha is one of the best places. The red sandy beach and crystal clear waters make the beach worth visiting.

You can experience magical views from this beach and get a true taste of nature.

Imotski Blue Lake, Croatia

The crystal clear water of Imotski Blue Lake is hidden in a canyon. It is a perfect spot for swimmers.

The lake is located in a deep sinkhole and reaching it is quite hard. However, once you are there, you will agree that the hike was worth it.

The color of the water is completely hence the name given to it. It is a beautiful sight to enjoy nature and swim in the waters.

Achensee Tirol, Austria


Achensee Tirol is surrounded by mountains and meadows. You can swim in the emerald green waters as the water has a lot of underwater visibility. (up to 10 meters)

It is also one of the best beaches in Europe for scuba diving. It is a favorite spot for swimming for both tourists and locals. Hiking, climbing, biking, scuba diving, swimming, everything can be done here.

The Best Beaches in Europe for Holiday Resorts

Staying at a luxury beach resort becomes even better when the beach itself is mesmerizing. We have concluded some of the best beaches in Europe for holiday resorts.

These beaches have gorgeous landscapes and their resorts provide a luxurious experience. So, let’s find out!

Praia de Calheta, Portugal


Praia de Calheta is a famous pebble beach on Madeira Island. It is great for dipping in the sea as the water on the beach is crystal clear. The yellow sand and small pebbles make it a good beach for a light walk as well.

A famous resort called Savoy Saccharum Resort and Spa is located on Calheta Beach. The resort is between the ocean and the island.

It includes different bars, restaurants, and a beach bar. Every evening one of the bars has live music as well. Therefore, Calheta beach is considered one of the best beaches in Europe for a luxury resort.

The beach gets pretty crowded in the summer and the resort might require pre-booking.

Lara Beach, Turkey

Want to explore the longest beach in Turkey and one of the best beaches in Europe? Head towards the Lara Beach!

Lara Beach has tons of luxury hotels and resorts nearby. You can choose from resorts, hotels, and differently-themed places to stay at the beach for a luxury holiday. The list is never-ending.

The water of the beach is crystal clear with a calm and warm environment. It makes the water perfect for a swim. If you don’t like the choppy waters, you can swim in your luxury resort’s pool as well.

The beach is a blue flag holder and a safe space for a family holiday. Therefore, it is one of the best beaches in Europe.

Porto Santo Golden Beach, Portugal

Porto Santo, also known as the Golden Island, is an alluring beach in Portugal. It is not only considered the wonderful beach in Portugal but also one of the best beaches in Europe.

Pestana Porto Santo is a luxury resort located on the island. You get to stay at the best beach in Portugal and enjoy luxurious services.

The beach resort is only 1 minute far from the beach. It consists of two large swimming pools, three restaurants and bars, a hammam, a gym, a spa, and much more. Swim by the pool and use these poolside captions for Instagram.

Kos Island, Greece

The third land island of Greece with a lot of exclusive and best beaches in Europe is Kos Island.

Grecotel Kos Imperial Thalasso is a famous beach resort on the island. The resort has a private beach and separate pools with waterfalls. The resort is located in an exotic location providing a true luxury resort experience.

Spacious balconies of the resort open in mind-blowing views. All the rooms and bungalows on the resort are splendid.

The hotel has its own spa with professional beauty therapists providing relaxing massages as well. You can enjoy different beaches nearby the resort too. These beaches are the best beaches in Europe for luxurious resorts.

Tui Blue Adriatic Beach, Croatia


Tui Blue Adriatic Beach is a beautiful beach in Croatia located down the mountains. The mountains are covered with pine trees. The beach is famous for its Blue Adriatic Beach Resort.

The resort has luxurious rooms with all the features included. Spa, restaurants, bars, sauna, pool, gym – you name it.

Tui Blue Adriatic Beach is one of the best beaches in Europe for couples. Couples can spend a romantic holiday here at the beach resort away from crowded locations.

Crete Island, Greece

The largest island in Greece is Crete Island. It consists of some of the best beaches in Europe. You can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes here on the island.

The famous beach resort and spa, Nana Princess Resort, is located on Crete Island. The resort has several immaculate suites to choose from.

The beach resort has two swimming pools operating from seawater. The facility of private pools is also available at this resort.

The spa is well-known for its body massages and beauty therapies. It is an all-inclusive beach resort with amazing landscapes nearby.

Aeolian Islands, Italy

The Aeolian Islands have 7 islands out of which Vulcano is quite famous for its beach resorts. You can find the best beaches in Europe for beach resorts on the Aeolian Islands.

Therasia Resort and Spa is a good choice for people looking to stay in the heart of nature. The beach resort is on Vulcano Island. It also includes a private beach, perfect for couples or some family time.

The whole resort is surrounded by magnificent landscapes and unspoiled nature. You get to experience the Mediterranean Sea in the true sense of this resort.

The Best Beaches in Europe that are Unspoiled

Want to experience nature in its pure form? Visit the unspoiled beaches in Europe. These beaches are clean, quiet, and perfect for making you feel peaceful. We have a list of the best beaches in Europe that are unspoiled. So, let’s get started!

Playa de Monsul, Spain

Visitors consider Playa de Monsul one of the best beaches in Europe, especially in Spain. The beach is free from crowds and noise. It is a perfect place for snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and strolling around.

Despite being an amazing beach in Spain, it is still a secret beach that not many people know about. Usually, locals like to visit this beach as it is still unspoiled.

The distinct feature of this beach is that it has unique rock formations in the middle of the beach. Moreover, the beach provides an amazing view.

Praia de Ursa, Portugal

Praia de Ursa is hard to reach as you have to walk down a steep cliff. Therefore, the beach is not crowded most of the time. However, the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal and the best beaches in Europe.

It is an unmaintained beach with a stunning location. If you want to spend a day away from the city, this is your spot.

Swimming at this beach is not a good idea due to the rough and strong currents. But you can spend a good time here gazing at the splendid views.

Lalaria Beach, Greece

Pearly small white pebbles cover the whole Lalaria Beach, making it a unique and sight-worthy place. You need a boat ride to reach the beach. It is a secluded place away from the noisy city.

The stunning beach is nothing less than a dreamy paradise. It is a good place for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. The boat trip occurs at a specific time so you will have to book yourself a boat.

Aran Islands, Ireland

Aran Islands consist of three islands in Ireland. The beaches of the islands are considered one of the best beaches in Europe for diving. The water is surrounded by huge cliffs of stone walls.

You have to take a ferry ride to reach the beach. All the islands of Aran Islands have distinctive landscapes. The beaches of the Island are also great for fishing.

The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of the three islands are rarely crowded. It is a perfect place for some alone time to explore nature.

Anamur Iskele, Turkey

Anamur Iskele is a secret seaside in Turkey. It is a great place for sunbathing as the beach is fully sun-soaked.

Due to being a secretive place, it is considered one of the best beaches in Europe that are unspoiled.

The beach has a lot of facilities and good restaurants nearby. The best thing about the beach is the castle. The castle has a museum inside it. So, you can explore the beach and the museum both at once.

Nida Beach, Lithuania

One of the best beaches in Europe is Nida Beach. The beach has a museum on it too that you can explore on the beach day.

Discos and nightclubs are also available here for anyone who likes to spend the night on the beach. It is a well-maintained beach with light sand and clear water.

You can find pine forests around the beach and a soothing landscape all around.

The best beaches in Europe- Final Thoughts

Here ends our list of the best beaches in Europe. The list includes beaches of all sorts such as clean water for swimming, secluded beaches for some alone time, family-friendly beaches with activities for children, etc.

The best beaches in Europe are numerous and everyone can find a suitable beach for themselves here. So, which beaches are you planning to visit on your Europe trip?

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